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{ROM}{8/21/11}Heinz_57 Gingerbread v0.1{Mesmerize}{Showcase}

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As of now, I am taking over the Heinz_57 ROMs and they will have my tweaks to them!!! With the help of Dfgas's scripts too!!!

Well everyone, I have been out of the loop for a while but daddy's back and bringing you the good SH*T (Cause I'm cool like that)!!! This is based on Sbrissen's Pool Party ROM!!!!!

Now this is a first release and as such, there will be bugs that i know about and don't know about, so please post and bugs that you come across in this thread (Just please don't post the bugs that i have listed) and they will be addressed ASAP!!!

Now you guys know the deal, I am not responsible for what you do to your break it, then blame yourself, no me!!!

Credits :
Sbrissen for the mods and pretty much the whole ROM & his script (I used UOT to help in putting a theme to it)! Without him, none of this would be possible!!! (It even says TSM pool Party when flashing...left it in to give TSM credit for their work!!!)
Dfgas for helping me learn how this is all done
All of TSM cause they helped me learn a lot too and they are GODS as far as Android is concerned!!!!

BUGS : Can't get M4V video format to play right, But MX video player works well!!!
Anything that isn't working in all AOSP ROMs
and that's all i know so far

Changes : None so far as this is the First release!!!

Pics :

Mesmerize Link :

CS Showcase Link :

GAPPS Link :

CWM 4 Link :

Instructions :
Download to the main directory of your sdcard with GAPPS
Boot into Recovery (CWM4)
Wipe data, Cache, and Dalvik Cache
Flash ROM then GAPPS
Reboot and wait for the Bacon!!!!

Damn it's good to be back in the game!!!!​


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Installing the .zip file I get

Installing update...
assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device)
E:Error in /sdcard/Heinz_57_Mesmerizemtd-eng.Baked_Tator
(Status 7)
Installation aborted.

I have CwM v2.5.1.x installed and had just flashed back to stock USCC 2.2 befoer trying this.

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Doh, yes, read that. My bad! All good to go now, thanks!!!!!!!
I have the purchased version of ROM Mananger, but do not see a Samsung Mesmerize listed? Would love to do upgrades through it!

Was using Fascinate, but it installs CWM and stuffed me.
ODIN with CWM4 allowed me to install this awesome ROM though.

ACLakey said:
Very cool, will this be available through ROM manager as well? What Kernel are you running with it?
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