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***Warning: EC09 is notorious for either wiping/corrupting/destroying testing comrom was doing this to some folks as well..use a backup card, or just deal with the risk...dont cry to us about ur borked card!****

Ultimate Gingerbang 0.2
A Community Rom​

***Welcome to Ultimate Gingerbang 0.1! This is an extension of the original froyo thread here and here.

*The op consists of several posts, in my attempt to better manage the rom going forward.

*So what is Com Rom/UGB then? Basically it was the next stage in adrynalyne's superclean roms which have been going since dl09 (and since dio1 through jt1134). Its a stripped down version of touchwiz (in this case EC09 gingerbread) with enhancements/mods/themes...basically more functionality.

*includes tsm parts: see sbrissen's thread for specific mods added
*gingerbread themed (frameworks, sys ui, settings, dialer, phone, market, music, browser, contacts, camera..more to come)
*rooted with super user
*tweaked minifree settings
*advanced power options
*6th toggle added to status bar pulldown power controls (vibrate/sound)
*clean text on toggles (auto rotation to rotation, mobile data to data)
*appwidgetpicker (boombuler)
*pacman apk from cm included, on first market usage post wipe it will give you the option to select a few common apps rather than search the market for them
*latest gapps (including google +, and google car home instead of tw version)
*overscroll glow
*aosp weather/news, deskclock
*microbes lwp, and nexus lwp
*8 tab browser (i9000, from nameless)
*egl fix from nexus s (should fix blurry icons)
*market fingerprint for nexus s to fix apps not showing in market
*lots of tw/vzw removed (launcher, widgets, vzw apps, etc)
*crt screen off (must not turn animations all off in spare parts)
*system ui transparency enabled
*rfs kernel (optional): stable adb (wont show debugging/storage on boot with cord plugged in, but adb works), boot animation support

navenendrob (is doing great work with ec09 and 2.3.3)
cm for some aosp apps
boombuler for appwidgetpicker
nitr8 for nitrality apk (where download fix comes from)

Major Thanks To:
times_infinity (squash)
dmitt25 for the tsm picture
all the testers
everyone in #teamsbrissenmod

Personally I dont accept donations (im happy if you just hit the thanks button)...but if you feel so inclined to, adrynalyne and sbrissen are the real forces behind this rom :)

DONATE Sbrissen

DONATE Adrynalyne

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***SDCARD Stuff***
(This is only my opinion and may or may not help those with issues)
-i recommend properly mounting and unmounting your sdcard with each use...meaning dont just yank out the usb cord or reboot (recovery or otherwise) with the card mounted as a usb devices. Doesn't hurt anything to do this and *might* help keep your card intact.
-if you card gets borked (you see the blank sdcard/format message in android), first try and format in cwr, rather than in android or on your computer...fixed my card up, ymmv

(will be updated as questions/issues arise as well)

Q: Who/What is TSM/TeamSbrissenMod
A: Short version: a few of from xda/irc who work on projects together and generally just hang out in irc a lot
A: Longer version: we started it as a joke (see the early @teamsbrissenmod tweets for an idea), but then bendbowden started making vanilla aosp mods and releasing under the TSM banner. In the lull between ec10 for the mez and EC01/ED01 Adrynalyne asked if a few of us wanted to team up for the next version of whatever rom he did post-superclean and TSM went from there. Its named after sbrissen, because hes ridiculously smart and talented...and deserves all the kudos you can give him. :)

Q: I'm on RCxx from testing...should I bother upgrading to 0.1? I don't want to wipe again!
A: I would, tsm parts has been updated and several apks changed.

Q: Why is there no voodoo?
A: since there is no source for ec09, voodoo has to be hacked into the stock kernel...its not an easy process and has yet to be done, but navenendrob is working on it.

Q: I don't like how you themed (insert app) or why did you use (insert app) instead of (insert app)!!!!!! WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!?!?!
A: Frankly you can't please everyone. Many of the theming decisions or using aosp apps instead of samsung or vice versa just came down to what we (or in theme case me) felt worked best with the rom. I doubt more than a handful of people would run the EXACT same setup (down to each individual apk) if they were given the choice. We try and accomodate people through patches as best we can.

Q: I hate ec09!!! Please tell me you will continue to be working on froyo versions!
A: Umm...well sorry :eek: this time we are only planning on TW Gingerbread releases going forward...yes eco9 is buggy, but at least imo still good enough to be on (sdcard and usb debugging issues are a pita, i admit)

Q: How can I fix the fc on calendar notifications?
A: Go into calendar--settings--select default ringtone...and pick something other than the default one

Known Issues
*if you boot with usb plugged in, adb works, but debugging/usb storage wont show as available, unplug and replug ur connector
*ec09 eats sdcards
*MIUI lockscreen when plugged in will tend to run your processor at or near maximum mhz. (seems to do this on most phones) may choose not to use it when plugged in
*calendar fc on google cal apt ringtone notification (doesnt happen to everyone, see faq for fix)
*no gps icon will show in status bar, but gps works

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7.12.11: V0.2 (patch)
-recent call log text (black on black) in dialer,
-some other black on black text
-ads blocked by host file
-browser first load header fix (it was white at first than flashes to grey, samsung added a new image, pita)
-themed email.apk (sorry for leaving it out in 1.0)
-browser downloads fixed (credit nitr8 and his nitrality app for apks and DaleV for the idea)
-crutch.apk added to support more types of file downloads

7.11.11: added patch for email (sorry for leaving it out)

7.10.11: added no kernel version of 0.1

7.9.11: V0.1: initial gb release

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***again ec09 eats sdcards...use a backup card if you can!!!

