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[ROM] 7/10/12 JellyBean ROM Beta 1 (Smooth!/Stable!/Stock!)

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Disclaimer: I am not responsible to anything you do to your Toro. Even if this rom bricks it. It is not my responsibility. You agree that I will not be held responsible for anything that happens

-Full Rooted JB AOSP for the Toro Built Directly from Source​
-Odexed or Deodexed​
-Flashable Gapps (Only for Deodexed ATM)​
-Includes Bootanimation​

-It is Basically the JellyBean OTA​
-It Makes a Great Base for Your Rom​
-Smooth, Stable, Stock!​

<br />
-Original Source Build<br />

-Must Download Lang Pack for Voice Search (Google Now Settings>Voice>Download Offline Voice Packs>Pick>Reboot Data)​
-2 Camera and Gallery Apps​


Like my work, Give me a 'Thanks!'. Really like it, consider a small donation!

Beta 1: Link
Pre-Alpha 1 (Doesn't Include Gapps): Link
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Ok guys don't flash those gapps there kinda messed up lol. I'm uploading a new proper one. Sorry about that.
Ok I can't find solid gapps lol
GApps from other JB ports won't work? i.e. the 7/04 package?
Tried it. Doesnt have voice search, google now. Also doesn't give a data connection for play store... Idk...
Has anyone who's flashed this tried the 7/04 gapps from, I think it's the Jelly Belly port that had them separated.
Do you have a link besides the one? That takes like 3hours to dl lol
Still a no on the gapps... Rom appears solid except wifi maybe but gapps are screwing it lol
OP: Did you use the new proprietary files straight from Google? Seems odd that wifi wouldn't be working
Yup. I'm gonna try a new build in a couple though with the bootani stuff.
AOSP doesn't build with a bootanimation by default. You have to add it to your build chain. You can download it here: http://www.mediafire...owf4r7jr22ojrab
Ehh how do I do that lol? In right?
Am I the only one getting 'Exited sync due to fetch errors' when syncing? Lol it's a bitch
Nah, I got that too. Had to repo sync -f

Sent from Oliver, Lord of Time and Space and Gelatinous Confections
Still nothing
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Well my repo sync fucked up so I think that's the rom problem... Idk... I'll try again in the morning.
Awww man
Lol it's all good...thanks so much for trying though!
How did yours turn out when you flashed gapps?
Updated OP. New build coming soon. Will include gapps and bootani
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jellybelly rom title has already been taken you might want to change it
Just realized that lol. Have to think of another clever name :D back to jellybean for now
Hopefully the Beta will be hosted on a fast server because I feel like the download might get pounded
Yeah I'm gonna put it 2 places. If the damn source ever downloads. My ethernet is so slow.... 2.5mb/s down
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are u dl the source to build the rom. ?
Yeah I had to redownload the source :'( almost done though :D
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