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I gotta say, This rom is the best Gingerbread I ever flashed.

I originally was running v2.0 after the op took some time off and that one was rock solid like v2.1 is.

only bug for me was the GPS deep sleep death.

I found a fix (By Accident) for this issue. This works amazing on my phone with both v2.0 and v2.1 and would like to share. (YRMV)

Posted earlier in the vibrant development thread by XDA member Globespy


he posted A GPS fix found on the Experia ROM thread from
XDA Member kchau15


On Ics this works well, On Phiremod Fusion 2.0/2.1 It is Amazing.

Attached are my screen shots in a spot at my work where i usually get terrible GPS and locks with 100 feet accuracy.

Also Attached is the Flashable .zip file

If you are running this rom still or want to try this rom,

I flashed Phiremod Fusion v2.1 straight on top of a fresh Odin of Eugene's JK2
(will work with Froyo roms like zendroid as well)

After the initial boot up,
I powered down the phone.
Using the 3 button method booted into recovery (Froyo Boot loader still)
then flashed
turned on GPS.
Ran GPS test (Chartcross)
It took several minutes but then got 11 in view and locked onto 6 or 7.

I hope this helps with current users and future users of this well done Rom

Download Link;

EDIT: This post was supposed to go into the V2.1 Thread but this fix Also works with V2.0 as well.
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