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the What

Phiremod Fusion for Samsung Vibrant is compiled entirely from Cyanogenmod source, customized to my liking, and distributed freely to anyone interested in using it.

the Why

The goal for Phiremod Fusion is to deliver a lightweight, functional and customized Android 2.3.x build for your Vibrant without the hassle of flashing every Nightly that comes along. All Phiremod releases have the intention of being a stable, long-term option for your device.

the How

Scroll to bottom of page for instructions.

the Who

My name is @ryanklumph, and I am not a Mormon.

the Credits


Team Douche

V2.1 Release Notes​

* Compiled from CM source (CM 7.2 RC1, April 9)

* Stock CM Kernel

* Super customized, super slim

* ICS Clock Widget (Orange)

* MIUI Sounds

* MIUI Music

* MIUI Camera

* Tweaked framework theme

* Tweaked SystemUI

* Transparent notification background

* Hosts profile to block most web adds

* Tweaked fonts / Unlock screen Clock font

* Removed CMStats

* Removed CMUpdater

* Removed Androidian

* Removed Cyanbread

* Removed Live Wallpapers

* Phiremod Wallpapers

* Phiremod Protips

* Modified ADW Launcher

* Any.Do Tasks app

* Teeter HD

* Google Gears bootanimation

* Modified icons

* Angry GPS

* BLN Support

* Phiremod System Changelog

* Many much build.prop tweakses including:

* Increased default Dalvik VM heap size (64m)

* TCP Buffer Tweaks

* UI optimzed to partly use GPU

* Increased Media/Image quality tweaks

* Optimized Boot tweaks

* Custom Default Sounds

** Google Apps not included


- Put phiremod on the root of your SD card

- Boot into Clockwork Recovery and Wipe Data/Factory Reset

- Install phiremod

- While still in recovery: Wipe Cache Partition, Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache, then Fix Permissions

- Reboot and let sit for 5 minutes to settle

- Reboot again

- Enjoy!​


50 Posts
Discussion Starter · #9 ·
This has now passed trigger 8/22 build as my 100% stable back up bad flash rom. Thanks for this man. I hope you stick around for awhile!!
Awesome! Thanks for sharing! It looks like I should be getting my Vibrant back within the next few days, so I'll probably have to stick around for a while longer =)

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Yessir.. no biggie though. I'm more of a natural photo taker anyway :p
EDIT* WELL I reflashed 2.0 then thunderboltz scripts and its working now boss! Haven't found another thing to fc or not work. this is beautiful

Also, anyway to add center clock mod on this beast??! :-D that'd be icing on the cake
Have a link to the mod you're talking about?
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