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Hey all, here's SlimRom built from source for our i605. Umm, it flies! Obviously in not responsible for anything that happens to you, your, device, or anything else that may go wrong in your life.

I am also not responsible for the work done on this ROM, and so I do not want to take credit. I'm not a part of Slim Team, and am providing this because all I had to do was build a slim device tree (and keep it up to date) for i605...and because I like the ROM!

Download Link: (if it doesn't show up for you, disable ad-blocker, or try a different browser)


4.4 (Beta)
You need to be on the latest cwm recovery for this.

ROM Download (4.7 -O2)

ROM Download (4.8 -O3)

Gapps (any 4.4 package should do)


Use newest cwm ONLY
Wipe Data, Cache, Dalvik, (even system if you'd like)
Flash ROM
Flash gapps package
Wipe cache


Eats Your Face
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Quick FAQ: (wip)
Q- This ROM won't give root access to my apps?
A- Yes it will, you need to enable it in developer settings for apps/adb.

Q- I click on the download link but there aren't any files for me to download?!
A- Turn off ad-blocker or try a different browser.

Q- Everything is smaller on this ROM than what I'm used to?
A- DPI is set at 245. You can change it in build.prop in your system folder. Make sure you set permissions back once you have messed with the file! 320 should get it back to how you see it on most ROMs with no tweaking. You can also use an app such as ROM toolbox to change it.

Q- What has changed since the last version?
A- Versions are clearly marked, please check for updated changelogs.


Special thanks to sbrissen for his t0lte device work, I based my i605 tree off his. Also thanks to prbassplayer, as I'm using his and the rest of slim team's work to bring this to our device.

Slim Thanks
Awesome CM Team- for device, vendor and great dev work
AOKP- Some cherry picks ;)
Google - for providing source
PA & CM - for the inspiration of SlimPIE
Stratosk - for sgs kernels & mako kernel source
DT3CH and Melissapugs- for the boot animation
Eugene - for the speedy kernel source.
TeamWin - for the awesome TWRP recovery
Koush - for CWM
chad0989 - for the Fast Charge patch
KaliAmochz - for big mem patch without breaking video recording
ktoonsez - for ramdisk enabling myfluxi's kernel to work on Slim Bean (sgs2)
intermediaterepresentation - for One X device and vendor files
tortureduck - for providing a server to host
bedalus - for the crespo kernel
Myliferocks10 - for multidpi mod
Roman Nurik - Dash Clock
RaymanFX - nozomi kernel
iBotPeaches - apktool
theos0o - YouTube
franciscofranco - mako kernel source
showp1984 - mako kernel source
motley - mako kernel source
Ezekeel - mako kernel source
Faux123 - mako kernel source
nyt - Slim IRC app
car vs driver - Skyrocket & Hercules kernel
Imoseyon - tuna kernel
Kryten2k35 - Theming help
All our great testers for testing all our builds and providing great feedback.

Eats Your Face
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FYI I'm updating this ROM as Slim updates for the most part, the link for download should always stay the same.

Eats Your Face
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Its super stable, and if you wait until later today I'll have stable versions up.

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Stable v2 is coming soon i believe. Hope people are using this.

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This runs rather stable add it is

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