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Hi guys!

This is a placeholder for my debut into the Android ROM cooking world. If you've owned a Sprint Touch Pro2 and are familiar with my Bare Naked ROM series, then this is no different. I'm stripping as much away as I can, while still maintaining a functioning ROM.

ROM information:
Android Gingerbread 2.3.4
HTC Software 2.08.651.2
Rosie/HTC Launcher Removed
Sense Widgets Removed
Bloat Removed
Launcher Pro is the default launcher

Flashlight app included
Ringtones/notifications/alarms galore
DSP Manager included
Stock Sprint Hotspot Removed temporarily. PATCH IS BELOW.
Visual Voicemail Removed
AOSP Clock included
Other stuff I can't remember
Dalvik-VM set to 48MB
WiFi Scanning set to 180
HTC Software update server Removed
AOSP lock scren with a cool feature!
Most frequently updated Google apps have been removed. (since you can get them from the market)
Busybox 1.19
Bash 4.1
Random scripts...

I've removed as much Sense as possible, BUT there is always room for improvement. I'm constantly discovering random apps that can be removed and plan to either update with patches to do so, or just post back with my findings.

This ROM is very much stock, in that there are no modifications applied to the framework, but I'm sure that any current mods will work just fine. In fact, I plan on keeping up with them in the form of flashable zips instead of whole new versions.

Thanks (in no particular order):
-Team Win, AlphaRev X, Unrevoked, CyanogenMod team, toastcfh, Shinzul, TrevE, netarchy, dsixda, zeppelinrox, ch33kybutt, Death-M0nk, cayniarb, flipzmode, LiquidSolstice, Mikedick, wildcatswr5, SteelH, kushdeck, Ihtfp69, Team Bamf, JoelZ9614, hockeyfamily737, Virus, J.eremy, frosty_ice, Vinchenzop, YACO, the entire XDA community especially the modders, themers, and the helpful members. If I forgot you, or you would like to be included in the thanks list just because, shoot me a PM.

To do:
-Rearrange or just plain remove homescreen icons on first boot
-Probably more, I forgot.

Known Issues:
-With Sense lockscreen removed, you are unable to answer calls until you unlock the screen. Your phone rings, but you don't see who's calling until you unlock. Prevents accidental dials. Kind of neat for privacy buffs.
-It appears as though 3D homescreen settings only works with Rosie/HTC Sense Launcher. :(

Service Pack 1: Must be installed on top of 2.1. It is not a standalone ROM.
NOTES: Do not install if you have the Gingerbread Pack installed, as it will overwrite the pack with stock look. If you have any other themes installed, it's a good idea to either look over the changes to know if you want to install this, or extract the files from the ZIP that you don't wish to install. I will be creating SP1 with Gingerbread Pack as well just give me some time. SP1 must be installed on top of 2.1, it is not a standalone ROM.
-Removes shutter sound from Camera app. Bonus features: HDR/Panorama
-Removes MMS compression. Bonus features: Secure box/Backup option
-Fixes double GPS icon.
-Improves app_server and system_server aka device responsiveness. (Thanks nikademus!)
-Improves boot/shutdown time by removing delays.
-Lowers minimum frequency 192MHz on both cores to save battery.
-CIQ cleanup patch.
-Removes SIP over WiFi only.
-Updated build.prop to reflect SP1.
-Updated kernel with minor ramdisk tweaks and CIQ cleanup.

Get it: here

Patches and mods (Compatible with v2.x ONLY): Flashable through recovery. WIPE DALVIK-CACHE.
8/20/11 Gingerbread pack (1x/3G, 1% battery, Overscroll glow, GPS on icon only): screenshot | download
8/20/11 Gingerbread pack (NO CLOCK, 1x/3G, 1% battery, Overscroll glow, GPS on icon only): screenshot | download
8/21/11 CIQ Cleanup: download | NOT needed with SP1.
8/23/11 4in1 Power mod (SteelH at it again!): download
8/30/11 Dual Core Kernel patch 50%: download
8/30/11 Google Talk with video fix: download
9/2/11 Synergy & Team Xposed exclusive Zeus Mods (Stock icons) originally by IHTFP69: download
9/6/11 CIQ Destroyer with CRT animations (use in conjunction with CIQ Cleanup): download (Thanks to TrevE for the very awesome write up on the CIQ removal process)

