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Please see the Phiremod Fusion thread for the latest Phiremod release for Vibrant:

Hi there.

Finally got around to posting these roms on the RootzWiki. You guys are awesome. Here are the goods:

Stable Build Release Notes

* Phiremod Vibrant v3.0.2
* Based on Loki 2.2.9 (Android 2.2.1)
* KB5 Modem
* New Kernel: Bali 1.8.8UV
* G2X Launcher (super fast)
* Stock Nexus S System Animations (enable through Spare Parts)
* Includes TW Launcher (your choice of launcher)
* Tweaked theme
* Added Nexus S Sounds
* Added Battery Calibration
* Themed Gingerbread Keyboard
* Modified host profile to block most web ads
* Removed Bloater
* Removed gTabsimiClock
* Removed a number of other apps
* New File Manager Icon
* New Contacts Icon
* New Gallery Icon
* New Calculator Icon
* New Video Player Icon
* New VoiceDailer.apk
* Includes Samsung Video Editor
* Small changes in build.prop
* Updated Market to 2.3.6
* Added Memo
* Added SGS II LWP

Test Build Release Notes

* Bionix-1.3.2-test modified by phiredrop
* Based on Bionix-1.3.2-test (only slightly modified - all credit to Team Whiskey)
* Kernel: Bali 1.8.8UV
* G2X Launcher (super fast)
* A few framework tweaks
* Removed GPS Test
* Removed Voodoo Sound
* Removed BLN Control
* Removed VVM
* Added Battery Calibration
* Added Spare Parts
* AOSP Mms
* Camera with Power Button Shutter
* Extra Wallpapers
* New Default Wallpaper
* Modified hosts profile to remove most web ads
* Probably even more stable than the stable build. Just saying.

- Put Phiremod on the root of your SD card
- Boot into Clockwork Recovery and Wipe Data/Factory Reset
- Install phiremod
- While still in recovery: Wipe Cache Partition, Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache, then Fix Permissions
- Reboot and let sit for 5 minutes to settle
- Reboot again
- Enjoy!
* If you want the gingerbread style launcher like the pictures, download this

Huge thanks to Br1cked, Team Whiskey, and everyone else who has contributed to the Vibrant.

Check them out here:


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