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I add the next version info before i release it just so people know what will be changing next update. PLEASE everyone stop PMing, Posting comments about why you cant download the latest update. This is being posted on every rom I make on every site I use Not just here.

If you phone dies I'm not responsible.
If it runs off with ur daughter or wife cause its GingerBread and it knows its a pimp its not on me.
Maybe you should of asked it how to be so pimp like and try to follow its teachings.​

Here is my first rom in a few weeks that I did by my self. thought it was time to do something as a base. Nothing has been changed looks wise its fully STOCK. I will be adding things to it. This is a updated base for any user or dev. just give thanks where its needed. If things are changed it will be in the CHANGE LOG. as I make fixes to keep notes I will update my change log cause my work takes about 2weeks.

For those that have the voicemail bug. Its fited here is how.
Go to settings.
Then call.
Next clear voicemail even if u cant or dont need to.
Then go back to settings
Then aplications
Then manage apps
Select all
Scroll down to voicemail
Then clear data.

Now call ur phone and leave a voicemail and it should work.

4.24 BASED
Same Scriped used in 1.3
Google Talk 1.3 that just came out. with Video
All the Gapps and Sprint apps are up to date as of this morning. 6-25-11
Ti-X GB Sense OTA V2

Optimized even more
Ti-X GB Sense OTA V1.3 Bare
Ti-X GB Sense OTA V1.3

Added Wireless N
Ti-X GB Sense OTA V1.2 Bare
Ti-X GB Sense OTA V1.2

Fixed Skype FC
Ti-X GB Sense OTA V1.1 Bare
Ti-X GB Sense OTA V1.1

STOCK ROM NOTHING REMOVED JUST OPTIMIZED and nothing was changed looks wise
Updated all apps
Optimized DC13 way
Dalvic Cache bumped up to 42MB its a BEAST!!!!! (it is a lot but I swear you will not have any lag at all. 38MB works amazing on the Evo Shift Port so I tried that but had a little so bumped it to 42 and I cant lag this thing)
Google Talk with Video
ADDED : File Explorer
Ti-X GB Sense OTA V1


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