Apps and add-ons: Flashable through recovery. WIPE DALVIK-CACHE.
8/20/11 DSP Manager: download
8/23/11 HTC Camera (shutter sound removed): download | NOT needed with SP1
8/23/11 Visual Voicemail: download
8/23/11 Market update 3.1.3: download
8/30/11 Team Xposed Beats HTC Music: download (Thanks SteelH!)
8/30/11 Team Xposed MMS hack (no compression/secure box/backup options): download | NOT needed with SP1. (Thanks SteelH!)
9/5/11 Team Xposed Browser mod (adds settings you'd get from about:debug into context menu): download (Thanks SteelH!)
9/5/11 Team Xposed HTC Music mod (Adds Dolby mode to sound enhancement): download (Thanks SteelH!)
9/5/11 Team Xposed Touch Screen Calibrate mod and app: download (Thanks SteelH!)

Patches and mods (Compatible with v1.2 ONLY): Flashable through recovery. WIPE DALVIK-CACHE.

Upcoming Patches
More optimized frameworks
Settings.apk mod (remove "Personalization" and "HTC Software Update")
Notification bar mod (Sense theme,battery %)
[strike]Overclock script? possibly..[/strike] Scrapped. SetCPU forever!
Various others...

Removed packages for experimentation:

Recommended packages to disable:

-Initial release.
-Fixed syntax on setup file that caused MMS, among other things, to not function.
-Fixed multiple launchers issue where you couldn't set a launcher as default properly.
-Removed AppSharing.apk
-Removed VoiceSearch.apk (You can get it in the Market)
-Removed CheckinProvider.apk (no more HTC Software updates! Because, they totally wouldn't install with a custom recovery anyway right? :D)
-Added Google Talk with video support.
-Added Bookmarks to the stock browser.
-Removed a few unneeded files related to Sense.
-Removed HTC hub, HTC People Sync, HTC Message Sync
-Included the MEGA AWESOME KARATE CHOP TWEAK PACK (build.prop/init.d). In an effort to save battery life, Quadrant scores may be lower. This does not hinder performance. Who needs benchmarks anyway? :)
-Added a few more scripts to xbin
-Removed all extra ringtones. Stock sounds remain. Separate ringtone pack to follow
-Updated YouTube to the latest
-Unlimited browser tabs
-Patched Mail.apk
-Panoramic camera
-EPST from EVO 4G (allows more ## codes)
-Free Sprint Hotspot mod
-Updated to 2.3.4 (Latest HTC OTA 2.08.651.2)
-Removed cIQ files
-Removed cIQ backend/frontend from kernel.
-Readded Google Talk with Video.
-Removed stock bootanimation/downanimation
-Removed DSP Manager (PATCH IS BELOW)
-MMS backup option (Thanks SteelH)
-hotspot hack (Thanks SteelH)
-framework optimization
-disabled menu key to unlock screen
-default wallpaper changed
-panoramic/HDR camera mod (Thanks SteelH)
-browser unlimited tabs
-removed more files from lib
-removed flash (get in market)
-optimized kernel even more
-removed app name text from recent apps in notification pulldown
-built from official ruu

DIRECT LINK (may be slow): freEVO 3D 2.1
MD5SUM: FE2758BD863F1F6C79C30696286602F7

DIRECT LINK (may be slow): freEVO 3D 1.2


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Well, I mean you can see who's calling you, if you slide to unlock. I've actually grown quite fond of this unexpected feature. If combined with a pin or pattern unlock, it ensures that only I can answer my own phone. Awesome huh? lol :)

It's because of the HTC framework that's still in the ROM no matter how much HTC related software you remove. CyanogenMod will not have this issue since built from AOSP.

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AndroidBall said:
That is one detailed about phone Lmao. Jkjk very nice job freeza. Hope to see the whole team exposed over here.

Sent from my PG86100 using Tapatalk
Ahaha :D I try. Thanks man, I will see about getting the other members over here.
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