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ZuluGen is based on the latest Cyanogen nightly AOSP source and i added some additional Features (see Feature List) and several system performance and memory tweaks. I will update the ROM if there are any changes in the cyanogen nightly code (round about every 2-5 days) and it will always based on the newest Kernels.


- compiled from latest cyanogen AOSP source
- Kernel UV / OC able
- MineFree tweaks
- EXT4 mount fix
- integrated most recent Google APPS
- pre-installed APPS: Voodoo control & Gmail & titanium backup & LauncherPro
- several Performance and Memory tweaks

- Themed: Transparent Status Bar
- Themed: Percentage of battery (blue)
- Themed: Statusbar icons
- Themed: PowerWidget Statusbar icons
- Themed: System UI ZuluZulu Theme

I striped out a lot of stuff to get more free space (18 MB more space free)

List of deleted apk's:
(Androidian.apk, CMStats.apk, CMWallpapers.apk, Cyanbread.apk, MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk, Pacman.apk, Protips.apk, LiveWallpapers.apk)

If you want to restore them into the Rom, just download the zip file above and flash it in custom recovery

ROM download

additional THEME download

If you want the "circle" Battery Icon (see pictures below) flash the zip file below.


Removed Stuff


Flashing is on your own risk. Do nandroid backup before installing. This ROM is based on the Cyanogen nightly Rom's so it is not alway guaranteed to be totally stable.

- Download the ROM Zipfile to your SDCard
- Boot into Recovery
- Flash ROM
- reboot


additional Battery Mod

Thanks to:

- Cyanogen Team
- Morfic for the Trinity UV11 Zulu Kernel
- and all others who helped me
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