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[ROM] 7/10/12 JellyBean ROM Beta 1 (Smooth!/Stable!/Stock!)

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Disclaimer: I am not responsible to anything you do to your Toro. Even if this rom bricks it. It is not my responsibility. You agree that I will not be held responsible for anything that happens

-Full Rooted JB AOSP for the Toro Built Directly from Source​
-Odexed or Deodexed​
-Flashable Gapps (Only for Deodexed ATM)​
-Includes Bootanimation​

-It is Basically the JellyBean OTA​
-It Makes a Great Base for Your Rom​
-Smooth, Stable, Stock!​

<br />
-Original Source Build<br />

-Must Download Lang Pack for Voice Search (Google Now Settings>Voice>Download Offline Voice Packs>Pick>Reboot Data)​
-2 Camera and Gallery Apps​


Like my work, Give me a 'Thanks!'. Really like it, consider a small donation!

Beta 1: Link
Pre-Alpha 1 (Doesn't Include Gapps): Link
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Daaaamn that was fast!
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114.61 megs? That's way smaller than those ports that came out!
GApps from other JB ports won't work? i.e. the 7/04 package?
Where is this 7/04 package you speak of?
Has anyone who's flashed this tried the 7/04 gapps from, I think it's the Jelly Belly port that had them separated.
Once I find it I'll give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen?
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Tried it. Doesnt have voice search, google now. Also doesn't give a data connection for play store... Idk...
Ah bummer, nevermind then.
Do you have a link besides the one? That takes like 3hours to dl lol
I'm totally snagging and anything else cool from there!​
I seem to be stuck at the bootlogo, time to battery pull.
wifi nogo
gapps nogo

to flash no go
Guess I'll just battery pull and try to restore back then.
There it goes booting this time but sounds like it's futile from all of the bad reports.
Pretty much this rom will boot and that's about it. I was able to check my Gmail though!
Yup. I'm gonna try a new build in a couple though with the bootani stuff.
You gave it a good shot and in record time! Still many devs downloading it still!
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