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SkyDragon On XDA Portal


SkyDragon Kernel Benchmark

Rom Description

Android 5.0.1
HTC Sense 6.0
Latest Rom Version: SkyDragon M8
Variants Support: International, Asia, Rogers, Tmobile US, Dev Edition, 3G UK, Orange UK, Tmobile Europe
For Sprint visit our Sprint Thread -
Made From Scratch
Rooted with SuperSu powered by Chainfire
Full Language System Support WWE
SkyDragon Kernel By @HolyAngel
Multi Rom Support via SD Kernel
SkyDragon Aroma Theme by @2WildFirE
Laypota s Modpack Integrated via Aroma Selection
tweaked for more Battery without loosing Performance
I think nothing more
Deleted HTC Spywares
Updated Sense Apps
Updated Google Apps
Updated OEM Apps
Harman Kardon Mod
Project Era v23.1 Thanks @ZeroInfinity
Init.d Built-in and Tweaks Added
BusyBox Built-in
Latest Titanium Backup
Speed Optimizations
Battery Optimizations
Removed and/or disabled all Logging apps & Files
External SD-Card write support
Updated Oem Apps
Updated HTC Apps
Updated Gapps
Support 24 Hours
Mods, Themes, Wallpapers and Threads Linked via SDHUB


SkyDragon On XDATV

SkyDragon M8 Rom Android 5.0 By dragonesdenano/HolyAngel - Video Review By jureca


SkyDragon M8 Rom Android 5.0 By dragonesdenano/HolyAngel - Video Review By Imotep95


SkyDragon M8 Theme For Android 5.0 By MauryDes - Video Review By jureca



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SkyDragon M8 v 39.0 WWE International, Dev Edition, T Mobile US,Asia WWE, Hong Kong, 3G UK and Rogers WWE.


SkyDragon M8 v 39 WWE International FINAL

Md5 d5fdeb561d295306581dfc95b83dff2a


SkyDragon M8 v 39 WWE International FINAL


SkyDragon M8 v 39 WWE International FINAL


SkyDragon M8 v 39 WWE International FINAL

Thanks And Credits to @GraveDigger176


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SkyDragon M8 Android 5.0

SkyDragon M8 v 39.0 Harman Kardon Series

*Made From Scratch as All Roms
*Using base 401.10
*Updated SkyDragon Sense Kernel To v 3.1.5 By HolyAngel
-Added savoca kcal enhancements
-enabled cpuquiet with mpdecision for best battery
-Optimized compile flags with graphite enhancements
*Added New Kernel Setup options
*Added SD Kernel CpuQuiet And NoCpuQuiet
-Disable magnetic cover sensor
-Enable backlight dimmer
*Added Gpedialer individual install in aroma
*Added Possibility to skip Modpack v 12 Integration in aroma
*Added Red Blue Keyboard Theme As Aroma Option
*Added New Nav Keys Mods
-Android L Filled
-Assassins Creed
-Kit Kat
-Monster Energy
*Added Smaug Bootanimation and Sound to Aroma by Imotep95
Thanks and Credits to Imotep95 for Nav Keys mods, Smaug Boot up and Sound
Fixed HK and Project Era Installation
*Now You Can Install Both, Era, HK or Non!
Fixed not Installing Right side Clock
-fixed Nav Keys Updater Script
Maybe more fixes Related to Modpack integration in Aroma
-Updated HTC Apps
-Updated Gapps
-Updated Oem Apps
Things I forgot!

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We are assuming that you are S-Off and SuperCID recommended. Right? If not, read carefully and ask lots of questions!

How do I install the SkyDragon Rom?

Download the latest SkyDragon Rom zip from the download section
Make sure to check that the MD5 checksum matches with the one posted on the download page
Place the zip file on your internal (virtual) SD card
Reboot your phone into recovery TWRP or CWM depending on what is recommended in OP with the specific Rom version
Make a backup of your current Rom
Select to install SkyDragon Rom in recovery and follow the instructions in Aroma installer always selecting full wipe to start the installation

Note: I always prefer to manually wipe cache, Dalvik cache, and data in recovery before starting the Rom installation. Trust me, this method does help prevent many issues.

How do I get into recovery?

Hold down power button and volume down at the same time.

Can I install themes and make custom mods?

We do not recommend themes and mods that are not included in the Rom or are not in the SD Hub. If you have any questions follow the main SkyDragon thread, read a few pages, and feel free to ask questions. Someone will be willing to help you. We have the best and friendliest Themers on board!

Can I install a custom kernel?

Yamil (Dragonesdenano) releases a specific Rom version to run optimally with the stock kernel

We now also have custom kernels! Created by acclaimed SkyDragon Dev HolyAngel. SD custom kernels may be included in Aroma at the time of release. Follow this thread for news and updates.

Does SkyDragon Rom include radio firmware, Hboot, recovery, etc.?


Will installing SkyDragon erase my SD card/internal memory?

No personal data stored on your internal memory will be affected by installing SkyDragon Roms. Photos, music and other files stored on your SD card will remain untouched. The most likely way to erase your internal storage is by flashing stock firmware updates (because they contain stock recovery), flashing incompatible kernels, and incompatible custom recoveries. (always make a backup)

Should I flash radio firmware?

If firmware flashing is required, we will advise so in the OP with the new ROM release.

With the first Lollipop Rom 5.0 you must flash the Dev firmware we have posted.

In future Rom releases, you may stick with your region's firmware as long as that firmware is from the current released base, such as 5.0.1, 5.0.2, etc.

