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"plasticslug said:
I hate to be a pain, Still having the same issues since build 12

Basically my in-call volume has these massive jumps when adjusting the volume.

It sounds the like the following (highest to lowest) while using headset.
- Too low, too low, too low, Loud, Too loud, Ear Shattering +

The red flag, since build 12 was a crackling sound is heard where the headphones are inserted.

I have tried different Roms and this is where I am most happy.

I tried the paid version of Voodoo sound and it adjusted the music volume but it seemed that no changes were made to in call sound. I tested another Rom and it did NOT have this problem, so its not hardware.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

PLEASE - let me know if I am the only one with this problem?
No matter how many times I ODEN back to stock and return its always there.
I have been having this sound issue 2. Its just too low or too loud. Hard to find that perfect sound level.
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