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[ROM][9.16.11][ OFFICIAL] MIUI4DX for GB Kernel FIXED

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This ROM is built from CM7 nightlies and MIUI.US MIUI translation
I want to give special thanks to these people:
erishasnobattery for donating the Droid X! Staff for being so kind and willing to help all the time!
I want to thank my tester BrentBlend who was determined from even before I got my DX :p
I want to thank my other tester raymonddull who tested my port for D2
Thank you razorlove,droidxchat,aceyame for your fixes.
Thank you everyone for the support!

You MUST be on CyanogenMod 7 or Moto Stock Gingerbread to flash this rom!
Remember to wipe before flash!

This is a little long overdue , but I was busy with school :p

YOU MUST Go to Tools> Superuser > Menu> Setting> and activate Root

Please consider donating so I can share the love to other devices. :)
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is there a fix for the usb not working? is it in the original op?
yeah well if the battery isnt showing the correct charge then thats a problem lol, but i have faith that he will get it working, and hopefully soon :p
download terminal emulator omega, and type in su
reboot recovery

thats how you get into cwm

i just restored cm74gb until miui is fixed
yes it did, im now charging, but the nandroid only shows what your battery was when you nandroid
omega, if you get permission denied there is a problem with your root privileges

do as the OP states you have to activate root
Omega Blaze said:
yep, root permission was enabled in superuser.

That was the first thing i did when i installed the rom. (I had to for titanium backup)

But oh well, back to cm7 or vorteX

I'm done with MIUI until they come out with an ACTUAL stable release.

This shit has been beta for years.
actually man, the fact that its workin on the DX is pretty impressive, it takes a lot of work to do this kinda thing, you should give him credit for actually making it work, i think miui is awesome, i will rock it once the battery and usb is fixed
yeah, well s.v. the usb is fixed, but the battery isnt, im sure framework is working it out now, even though he even said he cannot test it cause his dx doesnt see a valid battery. so we are the guinea pigs for the time being to help him out
yeah i know, im waiting to get this rom on my phone as well :)
did you restore data from something else???
deevious said:
What (other than GB on GB) does this build have going for it in comparison to

I find it odd that just because this version has a few bugs people are jumping ship to toher ROMs instead of simply reflashing the other, and for me completely bug free, version..
this one is on the gb kernel, you cant go from gb kernel back to froyo kernel you will brick, you have to sbf to go back, unless something has changed it has always been that way
deevious said:
Well, yes. You do have to SBF to go back but it was recommended to an SBF when moving to GB MIUI anyway.

Reflash MIUI

4 steps that took me less than 30min to do to go to GB MIUI, then another 30min back to (while at work, no less).
yes this kinda thing happens though :p

rfranken said:
What are my options?? This ROM won't let me charge my battery. I've tried for hours and it doesn't charge. I can turn my phone on with it plugged in though and i can use it. If i unplug i get about 30 seconds and it dies.
I have zero access to another DX battery.

Can I install a different ROM with no battery life?
What are my options??
as of right now the battery doesnt work, i hope you have another rom in your SD CARD, or a nandroid backup of another GB ROM and by GB ROM i mean GB Kernel, such as cm7gb or apex, or ssm. that is your only option as of right now

Rockaholic said:
Just need Steven and Bo :p
steven is on here i believe, bo might be, but im not sure
the reason a backup is better is because you do not have to set up everything all over again. hence why we have backups as well. you can install it fresh if you want, but i rather have a nandroid and restore that, because then i do not have to redownload all my apps, or set up my homescreens again :p
rfranken said:
yes yes i'm aware of that. my concern right now is FAR from worrying about resetting up my home screens. my concern right now is if i'm totally f'd until i could order a new DX battery from amazon because i installed this rom that is supposedly on stable status at 1.9.16
if i order a new battery it might not come with much charge in it either. in which case i'll continue grabbing my ankles. then my last hope is getting in touch with my father in law who has a DX and arranging a visit with him some weekend soon. (fml)

Will I be able to flash a rom in cwr or does that require more than 30 seconds of battery life?
im not sure i follow you, if the phone is on, miui should charge, i would hope anyway, if not boot into cwr, and flash a rom, while its booting you will be fine, as long as you have it plugged in.... just not sure what you mean, why order a new battery anyway? you havent really said whats wrong with your current one, the rom doesnt discharge the battery through animation but it might still charge as long as its plugged in
its up to the OP, or a MOD to take down the download... but i agree it should be at least removed until that fix is found
if 1.9.9 is on the GB Kernel then you can go back to it, if its on the Froyo Kernel you cannot go back to it

what im wondering if you guys were on 1.9.9 (is that a froyo kernel?) how did you flash the GB Kernel miui without sbfing and going to the .602 ota?
i got ya now, hopefully a fix will be found
im just hoping for this rom to be full functional soon!
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