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  • Freshly rebuilt from Official 1.73.401.2 XE ROM - Android 2.3.4
  • show-p1984 kernel v1.45-Test O/C @ 1914Mhz Max - OnDemand, SmartASSv2, Performance
    - Tested to be most stable and smooth kernel out for 2.3.4
  • Very minimal but nice & smooth graphic enhancements
  • Daemon O/C system with Daemon Controller app
  • Custom speed init.d scripts
  • FULL Beats audio integration fully optimized sound
  • RAM Management inti.d scripts
  • 5x5 App Drawer
  • NoSense Script - NEW!! - Thanks Mike1986 for the base script
  • Page by Page scrolling disabled in app drawer
  • Resized stock Android fonts
  • Zipaligned on every boot for speed
  • Data download speed improvements
  • Updated Andreno config for speed improvements
  • Updated Media profiles for better media quality
  • Optional Full Arabic support - Thanks to mike1986
  • Optional WiFi Calling patch for T-Mobile customers - Thanks Dwsmith for maintaining them
  • Sliding Keyboard effect
  • Adfree base updated regularly
  • All HTC's snooping disabled
  • Screen shot function (POWER + HOME Keys) - Disabled by default
  • MULTI LANGUAGE - Now Including Chinese
  • WiFi Driver improvements & greater range
  • Greatly improved battery life
  • Fast as hell
  • Extended quick settings
  • MMS Hack for bigger files
  • MMS Backup and restore function - Thanks Capychimp
  • Enabled GPU UI Rendering for speed (Hardware Acceleration)
  • Rooted and Superuser added
  • Setup scripts on install for better performance - Thanks Virtuous Team
  • OI File Manger Included
  • Unsecured boot.img
  • Lots of tweaks for speed and memory improvements
  • Multilanguage (WWE)
  • Fully Zipaligned
  • Fully de-odexed
  • init.d scripts (BusyBox run-parts) support
  • Very Fast & Fluid!

If you like my work and want to support what i do buy me a beer

Please report issues on my code tracker HERE

User Comments:

"The battery life on NoSense 5.0 is insane. Now, I've not used it much today, but with Stock, I've had never seen a straight line like that." - Badcam

"noSense is great! very fast. smooth and buggless!!!" - g1user101

"Yes!!! I freaking love your rom" - stanleynhan

"Its not pretty awesome. Its the bomb diggity supreme dream from beyond!!!!!! An alien robot made it named Cdtdroid No but seriously is faster than this by far. He is not joking!" - Xx12thANG3LxX

"I don't wanna go back to the other one, this one is fast!!!!" - knickscity

Pyramid3D v8.2.1 - Incremental Update
Release Date: 29 October 2011

**Flash over v8.2.0 No wipe needed**
  • Decreased transparency in dock bar
  • Added back lock screen dock bar for a more stock look
  • Added back Daemon O/C system with app (By popular request)
    > If you want to use Daemon system you must UN-install CPU apps before updating
  • Added Daemon Controller app
  • Removed CPU Master
  • Added ICS "Roboto" Font resized to fit (With patch for stock fonts in addons section)
  • Improved battery a little
  • Added ROMs to ROM Manager again

Pyramid3D v8.2.0 - Full ROM
Release Date: 28 October 2011

**Full wipe Recommended, BUT if you must, do a Nandroid and flash over v8.1.0**
  • Added UltraSmooth Rosie mod - Original find by hamdir HERE - Ported by Myself
  • Re-Zipaligned all APKs with new Android SDK Revision 14
  • Updated to Bricked kernel 1.45 with max O/C @ 1914Mhz
  • Added Custom Ringtone from CM7
  • Added Juwe11's RAM Script
  • Fixed a couple of double ups in updater-script
  • Improved Video recording quality
  • Zero % compression on JPG Images
  • Visual enhancements to Camera app
  • Added back HTC News and GReader
  • Lots of other little improvements to speed and battery

