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Thanks for visiting! Phiremod Fusion is an attempt to bring you the best of Android 2.3.5 and a hint of TW to your Samsung Vibrant for ultimate speed and stability.

I am not a developer - I do this for fun. All credit is given to the original devs for their work. Please see the Phiremod system changelog for details.

Phiremod Fusion Features:
* Based on CM7.1
* Stock CM Kernel
* TouchWiz Icons
* Launcher2
* Removed CM Specific Apps
* Phiremod Wallpapers
* Custom Theme
* Modified hosts profile to remove most web ads
* Custom Settings
* Custom CMParts
* MIUI Fonts
* MIUI System Sounds
* MIUI Animated Clock
* Google Gears bootanimation
* Custom System Changelog
* Various tweaks

* V1.1
* Based on CM7.1 [#78]
* Added Phiremod Protips
* GPS Software fix by default
* Fixed default sounds in build.prop
* Included the correct hosts file
* Everything from V1

Google Apps not included - download from Rom Manager.

>>> Download <<<
md5: 7a0ba776b9c43a3fb9539e13980e67bc​

50 Posts
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bdubs4200 said:
I wish I could help you Lee but it looks like phiremod deving has stopped.... it comes n goes it seems
Sorry I haven't been active with this rom since its release. The real reasons are (1) I could never get my GPS to work on anything other than 2.2.. no GPS 'fix' would ever get my phone a lock. And if you know me, you know I am geographically challenged and heavily rely on my GPS =D. And (2) is that no 2.3.5 ROM seems to ever connect to my ATT Microcell at home (yes, I have ATT).

So that's why I haven't done much with this release, because I haven't had much choice but to use 2.2 roms. It probably won't always be this way, and I would like to update this soon.. so no, phiremod is not dead
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