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[ROM] [8/3/11] SuperClean version of RMK's GingerSense

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Back on the Fascinate, there was a "Super Clean" version of the stock rom that basically stripped out pretty much all unnecessary apks leaving just a nice, clean, functional base rom. Since I use an alternate launcher, all the HTC widgets are useless, and I don't use many of the other included apps. With all this stuff removed right from the start, the /data/data directory doesn't get filled with settings for all the apps that'll never be used.

All the credit goes to RMK since this is basically his rom just with a bunch of stuff removed. I even left his message/credit in the CWM install script.

So, here's a Super Clean version of RMK's GingerSense rom. I added in his 3.02.605.1 patch and removed the following:

*ALL* widgets

Skin Picker
Wood skin
Metal skin
Slate skin
HTC Wallpapers
Mode 10 Wallpapers
Image Wallpaper
Magic Smoke Wallpapers
Weather Wallpaper
Live Wallpaper Picker
Adobe Flash installer
Rosie (the Sense launcher)
Quick Office
Friend Stream
Instant Messaging
Connected Media
Weather (including the associated apks)
Visual Voicemail (although VVM still shows up in the app drawer as part of the SMS app)
All extra wallpapers, skin and bookmark thumbnails

The launcher has been replaced with the free market version of ADW, which itself can be removed once you install your launcher of choice.

If you want to add any of these back, just pull them out of RMK's rom, copy them into system/app and reboot.

Ideally, this is installed after a complete wipe (otherwise, what's the sense?). Don't know if this is useful to anyone, I was just tired of manually removing all this stuff after flashing the rom, so I put it together for myself and figured I'd just put it out there in case anyone wanted to start clean.

Please have a backup before flashing, nothing should go wrong, but if it does...

Download here
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