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This is Adlxmod Froyo for Defy 3.1 (Full deodexed MotoBlur rom).

Download: (direct link!)

Easiest instructions ever (for Defy):
- Wipe all
- Flash the zip from Kb7sqi's CWM recovery.

If you need further instructions, read this post:

Once you have installed the rom, go to the Market and update "Adlxmod Updater".

Do you like my rom and use it daily? Consider donating ;-)

- Based on T-Mobile 34.4.9 (soak)
- Motoblur (optional), but still Fast!
- Fully deodex, almost not themed (but u can theme it)
- Wifi calling for T-Mobile users


Adlxmod Froyo for Defy 3.1:
* Upgrade INSTRUCTIONS: From 3.0: WIPE Dalvik-Cache. From Other: WIPE ALL
* NEW: Black bar & white clock, AOSP icons & lockscreen sliders
* Fixed: FlashPlayer
* Added/Updated: AdlxUpdater 1.0.1, LauncherPro 0.8.5, Gmail, VoiceSearch 2.1.1, TitaniumBackup

Adlxmod Froyo for Defy 3.0:
* 8cae9f5 Updated RomStats to 1.0.5
* 6272851 [Fix] Couldn't log into Motoblur (do not edit
* f21e7be [Fix] Fixes aGPS that wasn't working
* aa6de88 [Fix] Let people edit VoiceMail
* 12dce5b Updated Maps 5.3.1, Added more apps (WifiTether, Copy2Clipoboard, Crutch, FancyWidget...
* 1c962ee [MOD] New locales enabled: en_GB fr_FR it_IT es_ES de_DE pt_BR
* 74278d0 [MOD] blue text for preference summary
* 8061c62 [MOD] Pulldown bar transparent
* bb3a5b0 [MOD] Removed DriveSmart from Settings
* 9abf778 [MOD] BlurHome is a home
* 896bceb Replaced: Swype with Swype-OEM-Defy_UK_3.4.2-117
* 001544a Added Bootmenu 0.2.0 with Kb7sqi CWM recovery
* cbed1d1 Bloatware removed
* 6a43bea Fixed etc/init.d scripts now 755
* 8880795 Fully deodexed
* d621fdd Added init.d support, with 60tweaks (inc. SDcard boost)
* 2afd416 Updated: FlashPlayer (app)
* ce13f18 Added: LauncherPro & TitaniumBackup (both uninstalable)
* f4cc1a3 Updated: Google Maps & Market
* b3529e4 Added: SetCPU 2.11a & MilestoneOverclock 1.4.8
* af3c0ec Added HTC_IME Jonas Mod & Gingerbread Keyboard
* c18884a Added Ringtones & Notifications tones (from LG 2X Korea)
* 873542b Replaced BootAnimation with Blur one, no T-Mobile
* 5e51a37 Added: AdBlocking
* 935ab95 Added: Cyanogemod Extended APN list
* 6253a0f Added various tools in xbin

Note: On first boot you will be asked to participate in rom statistics recollection. Please accept. (more info here).

Some things are stil pending like:
- I've left white bar & Motoblur icons
- Upgrade bootmenu

(Direct link, hosted at - Thanks B16)
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