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Special thanks to the guys below for their generous donation (needs to be updated, sooner.. really!)

Matthew Donahue=====
Aquilino Sanjur
Joseph Sorenson======
deeznutz1977 (Bradley)
gemstocks (Tim)======
Heikki Pohjola
Diane Ben-Avraham====
Jose A. Ruiz
jose lore
tpierce89 (Trent)======
JLundberg (John)

The ROM is now Beta release. GPS is now functional. However, remember Vibrant GPS is always weird! Read FAQ to know more about GPS.
The best Ice Cream for Vibrant just got sweeter!

New Screenshots:
Click Here [From v5]

Optimized Framework & Launcher by Annex.
Updated Google Apps and Market
Zip Aligned
Database Optimization
Extended Boot Menu
Smoother GUI
Force KB5 Modem Install
Battery Saving app added to automize your toggles.
Toggles in Notification Pulldown
No more FCs
Busybox Fixed with latest Superuser
Voodoo Sound v10 Kernel by Nelson
SmartassV2 Governor
Voodoo Control App compatibility (its data get reset on reboot)
OC upto 1.3Ghz. Recommended 1.0-1.2GHz!!
Quadrant Score BEST than ever ~ 2500
Improved Performance
Reduced Lag
No need of flashing different files -- everything scripted
Face Lock Addon available for FFC users
Few extra apps added
Battery Friendly

What works
GPS (Read FAQ below)
Auto Screen Rotation
Audio Routing Fixed
WiFi Direct
WiFi Tethering
Bluetooth Tethering
USB Tethering
Receive/Make Calls and SMS
Proper USB Mounting
Audio Routed properly
All keys working with haptic feedback
Market Download
Hardware Acceleration -- 3D for around 56 FPS
Contacts sync
Calendar Sync
No more Gallery FCs.

What Doesnt Work:
Video Recording (Read FAQ below)

WARNING: !! Your Data will be lost. Take backup before you begin. !!

Thanks to Nelson for Kernel! I have compiled this ROM from multiple sources, modified and enhanced framework.
Squashed bugs for Vibrant. Tweaked for smoothness and developed further for Vibrant.
ROM is customized and personalized by me at the best. If you don't like customized ROMs, this is not for you.

Download Link:(Don't mirror it, please

Download v7
Face Unlock Addon (Only for FFC users. Read FAQ)
Google Earth Addon

# The ROM will get smoother eventually with use. Don't rush things and Read FAQ.

Older Versions:

Download v6.5
Download v6
Download v5 + Framework update
Download v4

Installation Steps for those coming from CM7/MIUI/ICS:
  • Reboot in Recovery
  • Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  • Flash the file. You may need to flash file twice if there is bootloop due to CWM version mismatch.
  • Reboot.

NOTE: If you get in boot loop during first install, DONT panic.
Remove battery. Hold Vol Down + Home + Power Key. You will enter new recovery mode. Flash the ROM again.
Some users (having Froyo Bootloader) need to press Vol Up Key instead of Home Key to get in Recovery.
For those who aren't coming from CM7/MIUI:
  • Reboot in recovery (CWM)
  • Wipe Data/ Factory Reset.
  • Format SYSTEM from Mounts and Storage.
  • Flash the file.
  • It will most probably go in boot loop due to CWM version mismatch.
  • Remove battery. Insert it.
  • Press Vol Down + Home + Long press power till Gingerbread bootloader appears and vanish
  • (or press Vol Down + Vol Up + Long press power till Froyo bootloader appears and vanish)
  • You will enter in CWM mode, if not do repeat above two steps
  • Now follow instructions of CM7/MIUI.
Useful Info:
Flash Player Support for Android 4.0 (ICS)

Useful Resources:
I9000 Thread
I9000 Project on Google Code
Vibrant's First ICS Topic for more info
Captivate's ICS Topic

Not encouraging but donations are welcome to boost development. Click
Thanks to all who donated already.

You can hit "Thanks" now.

