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[ROM][4.1.1]Codename Android 3.6.1

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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Status:: Kang

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: At&t

Requires Root:: Yes

Android Version:: 4.1.1 (JB)

Jay.dub of Team Passion originally built this for the T Mobile Hercules, but I ported it to the skyrocket for all of us to enjoy.

Codename Android 3.6.1

Bugs: bluetooth may not work with calls
Some artifacts maybe present.

Skyrocket ROM :

T-Mobile ROM (Jay.dub's build):


Install instructions
Boot to recovery
Wipe data
Wipe cache
Format system
Install ROM
Install GAPPS
Wait 10 mins

Team Kang
Everyone else.

Note* I will finish the OP with more details.
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Oh wow! I have been looking for CNA for the Skyrocket or T-Mobile Galaxy S2 both here and on XDA. I might flash this on my T-Mo S2. I don't usually cross-flash though.

Sent from my SGH-T989 using RootzWiki. You can also find me on XDA with the same name. I have over 550 posts there.
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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