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TeamHeinz Presents:
-a little diddy by jpaulwaite-​
Awesome Sauce X (Rev8)
Ok, so I decided I was going to completely overhaul Awesome Sauce.​

Rethemed, Rebuilt, Redesigned.​

Deodexed, rooted, tweaked, and ready to flash.​


Place rom .zip on sdcard.​

Reboot into Recovery​

Do a Factory reset, then wipe dalvik cache in CWM.​

Flash Rom​
*fully deodexed​
*custom boot anim​
*custom minfrees​
*minor theming​
*custom apps​
*data toggle​
*reboot options​
*framework tweaks​
*removed tw3 launcher​
*removed most live wallpapers​
*removed unused resources​
*removed most widgets​
*Titanium Backup​
*Rootzwiki App​
*Google+ 2​
*Google Talk 2​
*SGS Touchscreen booster​
*custom window transitions​
*optimized TONS of resources in framework-res.apk and systemui.apk. Smaller = loads faster = speedy speedy​
*added ics audio files
*aosp tab unlock
*bullet-proof launcher (locked in memory, no screen redrawing)
*oom_adjust fixes
*new sqlite3
*your mom
*added torch.apk
*added downloader crutch
*new signal bars
*new wifi icon
*new battery icon
*SGS2 Clock
*ICS Clock
*V6 Supercharger rebaked
Added Modified Adrenaline Shot parts
Added Battery Tweaks to Build.prop
Lowered wifi scan rate
Raised Zram Amount to 45 mb
Integrated Sdcard Speedfix
Updated SU
Added fugu app_process from honeycomb
Updated market app
reworked updater.script and META-INF files
tiny f*cked a stump!
optimized sqlite libs

*Nifty New Animations
*Fixed my edited SystemUI so it works with apktool now (as long as you add "- 2" to apktool.yml)
*Added Nemus Launcher
*Changed System Font
*Changed Dropdown banner
*Removed kerneltweaks
*Edited battery_life_mods
*Added Battery Calibration Script to Modcentral (oh yeah)

Updated Lots of Apps
Hopefully fixed Facebook/Twitter Issue
LeanKernel 2.0.1
New Battery Tweaks
New Mods
3g tweaks
Jesus it's Fast
Lots of little things===================================================================================

CHECK OUT ASMODS check/set/disable asmods tweak​
....and launch V6 Supercharger​
.....and launch 3g Tweaks​
......and launch BC script​

Download Terminal Emulator​
type "su"​
type "asmods"​

Credits: crysis21, ehoba, baked_tator, dfgas, teamsbrissen, imoseyon, zeppelinrox, desxton, jakebites​

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Thats really odd. It takes a bit, just let it keep going. cwm mod will usually throw an error if it doesnt work. Im at work atm...but im running this on my phone.

Also try doing a factory reset before installing.

And lastly, make sure you got the full file. Should be around 153-158 megs. Can't remember . Try redownloading. My server may have reset.

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Lol, i figured it out. I packed the working folder, lol. Just open the archive, open awesomesaucev2/copy system and meta inf into the root of the archive, then delete the awesome sauce folder.

Make sure you use 7zip.

So, you should only see system and meta inf when you open the rom package. My bad. Lol. Thats what i get for packing shit at 4 am.

Having the wife upload a new package. Im orchestrating this from 5 stories up on a roof from my phone.

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mcgleevn said:
hate to be such a noob, but do i need to do anything to get the adrenaline shot and V6 supercharger working or do these things happen after the flash...?
Supercharger is not included, but Adrenaline Shot is. It applies when you flash and reboot. To get the supercharger going, follow the instructions from the Supercharger thread on xda.

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jburner said:
Interesting. I had it when I flashed the first time. Probably because I flashed it over Resurrection, which has it and it worked.
That is undoubtedly the reason. I realize my previous commented sounded snappy, but it wasn't meant to be :) That's why it's always good to do a reset when flashing different roms.

mcgleevn said:
some opinions on supercharger? any good on the mesmerize?
I like it and plan on included it in the future.

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jvc30 said:
Has anyone who flashed the update noticed a decline in Max volume? I am hesitant to flash it because the voodoo kernel on this forum made the volume decrease on heinz 57 and another ROM.
Don't enable voodoo then :) Problem solved.

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"wesw said:
tired to follow direction i cant get it to work. has anyone if so how did you do it.
Short and dirty: make sure you flashed clockworkmod recovery.

Click reset data/factory restore in recovery.

Hit yes

Now select flash zip from sdcard

Select choose zip from sdcard

Find zip and flash.

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"Shelby04861 said:
Just flashed the v5 over the v0.9 and it works great. I am digging the notification pull down but I still really like the 0.9 version of heinze(the 3d app drawer). Still running that "other" oc/UV voodoo kernel with no issues that I didn't already have until ours is completed. Maybe the trick is to make a whole bunch of different zip updates for people to flash to customize a base version. Sort of doing that already I guess.

Sent from my SCH-I500 using a speak & read!
This is not heinz57. there is no v9 of this rom. This rom is packaged with voodoo kernel. Please follow thr instructions in the op.
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