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v7 changelog:
  • Working GPS. Use faster fix and set to China if you dont get locks.
  • Updated Kernel. Thanks Nelson.
  • Updated Launcher. New Wallpapers. Thanks Annex and dsimages.
  • Smoother & supercharged experience.
  • Integrated new RAM management tweaks and performance optimization. No need to flash any other zip to boost performance!
  • New Optimized Bootanimation. Feel the difference.
  • Annex's update on framework and launcher.
  • Quadrant Score > Max obtained by me 2528.
  • No nasty gpsd service/process running in background to consume your battery (as it was in v6.5)
  • Added a new App called SysControl NB to control all running tasks!! Please explore it.
  • Added NB AngryGPS and GPS LbsMode Test.
  • Datadata Symlink Removed due to its negative effect on performance.
  • 25k+ Ads Blocked. Faster Browsing Experience.
  • Framework & System App 's PNG Optimization Removed to get renewed and original ICS look.
  • Remount Tweaks to save battery Added
  • SDCard Speed Fix Tweak Added
  • SQLite Optimization improved
v6.5 changelog:
  • Audio Issues Fixed. TTS, Voice Actions, Voice Search and related apps working.
  • Voodoo Sound v10 Added. Thanks Nelson.
  • Updated Framework. Deeper ICS Taste. Thanks Annex.
  • Percentage Battery Mod.
  • Darket Boot Animation for Amoled.
  • Updated Kernel with progress bar on Boot Splash.
  • Added HTC Sense Live Wallpaper. (Uninstallable)
  • Changed Default wallpaper to most liked Phase Beam Wallpaper.
  • New Scripts (Partially working because of inadequate init.d support. We will implement alternate and better init.d)
  • Framework and System Applications Optimization.
  • Market Updated to latest. Faster now!
  • Audio Files optimized.
  • WiFi related minor fixes.
  • Dialer Optimization. T9 Removed.
  • Other minor fixes.
ROM will get smoother eventually with use. Read FAQ.

We got 3573 downloads for v5, so its better I list here what's been upgraded over v5 in v6:
  • T9 Dialer. Enable it from Dialer Settings.
  • Completely New Kernel by Nelson (ngiordano) with SmartAssV2 Governor.
  • WiFi Tethering
  • USB Tethering
  • Bluetooth Tethering
  • WiFi Direct
  • Both SD Cards now Mount in your PC
  • TV Out. (Use Galaxy Settings App)
  • HSUPA/HSDPA switching (Use Galaxy Settings App)
  • Color Tuning (Use Galaxy Settings App)
  • Datadata partition works!
  • No more Low Space issue. Read FAQ.
  • Improved services
  • Cleaned unused files
  • Zip Aligning on each boot (Improves performance)
  • Database Optimization (Improves performance)
  • Added Video Player for playing MKV, MP4... all formats
  • Root Browser & CPU Master Removed. Use All-In-One Root App instead!
  • Google Currents App (As its not available in few countries, I added it)
  • No More FCs in Gallery
  • No More FLICKER after locking
  • Init.d Support. WARNING: Adding unstable script wouldn't let you boot.
  • NO need to flash Thunderbolt, added equivalent, sufficient scripts.
  • Try more scripts by All-In-One Root App
  • Overall optimization of apps & services. Now more smoother.
  • More Sensitive Touch
  • Google Earth is REMOVED. Flash from Addons if you need.

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Low Storage issue? Read THIS.

GPS icon doesnt blink! I am not getting locks either! What to do?
A = GPS icon will sometime blink and sometime won't! However, GPS will always work. Use NB AngryGPS to test lock-on-satellite.
As per my experience some Vibrant users won't get GPS Locks easily. I recommend them to set server to CHINA via Faster Fix App included.

Does Video Recording work? Will it work on upcoming version?
A = Please read OP carefully to see what's not working.
Video Recording will work after Nexus S Source is released.

My Phone gets heated up while charging?
A = That's ok. It's something related to new power source driver that you need not to worry about.

Lag!! Lag!! Nag the developer!!
A = I hope you understand terms of downloading BETA ROM. However, we have come to stage where ROM is really smooth with no Lag. Ofcourse, at some point you may feel it's not same as other ROM... that's because we lack Hardware Composition (though we have hardware acceleration) I have experienced bit lag during initial google sync process. So it's recommended that you flash the ROM, boot it and sync after half hour so that ROM is completely settled by then.

