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Howdy all!

I present to you, a deodexed/de-bing'd and de-crapified shipping ROM.
This ROM is still 2.2.2, and is based off the stock LG ROM (so it still contains LG's colorization and notification bar mods).

Changes from Stock ROM:
  • Included ADW Launcher as default launcher
  • Removed Bing - long press search button = Google Voice search (included)
  • Set Google as default quick press search button
  • Removed Bing from Browser.apk (typing in URL bar goes to Google now)
  • Added Gingerbread keyboard (and removed LG keyboard)
  • Renamed LGHome, removed weather widget (only worked on LGHome anyway)
  • Removed CityID
  • Removed a few other junk apks in /system/app (Netflix, FriendsWidget, Photowidget, userGuide, Weather Widget)
  • Deodexed /system/framework and /system/app
  • Removed the setup help videos, saving 100mb in /system

This rom is pre-rooted!
Upcoming changes:
  • Remove LG's dumb lockscreen (swiping up sucks.)
  • Include a flashlight widget

Want me to add something? Post it here!

Installation Instructions
  1. Download the .zip
  2. Extract the .zip to your external SD card in /clockworkmod/backup/
    This should give you "/clockworkmod/backup/revo_decrap-1.0"
  3. Boot to Clockwork, select "Backups/Restore", then "Advanced Restore". Select "revo_decrap-1.0", then select "System".
  4. Once the restore finishes, select "Advanced" then "Wipe Dalvik Cache"
  5. Reboot, and enjoy your new ROM!

If you get a lot of force closes, you may need to wipe /data.

Press and hold the search button, and it should ask you what app you want to use to handle that intent.
Donation Information
I love to develop. I don't do this for money, I do it just for the "thanks".
If you feel this ROM is the best thing since, well, whatever, feel free to donate something to show your appreciation.

Please don't feel obligated to donate, but if you feel like it, you can click the button below to donate any amount you wish to me.

If you don't want to donate, just click the "Thanks" button under this post, I sure appreciate it!
Special Thanks!
Special thanks goes to Majorpay for giving me the location of the last remnant of Bing (android.policy.jar). Without that hint, I'd still be searching!
Contact Me!
Got an issue with this release? Post here!
Want to contact me privately? PM me on XDA or Rootzwiki
Twitter your thing? Follow me, @tylerfixer on Twitter

Join the official LG Revolution dev IRC channel at freenode on #lgrevolution
I'm IOMonster on IRC!

Marty Mcfly/Theme Dev
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Ok, now I miss my Revo. Awesomeness. So did you finally get a Revo?

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Stetsonaw said:
Ok, now I miss my Revo. Awesomeness. So did you finally get a Revo?
Yep! Donation funds partially paid for a Revo!

And as a side note, this ROM is going places-- fast! I'm going to be nuking a LOT more of LG's junk out of this phone tomorrow.
Hopefully, I should be able to replace the framework-res and framework with their Cyanogenmod 6.1.2 equivalents, which will allow us to use Cyanogenmod 6.1.2 apps (like stock browser, etc).

Also! This forum doesn't seem to send me emails properly, so if I don't respond for long periods of time, don't assume I'm gone
Hit me up on IRC, I'm pretty much always on.

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Love this cleaner ROM AND ADW and Google search by default! One thing thats broken is videos on Facebook and a couple other apps. Oddly enough, youtube videos work just fine.

Again, like someone else mentioned before the spelling autocomplete only seems to work for proper names and not anything else which makes typing on the phone very difficult.
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