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icemanwbs said:
Just jumped into the Pool. Very nice. Only problem is I can't seam to download any ROM files directly to my SD card. Starts ok, but always says " failed " . Any ideas?
One possibility: Try settings/storage/unmount sd card, then after it says "safe to remove" remount it

Has anyone seen John Connor?

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icemanwbs said:
Just jumped into the Pool. Very nice. Only problem is I can't seam to download any ROM files directly to my SD card. Starts ok, but always says " failed " . Any ideas?
Are you doing so through the stock browser by any chance? The reason I ask is because on this rom and Jt's vanilla I couldnt download through stock browser, I downloaded dolphin mini and it did fine.

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I really can't do without the facebook sync or the long press and/or edit to join contacts. I couldn't find the join contacts anywhere. So I just had multiple contacts of the same people with different from different added accounts (google, friend sync, yahoo) that were just all in my contacts and no way to join them easily. Is there something I'm missing?

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This is based off of JT's vanilla GB so all the same rules apply (must be flahed via CWM4)

-Various statusbar options
-7 lockscreens and options (Unlock Rings, Rotary, Sliding tab, 4 Tab, Honeycomb style, Rotary Rev, and Lense)
-CM power widgets
-Selectable phone answer windows (rings, rotary, rotary rev, or sliding tab)
-TSM Parts
-MIUI Battery Bar

To Come:
-More Lockscreens
-Community input (I am taking suggestions)

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for bad that things that happen as a result of flashing this.

Please provide logcats if you encounter any issues.

BUG: Audible notifications seem to be broken - FIXED for those just want the fix: http://www.mediafire...6hebdmska5nn8rp (drop into /system/framework) [Updated]
-added options for Screen on/off animation to TSM Parts
-removed DSP manager for now
-Added Contacts Provider from CM (heard it helped with facebook contacts... dunno didn't try it)
-Re-enabled Autobrightness
-Multiselect options for Brightness/Sound powerwidgets
-3 Button recovery (Thanks JT!)
-Adjustable HeapSize
- CWM update (requires included kernel)
-Options for Touchkey Timeout (requires included kernel and thanks to TeamHacksung)
-Added enable/disable BLN into TSM Parts (no longer need BLN free from market)
-Moved to SGS2 TW Cam
--Camcorder does not work yet still
--FFC obviously doesn't work - just long press and drag it from the left side

mirror: - Thanks imnuts!
-2.3.7 merge
- Update SU
- Missed Event Notifs (settings in TSMParts->Lockscreens->Widgets)
- HoneyComb Lockscreen updated (now includes vibrate)
-init.d support
-VM HeapSize increased to 64mb
--seems to fix random reboots
-update kernel includes cwm5 and JT1134's/TeamHacksung's latest commits
-Much better gps locking (thanks to JT!)

Patch 1.4 -> 1.4.1:
-fixed wifi error without reloading kernel
-fixed honeycomb lockscreen formatting with weather/info

[hide=V. 1.4]
-Added Torch - HUGE thanks to JT for getting this working
-Reformated the lockscreen weather
-Option for "Hold HOME in lockscreen for Torch"
-Statusbar Clock location (Right, Center, and LEFT!)
-Unlock Rings (Both call and lockscreen) from CM
-SGS style music widget for lockscreens
-fixed bug in Lense and rotary lock having to do with the "unlock down" option
-Added change phone volume while screen off -UNTESTED
-cpu controls from CM are in TSMParts but currently won't let you select any speeds.
-- Work around is to chmod 666 /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor, /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq, and /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq

[hide=V. 1.3]
-Added Rotary Rev phone answer type
-Option for Long Press back to kill apps (toggle in Settings ->Applications->Development)
-Fix "Always Show Battery" for Lockscreens - Thanks OMJ!
-Lockscreen Text Alignment (battery and alarm icons don't move even tho the text will)
-TSM Boot Animation - Thanks Jaekar!
-Customizable "Recent Apps Dialog" (4,8,12, or 16 via TSMParts ->OverallUI)
-Lockscreen Weather Widget (courtesy of the SGS2, written into java and heavily modified by me :) ) Change settings at TSMParts -> Lockscreen Settings -> Widget/Text Options
-TW Cam! (camcorder currently does not work but I have gotten it to stop FCing)
-Note: The TW Cam apk is modified to disable sounds(they were causing FC's), methods were added to my framework to avoid any smali hacking, 3 fw libraries were used from samsung (sec_feature.jar, seccamera.jar, and sechardware.jar)
------AOSP Camera apk for those that want it:
------push apk to /system/app

[hide=V. 1.2]
-Updated to JT's latest kernel and device tree
-Added Overscroll Effect, Weight, and Color (configurable through TSMParts -> Overall UI)
-Option to disable Statusbar brightness
-Added 2nd battery option
-Added AppWdigetPicker
-Added Custom Long Press Search app (configurable through TSMParts -> Overall UI
-Added Rotary Rev and Lense lockscreens
-Fixed Lockscreen Wallpapers! (image gets stored /data/data/
-Fixed single ring issue (I may have missed a ringtone or 2 please let me know if it still happens and what ringtone)

[hide=V. 1.1]
-Updated to JT's latest kernel and device tree
-Added swipe to clear individual notifs in statusbar
-Statusbar brightness! TODO: add option to disable this
-Added longpress vol skip music (currently does NOT work when "Vol Wake" is enabled)
-Lockwallpapers still broken :-(

[hide=V. 1.0]
-Based off JT's V5 (BLN required)
-Removed Spareparts from Settings
-Moved Launcher Orientation setting to TSM Parts -> MIsc Settings
-Inital release

GApps 2.3.5:

Scrrenshots in #2 Post

JT1134 - Donate to him!
Romanbb - Honeycomb lock
KidSerious - gapps
Daryelv - statusbar brightness
boombuler - appwidgetpicker
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