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[Rom][12-22-11][EH09]Awesome Sauce 10.7

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TeamHeinz Presents:
-a little diddy by jpaulwaite-​
Awesome Sauce X (Rev8)
Ok, so I decided I was going to completely overhaul Awesome Sauce.​

Rethemed, Rebuilt, Redesigned.​

Deodexed, rooted, tweaked, and ready to flash.​


Place rom .zip on sdcard.​

Reboot into Recovery​

Do a Factory reset, then wipe dalvik cache in CWM.​

Flash Rom​
*fully deodexed​
*custom boot anim​
*custom minfrees​
*minor theming​
*custom apps​
*data toggle​
*reboot options​
*framework tweaks​
*removed tw3 launcher​
*removed most live wallpapers​
*removed unused resources​
*removed most widgets​
*Titanium Backup​
*Rootzwiki App​
*Google+ 2​
*Google Talk 2​
*SGS Touchscreen booster​
*custom window transitions​
*optimized TONS of resources in framework-res.apk and systemui.apk. Smaller = loads faster = speedy speedy​
*added ics audio files
*aosp tab unlock
*bullet-proof launcher (locked in memory, no screen redrawing)
*oom_adjust fixes
*new sqlite3
*your mom
*added torch.apk
*added downloader crutch
*new signal bars
*new wifi icon
*new battery icon
*SGS2 Clock
*ICS Clock
*V6 Supercharger rebaked
Added Modified Adrenaline Shot parts
Added Battery Tweaks to Build.prop
Lowered wifi scan rate
Raised Zram Amount to 45 mb
Integrated Sdcard Speedfix
Updated SU
Added fugu app_process from honeycomb
Updated market app
reworked updater.script and META-INF files
tiny f*cked a stump!
optimized sqlite libs

*Nifty New Animations
*Fixed my edited SystemUI so it works with apktool now (as long as you add "- 2" to apktool.yml)
*Added Nemus Launcher
*Changed System Font
*Changed Dropdown banner
*Removed kerneltweaks
*Edited battery_life_mods
*Added Battery Calibration Script to Modcentral (oh yeah)

Updated Lots of Apps
Hopefully fixed Facebook/Twitter Issue
LeanKernel 2.0.1
New Battery Tweaks
New Mods
3g tweaks
Jesus it's Fast
Lots of little things===================================================================================

CHECK OUT ASMODS check/set/disable asmods tweak​
....and launch V6 Supercharger​
.....and launch 3g Tweaks​
......and launch BC script​

Download Terminal Emulator​
type "su"​
type "asmods"​

Credits: crysis21, ehoba, baked_tator, dfgas, teamsbrissen, imoseyon, zeppelinrox, desxton, jakebites​
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Where are the puzzle locks? I can't seem to find them. thanks
Boot animation is great. Love your work!
Just installed the new version, download says v6, phone says v7. All works great, now with voodoo sound control built in. Great work sir.
JP, i am still running the v6 (v7) and it is running great for me. I think i'll keep it till you do an update. Thanks for all your great work.
SRGaudio said:
Same here, guess we r are a few of the lucky ones
I think so, some phones work better than others.
No problems here either, everything running great.
to fix the fc on contacts, download Go Contacts EX, install and use that. works great.
phince1 said:
To also fix the fc in contacts dont sync facebook contacts.
I actually had to do both to fix it. Forgot about the facebook sync.
jpaulwaite said:
Still, cant say for sure why you're stuff is force closing. I have facebook synced and my contacts work fine. No fcs or other issues. i pulled all apps.from the stock build, so there must be a dalvik mixup. Make sure you clean dalvik before you flash, even if you just odined to stock.
I cleared Davlik before flashing, still happened. Other than that, this rom really runs smooth, best one yet. Great work JP, can't wait till your next release.
Spazzatron said:
A few minor issues I'm having:
1. frequent screen wake-ups while playing music.
2: Occasional freezing (resulting in a battery pull and rebooting) when running certain apps (Gmaps and Latitude is all I've noticed so far).
I've tried reflashing (following proper procedures and all that shiznit) but it still happens. Not a huge problem, due to the fact that I rarely use them, just reporting. Other than that, this rom is ultra sexy. I gives mad props to the team.
Instead of pulling your battery, you can hold the volume up and power at same time, it will reboot a frozen phone. I think google maps has a problem, lots of people have that issue. Mine does same thing, freezes the screen. you can hit the power button to turn off screen, turn screen back on, let it set for a few seconds, it will power off. turn screen back on and everthing is normal again.
J.P., flashed v9.2.1, seems to run great. Boot screen animation is u.s. cellular, galaxy s. Is this correct?
Great work JP, on V9.2.1. Thank you for doing this for all of us, it is really appreciated!:grin3:
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Installed the new V9.2.2 this morning, after 4 hours, running great. Thanks for the great work JP.
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Very easy to change, use any MP3 you want, like stated above, rename it same as is in system\etc folder. You can use Root Explorer for this. But, it only plays about 10 seconds of the MP3 file. JP, is there any way to make it play longer?
What is up with the forum layout, all the links are just text now, and number of pages in Awesome Sauce forum is half what it was. This is happened in last couple of days.
If upgrading from V9.2.2, do I need to do a factory reset, or just cache partition and dalvik? Thanks.
**never mind, John just answered my question on FB, for those of you wondering, the answer is no Factory reset. Thanks for all your work !!
I caught FB post, everything runs great. Thanks.

Sent from my SCH-I500 using Dark RootzWiki Forums
Battery life is exceptional on V10.1, since 4:30 this morning, still 76%. Thanks for the great work JP!
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