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BAMF Stripped v1.8

Hey guys, there seems to be large portion of you that hate sense with a passion. Until RIL is merged you can't fully say bye-bye to Sense, so I thought we would provide you with a senseless, stripped down ROM. I hope you enjoy it, it took me 13 test builds and a long couple nights to get totally right. As always, any support you can provide is always GREATLY appreciated. Maintaining these ROMs for you guys as well as filling requests has become a second job for us. Wouldn't have it any other way, although my girlfriend would say differently.


  • Built off our tried and true 1.6 BAMF Base.
  • Tweaked filesystem and minfree.
  • Zipaligned, and deodexed.
  • Tons of junk as well as Sense removed, sans a couple HTC apps that provide greater stability.
  • Latest BAMF 4.5.6 kernel by Adrynalyne with ext4 support.
  • Adrynalyne's busybox, version 1.19
  • BAMF Toolkit with tons of features!
  • Added these extra scripts:
  • sysrw --sets system to rw.
  • sysro --sets system to ro.
  • uber_quadrant --boosts your quads (for fun, must have quadrant installed)
  • rw_boot --sets system to be rw every boot.
  • ro_boot --sets system to be ro every boot.
  • sndoff script: Use with su, turns off boot sound.
  • sndon script: Use with su, turns on boot sound.
  • Profile added to system/bin to help prevent certain malware.
  • Kernel has init.d support, as well as adb root, and usb debugging enabled on every boot (even from a wipe).
  • Source-built AOSP apps included (File manager and Google Car App)
  • Remix-inspired themed elements including black Market.
  • Newly themed HTC lockscreen
  • Transparent pulldown and location reticle deleted
  • Settings toggles, credit to sk806 and JSChiSurf.
  • Settings toggles control app, credit to sk806 and JSChiSurf.
  • 6 bar signal mod, fully working on 100% Thunderbolt framework.
  • Custom Boot animation, Remix shutdown animation.
  • Some minor build.prop tweaks.
  • Browser with 32 tabs, credit jcase and ThatDudeButch.
  • 4 in 1 Reboot options, including hot restart, credit to aiccucs.
  • Custom "Sexy Rosie" AOSP Launcher with additional wallpapers baked in.

Note: This is in beta guys.. Plenty more to come for the sense haters.
Downloads and Changelog:

Changes from 1.8
  • HUGE update to the Das BAMF Toolkit
  • New user interface
  • CPU Settings
  • Spare Parts
  • Terminal Emulator
  • LTE Settings
  • Configure I/O scheduler
  • Mount system
  • Mount system at boot
  • Block or show ads
  • Enable or disable boot sound
  • Enable or disable boot animation
  • Enable or disable sense lockscreen
  • Enable or disable clock in status bar
  • Clear cache, dalvik cache, or battery statistics
  • Fix permissions
  • Enable uber quadrant
  • Remove system applications
  • Backup and restore applications
  • Configure Apps to SD
  • Set dalvik VM heap size
  • Zipalign applicaions
  • Download and install fonts, boot animations, and splash screens
  • Included Rom Stats application
  • Please opt in as it not only gathers information to help us get a general idea of who is using Das BAMF but it also helps us to improve Das BAMF. No personal informaion is collected!
  • Includes patch which fixes the gallery icons
  • Optimized all framework
BAMF Stripped 1.8: DOWNLOAD
MD5 SUM: b1e1909f66bb2202aaf89a807de807cb

Changes from 1.7
  • Stripped the ROM even more! If you are missing functionality from before, download an app.
  • Merged Stripped framework with Remix for my sanity and mod compatibility.
  • Changed version number naming to fall inline with all other BAMF builds.
BAMF Stripped 1.7: DOWNLOAD
MD5 SUM: e9dc628aff8d668bcdafb0cd64f59eed

Changes from 1.0
  • Reverted to stock Sense dialer/contacts as there is stability issues baking in AOSP contacts and dialer. This is remedied by flashing the AOSP contacts as a seperate zip after phone is setup with google account, etc.
Download BAMF Stripped 1.1:
MD5 SUM:f2400d3334a8ed86bd317a522550fd53

Download BAMF Stripped Beta 1.0:
MD5 SUM: cbdb384ca076ab885c7df0be9a534ea8
Remove Volume Wake:
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