Pyramid3D v8.1.0 - Full ROM

**Full wipe RECOMMENDED**
  • Added 4EXT Recovery Manager - Thanks madmaxx82 Awesome!
  • Removed VMTweaks script (Not needed with new speed script)
  • Updated to Bricked 1.2 Kernel Final
    > Tested for about 2 days and didnt have any more camera freezing BUT if you do flash 0.91 Bricked kernel and issue solved
  • Fixed missing HTC Wallpapers
  • Removed circles behind short cuts on lock screen (Didnt fit properly, looks cleaner)
  • Added TMOUS WiFi Calling patch built in so no more patches needed!
  • Removed Google+
  • Removed Dropbox (Download both from market)
  • Removed more bloat-ware
  • Removed Daemon O/C System (Seems to run smoother without it)
    > Use app from market to O/C or U/C (CPU Master seems to do the job fine, INC. In build)

Pyramid3D v8.0.0
  • Fully rebuilt from RUU - See updated feature list
    - This version WILL WIPE YOUR USER DATA, so backup.
  • Added Bricked 0.91 Kernel with GPU O/C to 320Mhz - Tested stable for 24 Hours including 3D Gaming
    - Tested to be most stable and smooth kernel out for 2.3.4 So please dont ask my why I didnt use the latest version, Latest doesn't always = the best
    - Over 48 Hours testing had NO FC and NO FREEZE (Since using v0.91 Bricked)
  • Set CPU Clock back to 1.45Ghz stock - Trust me faster is not needed but go for gold lol
  • Removed Divider lines from menus
  • Fixed "Rough looking" Rosie Dock
  • Removed dock from lock screen
  • Disabled page by page scrolling
  • Updated fonts to stock Android resized (No longer looks stretched)
  • 4G icon will now show inplace of H and 3G
  • Replaced Astro File Manager with OI File Manager (Much cleaner to use)
  • Removed
  • Updated Hosts file to latest
  • Updated Maps
  • Removed volume wake - Will add a patch to enable
  • Added custom speed init.d script - Thanks vladnosferatu (Works well
  • Removed CRT (Faster without it but will again make a patch)
  • Improved battery life
  • Made Beats wallpaper as default
  • Added Australian English to default list
  • Added Chinese to default list
  • Data download speed improvements
  • Added Superuser 3.0.3 - (3.0.5 Has issues, If you get FC after market automatically updates just un-install updates)

1. Boot into recovery

2. Backup

3. Flash Full Wipe

4. Flash ROM

5. Boot phone and setup


If you want to flash themes do a full boot first!

If you like my ROM please hit thanks
its much appreciated!

NoSense Cleaner
  • Removes all HTC Rosie and widgets
  • Adds Launcher2 resized with 3D scrolling (Real smooth)
  • On average 250 - 300 MB Free RAM Idle
  • Huge battery savings!
  • Huge speed increase!
  • All with the benefits of HTC Sense apps!


  1. Flash ROM
  2. Boot Phone
  3. Reboot into recovery
  4. Flash NoSense Script zip

For those that are interested, this is how i setup my phone after flashing a sense rom:

After first boot (In no order):-

Go to Settings > Sound

Turn off "Quiet Ring On Pickup"
Turn off "Pocket Mode"
Turn off "Flip For Speaker"
Turn off "Vibrate feedback"
Turn on "Screen lock sounds"

Go to Settings > Location

Turn off "Phone finder"

Go to Settings > Date & Time

Turn off "24 Hour format"

Go to Settings > Language & Keyboard > Touch Input > Text Input

Untick all boxes.

Other Tips

For battery turn off:
  • Quiet pocket mode under settings/sound
  • Turn off auto brightness
  • Make sure wifi sleep mode is set to "Never" but should be by default
  • Turn off phone finder under locations, use wheres my droid instead if you are worried
If battery drain seems "weird" not bad just odd, use "BATTERY CALIBRATION" from the market
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