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I'm trying to keep this thread updated as much as possible, however I am seemingly forgetting about it since it has not had a reply yet. IF YOU USE THIS ROM PLEASE POST and I will update this thread more often. Otherwise, it will be done at a whenever-I-feel-like-it basis.

PACman is a combination of all your favorite features of Cyanogenmod 10.1, AOKP, and Paranoid Android.

This is for the 4.1 JB Bootloader ONLY. (pre 4.2, post 4.0)

Please follow me on twitter @gchild320 for info on new builds
I hope to update at least weekly.

Cyanogenmod 10.1.0-RC1
AOKP MR1-milestone 1
AOSPA 3.15

Please read the entire OP before flashing!!!

I'm not responsible for anything that happens to your device. I highly recommend making a nandroid before flashing.

Missing a few dock keys - brightness/wifi/bluetooth don't work (I don't have the dock, so I can't confirm this).

Trebuchet may force close when you start up, either way I recommend you go to: settings --> hybrid settings --> tablet mode (192dpi/1000). Then change your dpi settings to 160dpi/1000 in PA Prefs.

Update to latest recovery (TWRP works fine for me)
Make a nandroid!!
Wipe data/factory reset
Wipe Cache
Wipe davlik cache
Wipe Data
Install ROM
Install Gapps
Wipe cache/davlik

Thank You to:
cm team
aokp team
aospa team

If you would like to thank me please follow me on twitter @gchild320

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