Firmware flashing is not required for every Rom update. Most of the time it is best to remain on your phone's native firmware for best signal reception, battery life, and overall performance.

Since we try to bring you the latest HTC updates in a custom Rom, we use HTC Rom variants that are released for specific regions that have firmware that may not perform very well for you. So we advise against flashing the latest firmware "just because it is new".

If you choose to flash firmware make sure it is customized, i.e.; the stock recovery and boot image is removed to prevent the possibility of erasing your personal data. Ask about it in our thread.

I am S-On, can I install SkyDragon? ***

As long as you have the current base firmware Yes you can! Please feel free to ask questions in our thread.

***If you are on KitKat Rom firmware you cannot flash 5.0 Lollipop Rom if you are S-On.
You will have to wait for your native region OTA to arrive from HTC before flashing any custom Lollipop Rom.

You can always unlock your M8 using FireWater (free), if that doesn't work, use SunShine (for a fee)

For in depth details on S-Off, SuperCID, flashing recovery and firmware, see this great how-to thread by XDA RC Vomer.

For RUU's, OTA's, Backups, and more see this great thread by XDA RC Exocetdj.

For changing your model ID (MID) see this great thread see this great thread by XDA Member Scotty1223.


193 Posts

Dragonesdenano -Leader-
HolyAngel -Dev-
Ram09 -Tester-Backups-
V1rk -Tester-Backups-
seyidaga -Bootanimatios-Splash-Wallpapers-Banners
Ronald -Wallpapers-Banners
2WiLfIrE -Themer-
MauryDes -Themer
joefrank -Themer-
kelvin216 Themer-
jeryx -Tester-
tmLEO - ExpressLeech Mirrors
GraveDigger176 - Tester- Mirrors
exocetdj Tester


HolyAngel for Aroma Magic!!!
seyidaga And Ronald - SD Wallpapers, Banners and Bootanimation
Lesscro For Logo, Banners and image host
SD Team
Our Testers
Laypota For His ModPack!
Fisha for his theming skills
ZeroInfinity For Project ERA!!!
Team Virtuous VTS Kitchen
Xda, Xda Users and Mods
jeeko for Permformance Mod!!!
RichmondoUK for Xtended Settings, Here his Thread > Link
*V4A Sound Mod Credits To ViPER520 and zhuhang Also Check Official V4A WebSite Official V4A Thread

*If I forgot You pm me


Jeryx x2
MauryDes x2

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Op And Rom UPdated

Rom Version> SkyDragon M8 v 9.1

Android 4.4.3

Sense 6.0

Dev Edition Firmware base 2.22.1540.3

Cheers and Happy Flashing!

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Op and Rom Updated!

SkyDragon v 26.0 Dev Edition

First Rom With Sense and Android 5.0 Lollipop!

Added Changelog and Link!

Happy Flashing!

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Op and Rom Updated!

SkyDragon v 28.0 Dev Edition For All GSM M8s

First Rom With Sense and Android 5.0 Lollipop!

Added Changelog and Link!

Added FQA too

Happy Flashing!

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Op and Rom Updated
Rom Version<> SkyDragon v 29.0
Added Link
Added Changelog
Added New Op Banners Thanks to Lesscro!!!


SkyDragon M8 Android 5.0

V29.0 Developer Edition
*Aroma fixup for better user experience
--No more inverted splash screen
--Thanks/Credits fixed
--Fixed up mounting script so twrp should no longer have ANY issues
*Integrated Lyapota's Modpack v002
*longpress backkey kill app
*advanced power menu
*battery %
*change navbar size (48/42/36/32 dpi)
*sweep 2 sleep
*clean all recent apps for Google card view style
*remove search bar from recents
*centered clock
*right corner pulldown qs
*15 tiles qs
*Added AppOps option
*Tweaked build.prop a little more
*Added Sweep2sleep module by lyapota for stock kernel only
*Removed HTC Spyware apk's and libs
*Fixed Google Maps removal
*added HTC Power To Give removal option

Link < SkyDragon M8 v29.0

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Op And Rom Updated
Rom Version> SkyDragon M8 v 35.0 WWE
Added Changelog
Added Link AFH and Mirrors HTCfanboys, Gdrive, Copy, Mega And Pcloud
Added Firmware zip Rogers 4.20 to Match The Rom For S Off Users

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SDHUB Updated

Mods Section

Rogers 4.20.631.2 Firmware Lollipop By @09Ram >Recommended <
Rogers 4.20.631.2 Firmware Lollipop Mirror By @dragonesdenano >Tested on my m8 Dev Edition<
SkyDragon M8 Sense501 Kernel V3.1.2 By @HolyAngel

Skins Section

Dusk Weather Clock Widgets Theme By @joefrank
Triangle Battery Mod. Red Battery Battery Mod, Circle Battery Mod, Blue Small Battery Mod, Blue Large Battery Mod By @maurydes
White Honeycomb Battery Mod, Percent Battery Mod, Gold Sense Battery Mod, Apple Battery Mod, AOKP Battery Mod By @skeleton1911
Black Theme s Nav Keys Only Mod By @maurydes
New SkyDragon Bootanimation By @Lookinen

Thanks and Credits to HolyAngel, maurydes ,skeleton1911 and Lookinen !!!


Happy Birthday Prab!!! We , the Team, Wish you the Best!!!:cowboy:

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Rom And Op Updated
Rom Version> SkyDragon M8 v 39.0 WWE International HK For S On and S Off
Added Changelog And Link! Soon Mirrors
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