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Based on ruu 3.06.405.1

Thanks too:
dsixda kitchen
UOT online kitchen
klquicksall : for his kernel
Capychimp and RCMIX team : for the rcmix tweaks ,and for being the best dev's
m-deejay : for his kernel
Killersloth : for his amazing UV script
hamidr : for his ultra smooth rosie
Madmack : for his amazing tool
Lyapota : for his music fix ,beats,and extended quicksetting
he_stheone64 : for his guide
Sybregunne : for his andrev_oc daemon /DaemonController
Zeppelinrox : for supercharger tweaks,and kickass kernelizer
Ronin_2 :for his continuous support
seo : for his battery calibration script
Wes Garne : for his Automatic ZipAlign script
Nc Team : for their advice and supports(actually i understand how to apply supercharger by understanding their method)
famonaco : for his kind support
charlieb620 : for the beat bootanimation
edint3000's and preacher65 : for the downanimation
SmokeyMcBong : for his tips regarding ext4
capez : for his ICS transition animation

if I forgot any one please please till me

changes log

v2.6 (No Full Wipe)
-switch to RMix 3d latest kernel v11.1<br />
-wake governer is smartass for now<br />
-added ICS transition animation(thnx to capez)<br />
-UV values added back but little bit lighter (thnx to killersolth)<br />
-updated some apps
v2.5 (No Full Wipe)
-super smooth rosie instead of liquid rosie<br />
-swich back to unity v9 kernel<br />
-switched back to green battery % (gray will be in the upcoming gray theme)<br />
-removed all uv values,any one want to undervolt can do it by his own<br />
-OC Daemon back with latest release<br />
-default value set as (wakegov = savagedzen,wakemax 1075200,wakemin 122000,sleep ov = conservative,sleepmax = 245000,sleepmin =122000) u can change them via Daemon Controller<br />
-updated gmail to latest<br />
-note widget themed to gray (the yellow seemed ugly ) and moved to system<br />
directory instead of data<br />
-fix the sd card speed script<br />
-some clean up<br />
-possible mms fix,needs test
v2.4 (Be Careful,full wipe included)
-kernel updated to  RCMix  Kernel 8 With 2wcr support<br />
-updated super user app to 3.06 and su binary to 3.01<br />
-swiched to rcmix-lite script cause some devices couldn't handle the old one,<br />
but i kept the smartass governor instead of ondemandx cause i got better performance<br />
-added ultra smooth rosie by hamidr<br />
-switched to ICS fonts<br />
-gray battery mod by default<br />
-cant remember now,will edit as long as i do
v2.3 (Be Careful,full wipe included)
-removed supercharger script<br />
-remove kickass kernelzier script<br />
-remove ram script<br />
-remove OC Daemon ,and all its value<br />
-added the magical UV Script by Killersloth,i just edited the values ,they are now between RCMixUV and RCMixUV-lite<br />
(please report for any freeze or random reboots so the value can be edited again in next release or by flashable zip )<br />
-changed the kernel to klquicksall latest (RCMix 7)<br />
-remove duplicated value in build.prob,and some clean up<br />
-clean up  installing script
v2.2 (Be Careful,full wipe included)
-added inspire 4G support,need testing cause i don't own one ,plz report<br />
-super user fc fixed<br />
-back to original font "upon request "<br />
-calculator app modded "upon request" (it look much better now)<br />
-some internet and battery tweaks in build.prob,and init.d<br />
-remove unnecessary scripts (actually conflicting ones)<br />
-updated all the app to latest,added htc note widget,removed google+& xdafree apps "upon request"<br />
-some clean up<br />
-don't really remember what else
v2.0 (it wont format data,if u came from v1 no need to full wipe,otherwise its highly recommended)
-added RCMIX Tweaks under settings,(thanks to RCMIX team and CapyChimp)<br />
-updated super user and su binary<br />
-updated maps,facebook,esfileexplorer to the latest<br />
-removed some htc files (better privacy)<br />
-updated add free hosts<br />
-font updated to smaller one,to fit the new changes<br />
-i really forgot the rest will update when remember
v1.5 (it wont format data,if u came from v1 no need to full wipe,otherwise its highly recommended)
-removed arabic support and arabic keyboard,u can find it in post #3 as separated file)<br />
-updated maps,[B]flashpalyer 11[/B]<br />
-added extended quick settings (thanks to Lyapota)<br />
-changed bootanimation and downanimation<br />
-updated supercharger tweaks (thanks to Zeppelinrox)<br />
-added KickAss Kernelizer (thanks to Zeppelinrox)<br />
-added beat (thanks to Lyapota)<br />
-added sdcard speed tweaked<br />
-moved some app to data for easier update and/or remove<br />
-removed htclogger.apk for privacy concerns<br />
-removed some apps(one million market,openvpn settings)<br />
-updated the hosts file for addfree <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
V1.0 (will format data ,so be careful)
-Initial relase<br />
-All the usual things (rooted ,superuser ,su installed ,zipalignned,Advance power menu)<br />
-Arabic support added<br />
-Added Arabic and Persian keyboard(ParfieldIME)<br />
-Supercharger tweaks included (thanks to Zeppelinrox)<br />
-battery tweaks,performance tweaks,sd card tweaks<br />
-Transparent 4x5 Rosie (thanks to he_stheone64)<br />
-Working SRS and Dolby digital in music app (thanks to Lyapota)<br />
-added secure mms.apk<br />
-Moved some app to data,so they can easily updated or removed<br />
-Added some apps(es file explorer,one million mobile market,Googleplus,openvpn setting,xda free,)<br />
-andrev_oc daemon and daemon controller included (thanks to Sybregunne)<br />
-Updated facebook,google maps,youtube…)<br />
-White overscroll glowing and grey glowing popup windows
go to Post for old release and post 3 for addons and arabic patch

knowing Bugs
nothing yet

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Downloads ...

EvaSense 2.6
--- if u want 2wcr flash this file 2wcr EvaSense
--- if u have superuser fc flash this file
--- if u have secured mms fc flash the old one here until the secured one fixed old mms
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