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This ROM is built from CM7 nightlies and MIUI.US MIUI translation
I want to give special thanks to these people:
erishasnobattery for donating the Droid X! Staff for being so kind and willing to help all the time!
Thanks CVPCS for getting CM7 on Dx!
I want to thank my tester BrentBuild who was determined from even before I got my DX :p
I want to thank my other tester raymonddull who tested my port for D2
Thank you Jcatt for your patches.
Thank you everyone for the support!

You MUST be on CyanogenMod 7 or .340 Froyo to flash this rom!
Remember to wipe before flash!
Also, when rom is booted, MAKE sure to select a ringtone! [Settings -> Sound Settings->Ringtone]

Please consider to

190 Posts

Presents the Official

MIUI 1.8.12

This is a community support ROM only!
The developers do not provide much support for this ROM on these forums
Support is mostly provided on
New release come every Friday.
If you haven't heard about this ROM yet then check out the videos in the 2nd post to see it in action!
This is an excellent ROM if for no other reason than it introduces the first non-CyanogenMod/carrier/manufacturer framework overhaul of Android 2.3.5 and boy what an overhaul.​
Changes from base ROM

Added: Custom Bootscreen | English Translations | Google Maps | Google Voice Search | Forum app​

If you want ADW.Launcher or LauncherPro install them from Market.​
Version: 1.8.12

Change Log:


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MIUI for Beginners


Already flashed MIUI ROM? OK, pick up your phone now, let's start our happy journey of MIUI ROM.

The first step: selecting apps

Various apps will greatly enrich your cell phone, so firstly let's select the apps to your taste. Use the Android Market and download what you would like. If you are using a backup app and restoring apps from a previous ROM, only restore the apps and not the data. Otherwise that will create a lot of force close issues.

Tip: How to copy files from the computer to the phone? First connect your phone to your computer via data cable, pull down the notification panel from the top of the phone, click "USB connected", and then click "Turn on USB storage".

After copying, do not forget to select the option of "Turn off USB storage", otherwise "File Manager" in the phone will not be able to find the sd card, as it is being occupied by the computer.

Now I have a lot of apps, how to put them in order?

All apps successfully installed are listed on the desktop, however, they may not be in the order you want, how to put them in order?

Long press an app icon and then you may move it freely. When it is moved to the screen border, the screen will automatically switch to the next screen.

How to add a screen? Use two fingers to pinch on the desktop to enter screen thumbnail mode. Then you may add or delete screens.

How to delete an app? Long press the app icon you want to delete, drag it on top of the trash box and click OK to delete it.

The second step: let's make your phone different.

A phone without style is nothing remarkable, so let's make your phone different!

Changing wallpaper: Click Menu button on the desktop, select "Change Wallpaper" to replace the wallpaper. In addition to the existing wallpaper in the phone, thousands of pieces of wallpaper are also available online.
Changing theme: Themes make great changes to your interface style. Click "Theme Manager" on the desktop to select the theme you like. Also, more online themes are available online.

Scott's Newest Theme:

Selecting ringtones and more: click "Settings" on the desktop to set call and notification ringtones. In "Personalization" under "Personal" tab, you may find more options.

The third step: it's time for some advanced techniques!

Well, you are no longer a beginner now, so let's learn some advanced techniques.

Adding widgets on the desktop: press the Menu button on the desktop, select "Edit Mode", and then click the icon on the upper right corner to access the interface of "Add Widgets". Choose your favorite widget on the top, and then drag it to the screen below.

Using folders to manage desktop apps: in the interface of "Add Widgets", drag [Folder] to the desktop. You may drag multiple apps into folders to classify them. After opening the folder, you may click the edit icon in the upper left corner to rename the folder.

Using toggles panel to improve efficiency: drag the notification panel down from the top, click "Toggles" to go to the toggles panel (It goes to the toggles panel in default of notice.) On the panel are listed the most commonly used toggles, you may click to quickly enable or disable a toggle. Long press on the icon will launch the settings for that icon.

Guest mode: enable the "Guest Mode" toggle in the panel, and your calls and text messages logs will be hidden, and all installed applications cannot be removed. You may have a try when you need to show your phone to guests or children.

