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A ROM that we want it to be. Smooth. features. Creativity. Without those in the credits in the box, i guess, you won't see this ROM being a combo.

What is Xylon?

A Generally based of many kinds of features around the Android Development and fits into minimal customization. It may act up like AOKP, but totally not at all. Overall, we're still in work in progress state of changing the base to slightly minimal like FNV before. This ROM is built off with GCC 4.7, O3, Linaro Strings enabled. (Galaxy Nexus Kernel, fusion with anarkia's horn, O3 and Linaro GCC 4.7.3 enabled.). Feature list will be available in the 2nd post. Changelogs. We don't usually write up but we will starting builds of 2.2.
I'm not responsable for any bricked phone,nuclear war etc.You take the risk.
-Transfer the zip to sdcard
-Wipe data,cache and dalvik cache(wipe system too for a clean installation)
-Flash the ROM
-Flash Gapps
I don't have this device so test it and report the bugs.Thanks
Other bugs:
Test and report.
Thanks to:
The CyanogenMod team
The Xylon team
And anyone else who has helped me
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