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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Moderate

Mod Base:: Sense (HTC)

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: Verizon

Optional:: Deodexed

Requires Root:: Yes

Optional:: Smali Edits

Android Version:: 4.0.3 (ICS)



UltimateKangBang LTE

***I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone or if your dog runs away from can blame me however if soviet troops parachute into the parking lot of a colorado high school, and you are forced into the woods where you start a small guerilla unit to avenge your family***
UKB Highlights
Initial Release!

  • 1.43.605.3 CL69410 release-keys (stock release software)
  • aroma 2.5 install script (with optional mods)
  • deodexed (thanks to hasoon2000)
  • zipaligned 73 times with sdk 47!!!!!!!!!!!
  • remove htclinkifydispatcher and modded prop to get around extensions (credit steel25)
  • fastboot off by default
  • add in stock htc flashlight app (why was it left out?)
  • removed htc report/spy software (not active on vzw phones really, but no point having it)
  • added in one s friendstream widget
  • added titanium backup and google voice
  • removed lets golf, kindle, vcast, racing game, nfl mobile, vzw nav
  • fracture and infinite skins added from one x
  • unhide task manager, mirror, and voice dialer from app drawer
  • remove droid boot ani and boot sound
  • default wallpaper set to one series background, not droid eye
  • disabled annoying 3 dot legacy menu
  • removed gps reticle from status bar
  • disable htc smartsync data/wifi sleep(hopefully, credit mikeyxda)
  • added in htc hub (most things work, but skins are not appearing yet)
  • removed cdrom.iso so your computer doesnt try and mount a cd drive
  • remapped soft keys: long press home button = recents; recents key = menu key
  • removed verizon tab in rosie app drawer
  • extended quick settings w/ sense 3.6 like tabs
  • aroma options/mods:
remove clock from status bar
accurate battery
stock rosie or rotating rosie
apex launcher (will remove sense widgets and lockscreen too)
volume key wake
remove usb debugging
swap boot anis
To Do:

  • Switch to aroma scripting to make bloat optional and allow for switching of regular and landscape rosie (done)
  • add in tabbed quick settings (done)
  • remove horrid wifi on/off notification (done)
  • advanced power menu (done)
  • long press/menu key remaps (done in 0.2)
  • optional mods (acc battery, etc) (done)

  • con247 for bringing twrp to the inc 4g (sans phone too!)
  • hasoon2000 for his deodexed apps/framework (was having issues and no need to reinvent the wheel)
  • the rest of TeamSbrissenMod
  • SteelH for smooth scrolling mod and mms screen on mod code
  • aamikam for his eqs mod for the evo lte that i ported
  • rwc95 for removing wifi notification from rezound that I used to adapt here
  • XDA Community
  • and more
To Install:
1) Be HTCDev unlocked<br />
2) Have con's twrp installed<br />
3) backup in recovery<br />
4) wipe data/factory reset<br />
5) flash rom<br />
6) reboot
Current Downloads:

***If you like the rom, I'm just happy if you click the thanks button :) ***​

UKB LTE 1.0:
md5 checksum: 724a2016bb232d863d59e96b788ebea4
(full rom, wipe data!)

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[U]1.0[/U]<br />
[LIST]<br />
[*]switch to aroma scripting<br />
[*]updated market apps<br />
[*]optional in aroma:<br />
[*]remove clock from status bar<br />
[*]accurate battery mod<br />
[*]change between stock android and htc boot ani's<br />
[*]optional wake on volume key mod<br />
[*]remove usb debugging icon<br />
[*]landscape or regular rosie<br />
[*]optional mms screen on mod<br />
[*]optional apex launcher (will remove sense widgets and lockscreen as well)<br />
[/LIST]<br />
<br />
[U]0.3.1[/U]<br />
[LIST]<br />
[*]remove wifi nag<br />
[/LIST]<br />
<br />
[U]0.3[/U]<br />
[LIST]<br />
[*]full rom<br />
[*]update tibu, facebook, superuser<br />
[*]unhide taskmanager, mirror, and voice dialer from app drawer<br />
[*]restore boot audio<br />
[*]boot audio is now /system/customize/resource/android_audio.mp3 <br />
[*]boot ani is now /system/customize/resource/<br />
[*](for those that want to change it)<br />
[*]data is now on by default on data wipe<br />
[/LIST]<br />
<br />
[U]0.2.2[/U]<br />
[LIST]<br />
[*]patch (0.2 to 0.2.2)<br />
[*]add eqs<br />
[/LIST]<br />
<br />
[U]0.2.1[/U]<br />
[LIST]<br />
[*]patch<br />
[*]disable signature checking<br />
[*]add advanced power menu<br />
[/LIST]<br />
<br />
[U]0.2[/U]<br />
[LIST]<br />
[*]cleanup<br />
[*]button remaps<br />
[*]full rom<br />
[/LIST]<br />
<br />
[U]0.1[/U]<br />
[LIST]<br />
[*]initial release<br />
Screenshots....just cuz

(image from amarullz's aroma thread and not an exact representation of this install)
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