Installing Com Rom

Method A (coming from voodoo froyo or eclair)
1. download rom with kernel (or have a gb kernel on sdcard to flash)
2. move to your sdcard
3. boot into cwr and disable voodoo (if using a cwr w/o voodoo controls, must create disable-lagfix file and reboot once before going to cwr)
4. reboot to allow conversion
5. boot back into cwr
6. wipe data/cache/davlik cache (if you dont, expect issues...and also dont bother bug reporting..we wont help you!)
7. select install from sdcard
8. select rom .zip
9. reboot
10. wait 5+ minutes for phone to boot up (it takes awhile)
11. profit (or not if it bootloops)
* odin the cc09 radio if you havent already

Method B (flashing over stock rfs gb leak)
1. download rom w/ kernel
2. move rom to sdcard
3. boot into cwr
4. wipe data/cache/davlik cache (if you dont, expect issues...and also dont bother bug reporting..we wont help you!)
5. select install from sdcard
6. select rom .zip
7. reboot
8. wait 5+ minutes for phone to boot up (it takes awhile)
9. profit (or not if it bootloops)

Method C (flashing over ext4 gb kernel)
1. download rom sans kernel
2. move rom to sdcard
3. boot into cwr
4. wipe data/cache/davlik cache (if you dont, expect issues...and also dont bother bug reporting..we wont help you!)
5. select install from sdcard
6. select rom .zip
7. reboot
8. wait 5+ minutes for phone to boot up (it takes awhile)
9. profit (or not if it bootloops)
* odin the ec09 radio is you haven't already

Also, great article on why wiping anything in cwr (data/cache/davlik) more than once is pointless:

(I would go further to say dont flash shit from people who tell you to wipe data 3X Times...but im a jerk)


for those that don't have the Android SDK installed (or know what it is) Adrynalyne made an awesome tutorial <--- check it out!

For Reporting Issues:
(If you Do Not follow these instruction exactly, we will ignore your pleas for help!)

1) post your exact setup (version of com rom, kernel, voltage settings, any other mods you did flash)
2) did you wipe data/cache/davlik cache before flashing the rom
3) what rom/setup did you flash com rom over
4) what is your *specific* problem...not "omgz ma shitz be borked yo"...that helps no one and frankly is annoying to see...
5) ive said this 500 times already, but hey whats once more? POST AN ADB LOGCAT OF YOUR YOUR BOOTLOOP/FORCE CLOSE PROBLEMS/ aint hard

cd your adb folder


adb logcat > logcat.txt
-this creates a text file in your adb folder in the sdk (tools or platform-tools, w/e) post it in a pastebin and link the pastebin here or post it from dropbox or something

for the less sdk literate folks (and really im tempted to say if you dont have adb, dont flash stuff...but umm...i wont)

you can use terminal emulator on your phone to logcat (obviously not when booting to diagnose bootloops, but can help with force closes)

logcat > /sdcard/logfile.txt
-this creates a file on your sdcard...copy it to your computer and pastebin/dropbox it

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newbie4ever said:
Is there any chance we will see a new ComRom GB with the new USCC EH09... I really like the work you guys do and it would be awsome if you put together a GB Rom that didnt eat sd cards
i might be getting a broken fascinate to try and fix...if i do and can...then ill update this to eh09 for those who are committed to staying on touchwiz

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Mujibar said:
That would be great!! Do you know if anyone is working on a voodoo kernel for EH 09?

for starters...i *did* receive a donated fascinate from BrockLeeStoneJones and i was able to fix it :) anything that i am able to do for the fascinate again will be thanks to him

i have started working on the bare bones of a tsm eh09 rom...eta? idk maybe a week til something worth putting out...can be put out

i am not a kernel guy at all...and unfortunately imnuts no longer has a fascinate and jt is super preoccupied with cm7/vanilla work as well as his new charge aosp projects (navenedrob is on the dx2 now as well)

add to that with the fact that gb is apparently difficult for voodoo conversion anyway....and its difficult...jt said he might be able to maybe get us some scripts for ext4 conversion and imnuts may or may not give it another shot (he tried once and the kernel wouldnt boot) we will see

verizon does have 2.3.5 test builds floating around (we will not apparently be getting an eh09 like 2.3.4 ota) and supposedly an ota *could* happen soon...if thats the case rfs performance is greatly improved 2.3.4 + to the point voodoo is a little less there is always that to look forward to i guess :/

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laureanop said:
I have used both 2. 2 roms and the new 2. 3. 4 and the improvement in overall speed and snapiness of the phone is significant, to the point that voodoo is not missed all that much, and not to mention how much more stable the phone is. There's one area where the phone lags a lot, that is in SD card reading speed ( as when opening root explorer and quick pick apps). It is tedious, even using SD speed app does not improve it.
Really looking forward to those VZW 2. 3. 5 builds, even with stock kernels
yeah even the latest charge 2.3.4 build was a *significant* performance increase on a switch was lets be hopeful those drop soon
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