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[ROM] 7/10/12 JellyBean ROM Beta 1 (Smooth!/Stable!/Stock!)

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Disclaimer: I am not responsible to anything you do to your Toro. Even if this rom bricks it. It is not my responsibility. You agree that I will not be held responsible for anything that happens

-Full Rooted JB AOSP for the Toro Built Directly from Source​
-Odexed or Deodexed​
-Flashable Gapps (Only for Deodexed ATM)​
-Includes Bootanimation​

-It is Basically the JellyBean OTA​
-It Makes a Great Base for Your Rom​
-Smooth, Stable, Stock!​

<br />
-Original Source Build<br />

-Must Download Lang Pack for Voice Search (Google Now Settings>Voice>Download Offline Voice Packs>Pick>Reboot Data)​
-2 Camera and Gallery Apps​


Like my work, Give me a 'Thanks!'. Really like it, consider a small donation!

Beta 1: Link
Pre-Alpha 1 (Doesn't Include Gapps): Link
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finally a rom built from source just as google intended. will flash as soon as gapps are back up.
Do you have a link besides the one? That takes like 3hours to dl lol
hold on..

uploading to my gdrive now going to take a few mins
jellybelly rom title has already been taken you might want to change it
Yeah I'm gonna put it 2 places. If the damn source ever downloads. My ethernet is so slow.... 2.5mb/s down
are u dl the source to build the rom. ?
ive heard that using jakes gapps from jellybean 3.0 is giving people sucess while using source built builds
ill try flashing twrp and then flashing agian. i really want to give this rom a try but its refusing to comply :)
I use twrp and it works great
Sent from my Full AOSP on Toro-VZW using Tapatalk 2
it still failed. and my md5 check outs will have a log up in a few

edit. Here is the log
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If you can go into your updater-script and find the line that mentions recovery delete that. Then zip up all the stuff and try again.
do you have a file path by any chance

Edit: found it
wifi tether fix.

Native Tethering MD5: 9262b78a22f88f53dc3a57f2590d2397
- Removes carrier check when tethering
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1 - 14 of 278 Posts
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