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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Base:: Other

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: N/A (WiFi)

Optional:: Insecure Boot

Requires Root:: No

Optional:: Deodexed

Android Version:: 4.2.1 (JB)


  • CleanROM is an all inclusive ROM designed with you in mind!
  • CleanROM is based on the latest Google Stock Jellybean 4.2.1 JOP40D Base and is fully De-Odexed!
  • CleanROM is targeted to the towards the user that wants a stock ROM experience with the ability to choose the features and functions they want, demand performance and expect stability!

  • Aroma Installer:
    • Launchers: Stock Launcher, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Trebuchet Launcher
    • Browsers: AOSP, Chrome
    • Google Apps: Play Store, Chrome, Gmail, Search / Now, Wallet, YouTube, Talk, Music, Maps, Street View for Maps, Books, Currents, Earth, Magazines, PlusOne, Movies and TV
    • Misc Apps: ES File Explorer, Quick Boot, DSP Manager, Thinkfree Viewer, AdFree, DropBox, Android Terminal Emulator, Fast Reboot
  • Tweaks for battery and performance!
  • init.d Support!
  • Zip Align on boot!
  • Fast, Clean and Stable!

11/29/2012 - Version 3.0
  • Updated: Complete overhaul based on the Official Jellybean 4.2.1 JOP40D Stock ROM Update
  • Added: Option for AOSP Browser with Bookmark Sync!
  • Updated: All Apps that required it!
  • Changed: Reverted to 100% Animation speed instead of 50%. This can be changed in Dev options!

  • Must be unlocked with custom recovery installed. I recommend the latest version of twrp.
  • Copy ROM to storage
  • Reboot to Recovery
  • Recommend wiping data / Factory Reset in Recovery!
  • Flash ROM and choose options
  • Reboot to System
  • Profit!

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Donations are gladly accepted but never expected!
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Nice work. No problems and everything is smooth. Love that installer. You could have added a few more things to it
, but.... I'm going to test it out a little bit more, but so far, great rom!

Sent from my Nexus 7

CleanROM Developer
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Damn it Scott now I'm going to get yelled at by my wife for flashing another ROM lol.
Here is an easy way out of it... Just say to your wife...

"Imagine how this guys wife must feel!"


That might help out some! (Or get you in worse trouble!)

CleanROM Developer
157 Posts
Why remove the extended power menu & replace it with an app like quick boot?
Simple, the frame changed so damn drastically that I cant get it to work right.

Would you mind taking a stab at decompiling, mnodifying it then re-compling it for us?

We would all appreciate it!
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