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[Rom][12-22-11][EH09]Awesome Sauce 10.7

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TeamHeinz Presents:
-a little diddy by jpaulwaite-​
Awesome Sauce X (Rev8)
Ok, so I decided I was going to completely overhaul Awesome Sauce.​

Rethemed, Rebuilt, Redesigned.​

Deodexed, rooted, tweaked, and ready to flash.​


Place rom .zip on sdcard.​

Reboot into Recovery​

Do a Factory reset, then wipe dalvik cache in CWM.​

Flash Rom​
*fully deodexed​
*custom boot anim​
*custom minfrees​
*minor theming​
*custom apps​
*data toggle​
*reboot options​
*framework tweaks​
*removed tw3 launcher​
*removed most live wallpapers​
*removed unused resources​
*removed most widgets​
*Titanium Backup​
*Rootzwiki App​
*Google+ 2​
*Google Talk 2​
*SGS Touchscreen booster​
*custom window transitions​
*optimized TONS of resources in framework-res.apk and systemui.apk. Smaller = loads faster = speedy speedy​
*added ics audio files
*aosp tab unlock
*bullet-proof launcher (locked in memory, no screen redrawing)
*oom_adjust fixes
*new sqlite3
*your mom
*added torch.apk
*added downloader crutch
*new signal bars
*new wifi icon
*new battery icon
*SGS2 Clock
*ICS Clock
*V6 Supercharger rebaked
Added Modified Adrenaline Shot parts
Added Battery Tweaks to Build.prop
Lowered wifi scan rate
Raised Zram Amount to 45 mb
Integrated Sdcard Speedfix
Updated SU
Added fugu app_process from honeycomb
Updated market app
reworked updater.script and META-INF files
tiny f*cked a stump!
optimized sqlite libs

*Nifty New Animations
*Fixed my edited SystemUI so it works with apktool now (as long as you add "- 2" to apktool.yml)
*Added Nemus Launcher
*Changed System Font
*Changed Dropdown banner
*Removed kerneltweaks
*Edited battery_life_mods
*Added Battery Calibration Script to Modcentral (oh yeah)

Updated Lots of Apps
Hopefully fixed Facebook/Twitter Issue
LeanKernel 2.0.1
New Battery Tweaks
New Mods
3g tweaks
Jesus it's Fast
Lots of little things===================================================================================

CHECK OUT ASMODS check/set/disable asmods tweak​
....and launch V6 Supercharger​
.....and launch 3g Tweaks​
......and launch BC script​

Download Terminal Emulator​
type "su"​
type "asmods"​

Credits: crysis21, ehoba, baked_tator, dfgas, teamsbrissen, imoseyon, zeppelinrox, desxton, jakebites​
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tired to follow direction i cant get it to work. has anyone if so how did you do it.
i forgot about getting into the red screen. did that and now its working will play with it today. so far seems pretty nice. sorry for being a noob
I dont like this rom enough to follow jpaulwaite's directions. If I did a search like I was supposed to I would have seen my answer in post 273.
question. after updating superuser. i delete some apps like yahoo finance clock with root app remover. click allow and says granted then pause and phone reboots. done this 3 times with each one i delete.

any thoughts.
wesw said:
I dont like this rom enough to follow jpaulwaite's directions. If I did a search like I was supposed to I would have seen my answer in post 273.
ok first want to say ive read and read sorry but i cant figure it out. so here are some pics of what my phone says tell me what im doing wrong or what to do please.
here is what i get after i press menu, preferences,

the app drawer

dock settings

at the bottom of dock settings where it says swipe actions press action for first icon i get this.

want to put a phone dialer on the dock so pressed phone and get this.

so please tell me what im doing wrong. or need to do to get it to work

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holy piss thanks sorry for being so whatever if i knew it was that easy i wont have posted that.

thanks again.
ya thanks again been dicking with it since friday nite and most of the day today i was about to say oh f ill just deal with it but thanks again.
hoopsnut said:
I have been switching out boot animations for a few days now (coincidentally, I switched to the current boot animation and then jp added it to his Sauce).

/system/media/ is the current file and location. If you grap or open the zip, you will see it is just a series of images. If you replace those images with yours, or create your own zip and just rename it and place it in the same location, it should work. I have been using Root Explorer (free) to navigate within the system folder...been copying files to my card and then using Root Explorer to copy from card to system locations.
first off please dont bash me for asking a question, but for the love of f i cant figured this out how to change the mp3 for the boot sound.

go into file manager, then click v9-2-2full says es zip viewer click that, click system, click etc, i see the 0406_poweron.mp3 but it wont let me do anything.

could some one help me out with out bashing me thanks.
1 - 8 of 1426 Posts
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