Importing contacts or binding accounts: you may use some apps to import a batch of contacts, or bind Google account directly in "Settings"> "Personal"> "Accounts & Sync Settings" to sync contacts at any time.
How to print screens? Press "Menu" key and "Volume Down" key at the same time to print a screen. The printed image is saved in the directory of MIUI in the SD card.

How to copy files from the computer without using the data cable? In case of a Wi-Fi connection, enter "File Manager" on the desktop, select the tab of "Remote Administration" to start the service, and then you will get an address. Enter the given address on the computer, then you may copy files without using a data cable!

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Core Features


Two-layer shortcuts and program icons are integrated into one-layer desktop.
Long press on an icon to enter edit mode, open Widgets and drag it to the target screen.
Drag the app you want to uninstall to the top of the trash box to delete it.
Eight kinds of flipping screens effects are available with gorgeous animations.

T9 dialer

T9 dialer is applied for smart dialing. It supports searching by contact name and phone number, and the results are listed according to contact frequency.
The default setting is to forbid any third-party app to monitor users' calls.
Currently, there are 230301 attribution logs. The attribution data will be updated continuously, codes of foreign countries are supported as well.


Compared with native Android system, 7 major optimizations on SMS are made:
Adding contacts in short messages;
Adding names in group sending messages and automatically adding the names to Contacts;
Easier taking of numbers, urls and email addresses from short messages;
Optimization on mobile newspaper reading;
Collection of important messages;
Recommended messages for holidays;
Quick reply and view window.


Quick location of contacts;
Faster to add new contacts;
Contacts group management supported;
Contacts' large images supported.


The third edition UI loading engine makes it faster and easier to change themes;
Partial theme customs are more flexible and comprehensive. Rich online wallpapers, ringtones, fonts and so on are available.


Faster loading speed enables you to take photos immediately.
More professional modes such as continuous shooting, timing and special effects supported.


Faster picture browsing speed than that of native Android system;
Brand new view mode supports to view the pictures by folder path.


Simultaneous enjoying and downloading massive online music. Music chart live playing and bulk downloads supported;
Automatic connection of lyrics and album covers. ID3 information editing supported;
Changing songs by swinging the phone and sleep mode supported.


After pulling Notifications and Toggles panel down, changing panels by sliding the screen supported.

MIUI apps

File Manager, Traffic Monitor, Backup, Notes, and Torch.

Tips & Tricks

Long Press:Long press on the icon in Toggles will launch the settings for that icon.

Screen Shot:Press "Menu" key and "Volume Down" key at the same time to print a screen. The printed image is saved in the directory of MIUI in the sd card.

Hold HomePress Home key at the first screen, you may preview screen thumbnails and add or move screens.

Delete Message or Call Log : Slide from left to right to quickly delete a message or a call log.

Edit Mode : You may hold down an icon by one hand to enter Edit Mode, and then use the other hand to slide the screen to move the icon to the target screen.

Call Activated : Your phone will vibrate when a call gets through.

Activate Music from Lockscreen : Double tap the time zone to launch the Music Player when the screen is locked.

Quick SMS/Phone Launch : In the lockscreen, hold down the icon of Call or SMS, and you can enter the responding program.

Quick Launch Torch : Hold down Home key to quickly enable the torch when the screen is locked.

Quick Launch Contact Options : Click the contact image in Calls, SMS and Contacts, shortcut menus will pop up.

Long Press Search : Long press on Search button will launch search via voice recognition.

Recovery Reboot : Click menu in "System Update" to reboot and enter recovery.

% for Battery : The battery will display the percentage of left battery capacity by Settings>System>Battery>Notification Indicator Style>Percentage.

Running Apps List : Long press on the Home button can go to "Program Manager". Click the "Clear up" button at the bottom left to clear the extra processes in memory. And the system will inform you of the released memory and current available memory.
Note: System processes will not be cleared so as to ensure the normal running of the system.

IP Calling : . How to set IP dialing?
MIUI ROM can add an IP prefix for the called number in a strange land. You may set it in Settings>Common>Calls.
You may also long press the contact item before dialing, and choose "Make IP calls" in the pop-up menu.

Reject Call : When you are not available to answer the phone, you may slide up the panel to reject the call and to send a message to the caller at the same time.

