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So we don't have one of these yet and cmenard has inspired me

What's included
  • cmenard's gingerbread bullet kernel (1.2)
  • KB5 modem
  • fixed haptic feed back & fixed home button
  • power menu options
  • removed battery full notification
  • couple added apps (titanium being the most important)
  • CRT off animation & overscroll added of course
  • removed startup sound
  • Juwe's RAM script
  • rooted & busybox included

How To Install (with Bootloaders)
  1. flash GB bootloaders (be careful!) - thanks adyscorpius
  2. flash cmenard's kernel via heimdall
  3. rebooted into recovery & flashed
  4. rejoice

How to install without bootloaders
ok ladies, thanks to the wonderful cmenard you can do it!
  1. put rom on your internal SD for flashing
  2. flash Bullet-1Ghz-NRB-v2-voodoo.tar with heimdall or odin
  3. this is a gingerbread kernel that does not rainbow, get into recovery and flash the ROM
  4. the ROM will flash the newest kernel (which will give you rainbows without gingy bootloaders)
  5. if you want to get rid of them just flash Bullet-1Ghz-NRB-v2-voodoo.tar again, but be aware your camera will not work

Bullet-1Ghz-NRB-v2-voodoo.tar is NOT a CWM flashable. It will NOT boot into the ROM correctly. It is used to flash Gingerbread ROMs & use recovery for Gingerbread. So if you don't have GB bootloaders installed and need to use CWM. You may want to flash it. Flash your desired ZIP. Then flash GB_Bullet back. It's a pain but that's how it's gotta be for now.

I included the tar file (which should work in ODIN, stick it in PDA and don't touch anything else), but I just flashed the zImage straight through heimdall.

What doesn't work?
GP FRACKIN S - oh wait, it does
Oh, and my extended power menu
I think I messed up somewhere, and everything only reboots. Sorry.

everything else seems to work

update 2
--EDT settings now accessibly from System settings window, removed from icons tray
--added Whitehawks 9 lock screens
--newest kernel
--included gps fix (mostly, I may have missed a file, if it doesn't work, just flash the fix
--added a couple apps (spare parts, titanium, etc)
--included hacked cam & browser (found on I9K forums)
--3D fix too

update 1
--included my statusbar mods as posted on I9K forums
--included my permission script
--included newer kernel which fixes USBActivityManager issue visible in logcat
--optimized a few APKs & frameworks

Download Update 2
md5: 5AE86879B74438C8D4AA57CA0EE6574D

As always, read, wear a helmet, and don't do anything stupid. ಠ_ಠ

If you do not flash the bootloaders, you will see rainbows making it almost impossible to see the recovery from the kernel. I am not responsible for you breaking your device!

NRB kernel means no rainbow. It is used if you don't want to flash bootloaders. Flash it, then flash the ROM. The ROM will flash a new kernel (which will give you rainbows). If you need to access CWM you can flash the NRB one again, but your camera will not work on it.


53ae889052cb89a1a07e9cf4ff749d3f Bullet-1Ghz-NRB-v2-voodoo.tar
b4f63a56c1bd31932c98b4f7032aa13e Bullet-JVP-1.2Ghz-v5.3-voodoo.tar
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