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This Rom is Based on CoreDroid v8.1 from the Desire HD Forums, its also based on sense 3.0 , also this rom is heavily themed to look amazing, and highly optimized, and above all speed.

Included rmk ram script
included rmk's oc daemon
Based CoreDroid on its latest version v8.1

Updated CoreDroid to latest version base 7.0
new features include 3d rosie+widgets.
tweaked dalvik vm heap size to 40m

Video Review:


CRT TV Animations - thanks capychimp & robocik
Super Big More Quick Settings, with Task Manager - thanks robocik and capychimp
Sense 3.0 3d Rosie
Sense 3.0 3d Widgets
Sense 3.0 Lock Screens Now sure if all works, but so far weather, FriendStream and Default one Work.
Sense 3.0 insertions - thanks capychimp & robocik
Sense 3.0 Weather Sounds
Sense 3.0 super nice lockscreen
Sense 3.0 Wallpapers
Sense 3.0 Streak Live wallpaper
Sense 3.0 Friendstream
Sense 3.0 Messages app
Sense 3.0 Usb Menu
Sense 3.0 Weather App
Sense 3.0 Task Managerk manager, Brightness Level, Audio Level - thanks robocik
Sense 3.0 Camera apk thanks seo
Working keyboard Shourtcuts
Track pad Wake Mod

Also the Following Changes have been made to my Vision Release
Removed some apps, to make the rom lighter and faster
Compressed system apps for low size footprint and speed.
Themed our rotating rosie to match core droid's theme

; In order to use this rom You Need The DZHBOOT, if you dont have it the rom wont boot, In order to install the Dzhboot Follow this Guide, Make sure you use this it Includes the New CWM 5.x Recovery,

Download Link


Sdcard+Bootanimation Fix

Data Wipe is required (IF you dont like 3d Rosie or its performance, this is not for you, stick with v1.0)

Mirror thanks sixtninecat

Rmk's latest (v3.1.0) kernel

Optional Downloads[/COLOR]

MMsfix thanks coachmai (Wipe data else fix wont work)

CoreDroid and his Team for this awesome rom
Sergio for Coredroid Roms

Coredroids original rom thread.
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