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No one seemed to wanna help me so I had to figure this out myself :D

Started with the Europe RUU and patched the files from the OTA zip posted earlier today, rooted, the whole 9 yards.

What you get:
  • 1.45.401.2 Android 2.3.4
  • disabled boot sound (I had to, sorry!)
  • rooted & busybox installed
  • odexed
  • unsecure boot.img
  • love

Deodexed version comes with all of the above plus:
  • busybox runparts support (init.d)
  • /data/app enabled
  • nano & bash shell
  • deodexed
  • extra love

Older kernels do not seem to work (2.3.3 ones), so you will have to stick with this stock kernel for now. I have a TMO US Sensation and everything seems to be working fine on my end (I AM running the new radio, btw).

Flash with CWM.

Note for odexed ROM!! - I mucked up the Settings.apk and included a wrong one. The correct files are in there but need to be renamed before you flash, or flash the file I linked below IMMEDIATELY after you flash the ROM (before rebooting). Deodexed version is unaffected. Sorry for the trouble!

Download Odexed -d40386a3258546ee1bd760588007d2bd
Odex Settings Flashable fix - flash immediately after

Downdload Deodexed - 71aeba2d1ae00813458b78bda5c188a0
Deodex Flashable Settings.apk fix - or just push this Settings.apk

Instructions for those not so sure which to download:
  1. Download deodex version
  2. Download Deodex Settings.apk flashable right below it
  3. Place both on SD
  4. reboot to recovery and make a nandroid backup
  5. wipe dalvik cache (and data if you choose, I recommend doing so)
  6. flash deodex
  7. flash settings.apk fix
  8. reboot
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