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[ROM] [2.3.5] Trigger » 08/22

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Since this is the Vibrant forum, I figure I need to say this
  • Android 2.3.5 - based on newest Cyanogenmod source
  • Working Phone without Mute/unmute bug :)
  • Honeycomb lockscreen!
  • fast & stable!

Tweaks & More options:
  • clock options (hide, ampm, small ampm)
  • signal options (hide, show dbm text & more)
  • show H icon instead of 4G
  • and more!

-same bugs as CM7

-Cyanogenmod & Team Douche
-faux123 (special thanks to Faux for helping me and answering my dumb questions)
-atinm (thank you for your work on the Vibrant, amazing dev)


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Installation Instructions
wipe data/factory reset
Same instructions as in the CM7 OP. You should be able to flash this over any CM7 based ROM just fine, and technically, you *should* be able to flash this from any Eclair/Froyo ROM.


- cm code sync
- 911/emergency dialing fix included
- external BT gps support supposed to be included this time for realsies
- probably other stuff skitz/skorpn bugged me about

[hide=Click here to see previous changelog.]8/16
-fixed external gps (thanks xoror)
-CM sync (new kernel)
-just to keep you guys sane ;)

-code sync with cm repos
-more honeycomb code updates
-gapps now included
-external GPS functionality from gerrit

* removed gapps from build, flash separately :)
* added in a possible fix for battery FC (let me know)

* as always, latest CM changes as of right before the build
* changed to new versioning system to make it easier for me to keep all releases more or less the same between devices (using dates) to keep my sanity
* adding gapps in automagically from now on!
* new option to set the clock to the center
* MIUI battery code enhancements
* Tweaks minor bug fixes
* Honeycomb lockscreen! Access from CyanogenMod settings > Lockscreen > Style Options > Lockscreen Style (did this to be consistent with other CM lockscreen settings)
*** taking suggestions on how to improve this. I may add custom app launchers to each quadrant, but still listening to what you guys have to say. Do you even like it? Etc.

build 17 - 7/29
* MIUI battery bar (selectable from Extra Tweaks -> Battery Options) - thanks sbrissen!
* more LED notification stability code

build 16 - 7/27
* fixed colors not automatically changing (battery & signal colors)

build 15 - 7/26
* upgraded to Android 2.3.5 via CM (includes latest nightly changes)
* included Launcher Pro & Bloater
* re-structured a lot of my backend coding for my tweaks (app & system) to allow for easy future expansion
** while I recoded it, I included the CM7-style color picker some of you were asking for for my tweaks (custom hex codes)
** You won't see much change, but just know it took forever :)

future plans: Trigger theme, custom wallpapers, more customizations. In time.

build 14 - 7/20
-newest changes from cm repo as always
-added an LED toggle (your kernel has to have this feature, so it may not work for you)
-added bloater, preinstalled, open it and you can install a gps config that will make your gps msbased, and more settings (better/faster locks)
-fixed small display bug with dbm display signal (extra space, for Callip!)
-gpsd from build 12

build 13 - 7/14
-double mute/unmute fix! that outa do it.
-fixed issue where your settings in tweaks wouldn't save upon reboot
-newest changes from CM repos of course
-added gps disabler into tweaks (for those who want it)

build 12 - 7/9
-newest cm7 commits
--- which happens to include my GPS fix for JVP
--- and it works, 100% so far for me ;)

build 11 - 7/7
-fixed battery text not decreasing properly
-fixed Phone mute/unmute bug
-different bootanimation

build 10 - 7/7
-fixed power off bug (it actual powers off now!)
-fixed all funky reboot behaviors
-re-added custom battery mod settings in tweaks
--can toggle on/off every element & customize it, just play with it

-as always, synced to newest cm changes

note: anything you see greyed out in the CM Settings that you think shouldn't be, it likely means I've replaced those functions and the settings are in the Extra Tweaks setting. I did this in order to avoid any conflicts with the CM code :). It wil never be less functionality either, only more.

build 9 - 7/6
-based off CM7 now for more features and awesomeness!
-no theming or aesthetical change (maybe some custom wallpapers later, but I'm not a themer)
-newest CM changes
---creenshot from power menu
-custom hard reboot option added to reboot menu that will fix data
-battery customizations currently disabled to avoid conflict with CM battery mods
-that's it for now!

build 8 - 7/3
-fixed media scanner (music wasn't showing up properly)
-fixed small battery display bug where it would reappear after hiding
-added widget grouping when selecting them on your homescreen

build 6 - 7/2

--added ability to hide signal bars
--battery icon hides instantly now
--signal icon changes instantly between H/4G
--added ability to show signal strength in dbm in statusbar
--added ability to automatically color dbm based on what the statusbar would be (0, 1, 2, 3, 4)
--can set color to static
--i think that's it for the tweaks

System changes:
--faux's latest framework fixes (check github histories)
--enabled high bitrate full hd recording (1080p)
--updated kernel to 0.2.8 (faux, ilu)
--i'm sure i missed a couple of other minor things here

build 5 - 7/1
-hid tweaks in app drawer
-added ability to toggle between H icon and 4G icon in tweaks settings
---BUG! it will do a soft reboot on you when you switch it. it's also likely that you may have to do a hard reboot after that to get data back. this will be fixed in the next release :)
-upgraded faux's kernel to 0.2.7 & other fixes (check github histories for extended info if you like)
-decreased padding on statusbar elements so it looks less wonky
-I think that's it, spent a couple hours working on getting github worked out properly last night!

build 4 - 6/30
-initial public release[/hide]

You should know
  • If you have Gingerbread bootloaders, you will not be able to access your external SD card & possibly some other bugs
  • GPS is half ass working. It is just like the JVP GPS fix. It works sometimes, other times it does not. I will include a NON working GPS kernel by default in order to avoid any potential battery leakage. Flash GPS enabled kernel at your own will.
  • Having battery drain issues? GPS is a likely culprit. Use my "Disable GPS" in Extra Tweaks function!
Q: Can I flash an upgrade without wiping data?
A: Sometimes it's okay to do so, but other times it will conflict with the new updates. Best bet is to do a CWM backup, and a Titanium backup before you try anything if you don't know what you're doing. If you run into any issues or funny behavior, just do a data wipe.

