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Please read everything. You are responsible for your device. Read read read.

This ROM is a mix of CM7, AOSP, and a little extra love. Special thanks goes out to faux123 for helping me to get this compiling and answering my dumb questions.

This ROM is for anyone who wants just an AOSP style ROM with a little extra options. It is (pseudo) AOSP frameworks, with EDT tweaks basically.

  • Android 2.3.4 - hybrid between CM7 & AOSP (Faux's, to be specific), built from source :)
  • AOSP Apps
  • CM7 apps: browser, mms, camera
  • Compatible with T-Mobile theme engine!
  • fast & stable!

Tweaks & More options:
  • clock options (hide, ampm, small ampm)
  • battery options (hide, show percentage by text & more)
  • signal options (hide, show dbm text & more)
  • show H icon instead of 4G


-Cyanogenmod & Team Douche
-Atinm <-- this guy is beastmode
-faux123 <-- also this guy

Future Development
I don't plan to go very far with this. Probably a one time only release just for people who want this sort of thing :).


Installation Instructions
Same instructions as CM7!

<br />
[U]build 1 - 7/5[/U]<br />
initial release
Download - thank you for awesome hosting!

AOSP+ Build 1 - 37d639b8a59f696efeebe9a271e05b0c
Google Apps 6/13 - 87ffe96c5e94531d96d018e09c701581

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S15274n said:
I'm in the process of ODIN'ing to JFD... I'll let you know, but I feel pretty safe saying gps does not work. period.
Ok thanks man. Glad to see you here on rootzwiki . You're always a big help on xda. I'm on google + , Blairginley at gmail DOT com too! :) add me i'll add you back
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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