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I hope you enjoy the most customizable proprietary ROM available!


The usual suspects
  • Stock kernel included
  • Rooted, unsecure boot.img
  • Zipaligned & zipaligns /data/app, /system/app, /system/framework at boot for you
  • Screenshot enabled with Power + Home
  • Extended power menu
  • Busybox with runparts (init.d support)
  • Bash command & nano editor
  • Only a few APKs removed for now
  • Unlimited browser tabs (well 255 technically)
  • SD readahead set to 2048
  • Added Talk2
  • Added Superuser3 Final
  • Added new Android Market (3.1.5)

Rosie Tweaks
  • Enable/disable Sense unlock animation (carousel effect)
  • 4 column app drawer or 5 column app drawer (configured in Tweaks)
  • disable/enable paginated app drawer
  • Transparent apps drawer

Statusbar Tweaks
  • Custom Extended settings with an extra Ringtone slider
  • Ability to hide recent apps in pulldown (hidden by default)
  • Clock options (colors/am pm settings/hide)
  • Signal options (color/dbm text/hide)
  • Battery options (text/automagically colored text based on battery level/hide icon)
  • Choose between showing H or 4G in the statusbar
  • hide any extended settings you don't want!
  • center clock!
  • quick-quick settings option (automatically turn to settings when no notifications to clear)

Other Additions
  • My permissions init.d script (fixes most permissions on each boot)
  • Added mod version to settings display
  • Added tweaks shortcut to settings
  • Added Bloater - will become more populated with items over time, check it once a week
  • CRT Animations (with ability to toggle which you want, screen on/off)
  • Overscroll (ability to toggle off/glow/bounce/bounce+glow) - enable in tweaks
  • Toggle screenshot on/off - your choice
  • EXT 4 optimizations
  • Improved JPEG quality
  • Improved overall UI smoothness
  • Hardware GUI rendering
  • many many more tweaks!


I am not aware of any bugs at the moment. Please report any you may find!​

I've seen lots of users complain about how little RAM some ROMs have. RAM does not mean speed. It does not determine how fast a ROM is. It simply means how many apps you can have open at once without Android having to close another one. Have you ever filled up the amount of RAM your device allows?

Android is built to use RAM efficiently. Let it handle it. Don't worry about RAM. This ROM has about 190mb free running the Sense launcher out of the box. The more apps you have installed the less that number becomes over time. Don't pay so much attention to it and just enjoy your phone.​

Change Log
<br />
<br />
[u][B][SIZE="4"]0.2 - Oct 8[/SIZE][/B][/u]<br />
[LIST]<br />
[*]Added overscroll animations<br />
[*]Added screenshot with power + home & toggle for it in Tweaks<br />
[*]Added advanced power menu<br />
[*]Added Android lockscreen<br />
[*]Added my Honeycomb lockscreen<br />
[*]I think that's it for this version<br />
[*]changed screenshot location to /sdcard/screenshots<br />
[*](depink coming in next version I guess)<br />
[/LIST]<br />
<br />
[u][B][SIZE="4"]0.1 - Sep 27[/SIZE][/B][/u]<br />
-initial release


-dsixda - HTC kitchen which makes things so easy for us
-modaco - CWM & initial base (thank you paul!)​

Install Instructions
  1. Make sure you are using Modaco's CWM!
  2. If this is your first custom ROM be sure to format /system in recovery!
  3. Make a nandroid backup. Losing 10 minutes of your life is easier to cope with than losing a phone ;)
  4. Download, match MD5 tags, copy to SD card
  5. Reboot into recovery
  6. OPTIONAL: wipe/factory reset. I highly recommend doing this when coming from a different ROM, that said it's your choice. Please don't report bugs if you have not wiped.
  7. Install ROM from zip.
  8. Reboot, wait ~20m,


Bulletproof 0.2

md5: 4d7b63066dbc9579dbbb28c0d3e8deee​

I suggest you also install Bloater, it complements this ROM VERY nicely.​

Mods & Addons

None yet!

Graphics, etc

thanks MMoodyB!


PS> The name is still debatable. This is your ROM as much as it is mine. I'm always open to suggestions, feature requests, and more!
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