Custom Ringtones : . How to set custom ringtones?
Put media files into the Media/Audio/ringtones directory in the SD card, (If there is none of this directory, please create one manually) and then select in Sounds in Settings.
Note: there are three directories under Audio, corresponding to the following tones:
notifications--notification ringtones
ringtones--incoming call ringtones
alarms--alarming ringtones
Supported formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, Midi, etc.

Important SMS : As for those important messages you want to add to your favorites, you may long press the message in the pop-up menu and select "Favorites". You may switch to "Favorites" tab in the main SMS interface to view collected messages.

Quick Delete SMS : How to quickly delete items?
You may slide from left to right on the item and click on the red "Delete" button when it appears.

Tether : How can I share my network to the PC or other terminals?
Firmware of Android 2.2 and above support the sharing of mobile phones to other Internet terminal in the following method:
Go to "Settings" -> "System" -> "Share mobile network", you may choose to share the Internet connection by USB tethering or setting up portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Just wiped data to clear up another I was having w/Netflix and CM4D2 so the timing of this is good. Gonna put it on and take a look at it. Thanks.

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Got FCs on boot of Acore, Media, Acore again. I had Gapps installed (wiped data/cache, installed CM7 & Gapps, then installed MIUI)....maybe should not have left Gapps installed?

Acore keeps FCing...gonna wipe data again and see if that helps. ROM Manager installed - all my apps are gone as far as I can tell as a result of the MIUI install, and File Manager closes after acore FC, so I can't install ROM Manager from my SD card. Acore FC also keeping me from typing anything in a field so I can't add an account and install from the Market...looks like I may be heading to an SBF...

Able to start a factory reset from the Settings Menu, we'll see if that helps.

Yay! Factory reset from settings menu seems to have fixed things...

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This may be over quickly...can't get Swype setup....the swype installer requires disabling Swype to generate the license, but the MIUI ROM appears to lack an option to disable an installed keyboard...probably trying to make things simpler for folks, but it appears to break the Swype install/setup process...have to do some Googling on this.

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Never used MIUI before but VERY interessted. Just was wondering what the bugs were that are known for D2 before I flash this? Looks amazing and can't wait to try this. Unfortunately I'm in an area with terrible WIFI. Want to DL this but want to know if it's worth it. Look great though!

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I'm also missing paid apps from my list in the market (one I noticed is SkyDroid, not sure how many others may be missing), and none of my free apps are listed yet - I've installed several apps which usually refreshes the Market info but still not seeing any of my free apps in my app list...I'll push the CM build.prop and see if that makes any difference...

Netflix installed and seems to run/play movies fine.

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tb110895 said:
Redflea I'm not seeing any of your problem. Don't install happened with this. It comes preinstalled. Go to accounts and sync to set up your Google account
Sorry, but I don't understand your comment above, it looks like a word was dropped out. What do you mean by "Don't install happened with this. It comes preinstalled."?

I already have signed in w/my primary Google account, but when I go into the Market and go to My Apps, all I see are my paid apps (w/one and maybe more missing, not sure) and none of my free apps are listed, and none of them have been restored.


I rebooted w/the CM4D2 build.prop (set permissions and owner properly before rebooting) and Skydroid is still missing from my purchased app list and I can't find it when I search in the market for Skydroid. So pushing build.prop didn't affect my market issues as far as I can tell...

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"Redflea said:
Sorry, but I don't understand your comment above, it looks like a word was dropped out. What do you mean by "Don't install happened with this. It comes preinstalled."?

I already have signed in w/my primary Google account, but when I go into the Market and go to My Apps, all I see are my paid apps (w/one and maybe more missing, not sure) and none of my free apps are listed, and none of them have been restored.

Oh nevermind you fixed it. Yeah that was auto correct. I saw you said something about gapps so I was telling you not to install them

You aren't going to see them, based on the way MIUI syncs your account I believe. If you titanium restore them, they'll be there though

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Redflea said:
Sorry, but I don't understand your comment above, it looks like a word was dropped out. What do you mean by "Don't install happened with this. It comes preinstalled."?

I already have signed in w/my primary Google account, but when I go into the Market and go to My Apps, all I see are my paid apps (w/one and maybe more missing, not sure) and none of my free apps are listed, and none of them have been restored.

I had that same issue when I flashed cm7. Most, not all my paid apps, and no free ones showed. I loaded my critical paid apps and began customizing. After a while (and probably some reboots) the market showed everything.

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