Q: Sometimes my GAPPS are missing, why?
A: Everytime you flash the ROM or an upgrade to it, you MUST flash the Gapps package. It takes an extra 3 seconds, don't complain! I try and keep all upgrades on ROM Manager, you can have it install the Gapps for you right after it installs the ROM.

Q: Ok, but how do I avoid having to sign into Google?
A: When you flash an upgrade, be sure to flash the gapps while you're still in recovery before rebooting. That way you will still be signed in. So, flash the ROM, then flash gapps without rebooting.

Download - thank you for awesome hosting!

Trigger - 8/22 -- includes gapps

Google Apps - 7/29

Flash both, or use ROM manager to install!


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"claucXC said:
Just curious if anyone is having problems with the video recorder? I can't get it to work on hd, high our low settings. It just records for a few seconds, gets choppy and freezes, followed by a fc. I can't play back the clips either. The camera seems to work fine.
If anyone could please confirm and reply back that would be great. At least then I'll know if its possibly a bad flash.
I'm running the latest Bali kernel if that makes a difference.
Also, any other camera/video recorder apk suggestions for this ROM?
The Bali kernel just got updated and should fix this. I'm about to flash it.
The updated Bali kernel did fix my video issues. Thanks to you and Dr honk!
I ordered and received that gps puck you recommended.any special way on how to setup i activated the external gps also my phone sees and pairs the gps device but it doesnt connect any ideas what to do next

SkOrPn said:
I got mine from the bay below. This one is the cheapest one I can find and is branded AT&T, well the box is anyway, lol. Its 2006 technology, but so what it still works better than the internal gps by FAR... No more stressing over the Vibes gps for me.
Hey guys! Since starting to work with CM7 source over the past few months I have had a lot of fun. The possibilities are limitless when working with source. You don't have to hack around smali hoping something will work! It's just awesome. Back when I first started, I had a vision of starting from AOSP frameworks and adding on to it. Unfortunately this is not a one man job and it takes a LOT of time, so I just started building on top of CM7.

A few days ago, I was approached by the guys at OMFGB to join them. I was a little hesitant at first, but the idea grew on me. They are doing exactly what I wanted to do with Trigger from the start. They are a bunch of intelligent guys who actually know how to code and do it for fun, not donations. So I hope you support my decision and understand where I'm coming from. Trigger development will stop and I will be focusing on developing OMFGB. Vibrant nightlies will start today. I hope you will try it out. If you like it, cool. If not, that's okay too, it's not for everyone.

I want you to know my biggest hesitation was that you Trigger users will be unhappy with me because I like all of you (mostly). But in the end, I hardly get anything out of this (except a sweet Sensation) and I would probably be upset down the line that I never took this opportunity.

Thank you all for supporting me/Trigger. Hope to see you on the other side :grin3:
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Does that mean you are longer working with EDT?
JBowdacious said:
Does that mean you are longer working with EDT?
No, I'll still have my side projects and stuff. This only impacts Trigger
roman said:
no, i'll still have my side projects and stuff. This only impacts trigger
t h a n k g o d !
I am STOKED!!! Go get 'em, tiger! Nightlies start tonight, eh? Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Will we be able to flash straight from Trigger? Doesn't really matter if now, just wondering. :)
"KidDynamite said:
I am STOKED!!! Go get 'em, tiger! Nightlies start tonight, eh? Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Will we be able to flash straight from Trigger? Doesn't really matter if now, just wondering. :)
Yep! Flash away when it's posted.
I think you guys will feel right at home on OMFGB and OMGB, and I and very happy to have Roman on board.
Heres the blog post I made welcoming him to the team,

You all arent really losing anything, most of the cool features from trigger will make their way to omfgb. i think you will be pleasantly surprised.
I read that. I liked your kind words towards him. I posted a link to it in the Team Whiskey IRC.
KidDynamite said:
I read that. I liked your kind words towards him. I posted a link to it in the Team Whiskey IRC.
hes a great dev and we are lucky to have him join us, i can spare a few kinds words for a guy like him.
Okay cool! Glad to hear your still gonna be doing ur other projects.
I know you're pretty much through with this rom, but I was wondering if there's a call volume fix? I'm having the same issues as with the 8/6 version before it was updated with the volume fix.
Perhaps someone (like me!) could take up maintaining Trigger? And by maintaining I mean no new features will go in and all that will happen are CM7 code syncs once in a while, along with the modifications you made with Trigger.
Its a bummer that ur about done this rom was hoping there would be some killer themes for it. Much appreciated all you did for us bringing trigger to the g2x!
I'd very much enjoy trigger to continue... I LOVE OMFGB but its doesn't seem to like my phone.... I get alot more stability with trigger... for instance, last night (running omfgb 9/14) listing to tunes in bed reading lyrics @ 2 am, I roll over to sleep, flip my phone over for the speaker, and boom, phone reboots.... battery pull, still wouldn't boot, wiped data, still wouldn't boot... running trigger 8/22 with OMFT and all is beautiful ... wish I had God mode though, I LOVE omfgb...
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