Will face unlock work on Vibrant?
A = No, it will not work. We do not have a FFC, and hacking it to work with the rear facing camera is less than practical.

But The OP has a separate .zip we can flash to make it work.
A= Yes, it is for people with FFC. However, you may not get perfect picture for now.

Can I use this as my daily driver?
A = It depends on the type of use you give to the phone. The one thing I can definitely encourage you to do is to take it for a spin, most things work, and what works, works very well. Make sure you read what are issues before you install.

Can I get WiFi Calling on this ?
A = NO, stop asking! As I am not in U.S. and not on T-Mobile Carrier, I cannot develop/port it. Not even with anyone volunteering help.

I cannot see FACEBOOK syncing my contact?

Facebook needs to update its app to make SYNC compatible with ICS. This has nothing to do with ROM.
I suggest please review and suggest this feature to FB people on Market!!

What do I need to do if coming from Froyo, or GB, or Eclair, or Donut? I'm already rooted and all else!
A = My only recommendation - to avoid any issues: Do a clean install of CM7, and then upgrade to this - ICS. If you lose your baseband after installation, I prefer you ODIN to LIDROID instead of Stock. And then get to ICS.

After flashing through CWM, I get a message "offset x*xx". What is this?
A = This is a security feature in Ice Cream Sandwich. Read about it HERE.

I'm thinking about flashing different modems, anyone knows of working modems out there for this?
A = Yes, most CM7 modems will work for you. However, according to me, KB5 is best for signal reception and data speed.

My phone says it's running low on space, what do I do?
A = There are a couple of reasons this may be reason. Most common one is that your /datadata is getting packed, use a diskutility to find out what is taking so much space in there. Some others have reported that wiping cache from recovery clears the message - these users are receiving the error particularly after batch restoring with Titanium.

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The ROM is now a Beta Release. Much better than Alpha Versions in terms of functionality and stability.
ICS Source for our phone lacks hardware composition and you may face lag rarely.
However, new scripts are being prepared to smoothen the ICS expereience.

Thanks for bearing with us.

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Hi Neo. You know we will follow you anywhere...

Android Beginner
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I am here and don't worry.. rootzwiki is a better place anyways. Nicer mods and so on.. I was jpeckover on xda as they wouldn't let me use linuzo for some reason..

Just so you guys know..

Forgot to mention better android app too!!!

Follow on twitter for help I'm please to help..


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Neo, I downloaded LG free camera from the market. It is really nice and fast. Works better then stock with v6.5. You might want to take a look.

The Bender
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I have yet to install rom, but i am waiting on the edge of my seat for more feed back on it, maybe the inclusion of certain CM7 type features (180 degree rotation, volume rocker control of music, and if possible modifiable status bar buttons) these of course are requests.

I cannot wait to see how the development on this rom continues,
My thanks cannot be expressed enough for your hard work on this rom. Keep up the hard work, nice to see you made the move to RootzWiki you wont be disappointed.

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Haha much better here anyway. Didn't have to randomly post 10 times in general forums before posting in dev forum like @ xda!

Forever NEO!

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have to say the first half of the battery on v6.5 seems to drain fast even without data enabled. Where the latter part of the battery lasts quite awhile.. last night i was able to use 7% left for like 3 hours before I had to plug it in. I wipe battery stats but as soon as I unplug from the charger I have a 10% drop within the first 30 minutes... guess we will let it settle another day and see what happens just wanted to report that issue Neo..

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linuzo said:
have to say the first half of the battery on v6.5 seems to drain fast even without data enabled. Where the latter part of the battery lasts quite awhile.. last night i was able to use 7% left for like 3 hours before I had to plug it in. I wipe battery stats but as soon as I unplug from the charger I have a 10% drop within the first 30 minutes... guess we will let it settle another day and see what happens just wanted to report that issue Neo..
I've also noticed this...even after resetting the stats. I've never been one to take the percentage literally anyway. Just as long as I get a solid 10 plus hours it don't matter how quick it drains at first.
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