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[Rom][12-22-11][EH09]Awesome Sauce 10.7

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TeamHeinz Presents:
-a little diddy by jpaulwaite-​
Awesome Sauce X (Rev8)
Ok, so I decided I was going to completely overhaul Awesome Sauce.​

Rethemed, Rebuilt, Redesigned.​

Deodexed, rooted, tweaked, and ready to flash.​


Place rom .zip on sdcard.​

Reboot into Recovery​

Do a Factory reset, then wipe dalvik cache in CWM.​

Flash Rom​
*fully deodexed​
*custom boot anim​
*custom minfrees​
*minor theming​
*custom apps​
*data toggle​
*reboot options​
*framework tweaks​
*removed tw3 launcher​
*removed most live wallpapers​
*removed unused resources​
*removed most widgets​
*Titanium Backup​
*Rootzwiki App​
*Google+ 2​
*Google Talk 2​
*SGS Touchscreen booster​
*custom window transitions​
*optimized TONS of resources in framework-res.apk and systemui.apk. Smaller = loads faster = speedy speedy​
*added ics audio files
*aosp tab unlock
*bullet-proof launcher (locked in memory, no screen redrawing)
*oom_adjust fixes
*new sqlite3
*your mom
*added torch.apk
*added downloader crutch
*new signal bars
*new wifi icon
*new battery icon
*SGS2 Clock
*ICS Clock
*V6 Supercharger rebaked
Added Modified Adrenaline Shot parts
Added Battery Tweaks to Build.prop
Lowered wifi scan rate
Raised Zram Amount to 45 mb
Integrated Sdcard Speedfix
Updated SU
Added fugu app_process from honeycomb
Updated market app
reworked updater.script and META-INF files
tiny f*cked a stump!
optimized sqlite libs

*Nifty New Animations
*Fixed my edited SystemUI so it works with apktool now (as long as you add "- 2" to apktool.yml)
*Added Nemus Launcher
*Changed System Font
*Changed Dropdown banner
*Removed kerneltweaks
*Edited battery_life_mods
*Added Battery Calibration Script to Modcentral (oh yeah)

Updated Lots of Apps
Hopefully fixed Facebook/Twitter Issue
LeanKernel 2.0.1
New Battery Tweaks
New Mods
3g tweaks
Jesus it's Fast
Lots of little things===================================================================================

CHECK OUT ASMODS check/set/disable asmods tweak​
....and launch V6 Supercharger​
.....and launch 3g Tweaks​
......and launch BC script​

Download Terminal Emulator​
type "su"​
type "asmods"​

Credits: crysis21, ehoba, baked_tator, dfgas, teamsbrissen, imoseyon, zeppelinrox, desxton, jakebites​
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what are some good settings for MinFreeManager and TouchScreenBooster? Will these settings be saved after a reboot with this rom? I read somewhere that something had to be enabled to save these settings.
"jvc30 said:
what are some good settings for MinFreeManager and TouchScreenBooster? Will these settings be saved after a reboot with this rom? I read somewhere that something had to be enabled to save these settings.
Found some settings after surfing for a bit. Unplugged this morning at 6 am. Its 612 pm and I have 78% left. Thanks for a great ROM!
jburner said:
What did you find for settings?

Booster 26 - 0 - 1 - 26 - 5
Min Free 10 - 25 - 46 - 60- 75 - 100
To be honest with you, I dont know what I put for MinFree. They must have reset after a reboot for some reason. I know the booster settings are the same as yours. So I suppose the battery life from today was with default settings. Why does it reset after a reboot?
Has anyone who flashed the update noticed a decline in Max volume? I am hesitant to flash it because the voodoo kernel on this forum made the volume decrease on heinz 57 and another ROM.
jpaulwaite said:
Don't enable voodoo then :) Problem solved.
true....downloading now :)

EDIT: Flawless on my *C Spire* Showcase. Voodoo does not decrease the volume like before. Thanks again man :)
"ACLakey said:
The pics look great! should I do a full data wipe coming from H57?

Sent from my Mez using RootzWiki Forums
Yes. It is recomended.
I can't download large games off the market. Anyone else having this problem?
After a sleep of about an hour or so I have no data. Toggle airplane mode fixes it. Anyone else?

Also, whats in the small update?
Posted that while downloading. Yeah I like the boot animation. I had the same one but blue on my first spin of MIUI. Good work man. Best ROM for my showcase so far.
I'm not having any of the mentioned problems. I always use zeam launcher though.
I'm having horrible connection problems. Every app I have to start, kill, start, kill, start to get it to connect to mobile data.
1 - 11 of 1426 Posts
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