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Super Stock 2.3.6

This ROM is designed to be as stock as possible with a few sensible additions. It is based off of the 2.3.6 (now pulled) update over at http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1361144.

  • DaG Kernel 0.3 (due to stability issues with .4 and up) with Backlight Notification, OC/UV (stock speed and voltage by default), init script support, and insecure mode
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • BLN Control, Titanium Backup and ROM Manager in /data
  • ALL bloat removed (including Google apps available in the Market) (pick them up here)
  • App Widget Picker
  • Samsung boot animations (w/o sound)
  • Swype updated to 3.26
  • CRT screen off animation.
  • Better looking progress bar (the green one annoys me.)
This ROM is a work in progress and I welcome your suggestions, but I'm not inclined to add too much "fluff" to it. I think we are all just waiting for slayher to get CM9/ICS working on our devices anyway, right?

** If you're not getting any data connection, do the following:
  1. Go to:
    <br />
    			Settings > Wireless and network > Mobile networks > APN<br />
  2. Add the following APN:
    <br />
    			Name: ATT pta<br />
    			APN: pta<br />
    			MMSC:<br />
    			MMS Proxy:<br />
    			MMS Port: 80<br />
    			MCC: 310<br />
    			MNC: 410<br />
    			APN type: internet + mms + supl<br />

THANKS: slayher, dsixda (for his ROM Kitchen), and playin4sheezy

Hit me up at Twitter if you want: [twitter]rmgeren[/twitter]


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