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[ROM] Alien

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Big thanx To Dragonzkiller
dragonzkiller said:
By popular demand I have ported over Alien build #4 to the X2.
Thanks to navenedrob to make the porting possible (and helping me some) and to kennethpenn for making the ROM in the first place!


This ROM is 99% kennethpenn's over on the ATRIX 4G forums, this is merely a port of his ROM with some tweaks to make it run on the X2. Please support him and thank him for creating this ROM.

There are two flashable zips included. One is the actual ROM and the other is the THEME that extends the ROM to it's full glory. (Personally, I recommend using both). Without the theme, you basically have a really fast BLUR (yeah didn't think it existed either). With the theme you can have some of the updates listed below.

You MUST flash the actual ROM. The THEME is optional.

This is a list of features available over at the ROM's initial forum, but slightly tweaked.
-Rooted<br />
-Deodexed<br />
-Busybox'd<br />
-SQLite3<br />
-PNG Optimized<br />
-Zipaligned (system and data apps)<br />
-Sideloading default<br />
-SIP not WiFi only [COLOR="Red"](SEE BUGS BELOW)[/COLOR]<br />
-Tethering<br />
-Some bloat removed<br />
-Skip blur setup option (SEE BELOW)<br />
-1080p Droid 3 camera [COLOR="Red"]NO 1080p[/COLOR]<br />
-WidgetPicker<br />
-Battery fix<br />
-Network select menu open [COLOR="Red"](SEE BUGS BELOW)[/COLOR]<br />
-APN menu opened<br />
-Menu button lockscreen bypass (when unsecured)<br />
-Touchscreen MOD (5 fingers)<br />
-Google Talk video over 3G<br />
-AGPS option<br />
-Entitlement check disabled<br />
-Dock Settings<br />
-HDMI Settings<br />
-Full IMEI Settings<br />
-Modded stock Android Launcher for speed and Blur widget compatibility<br />
-Inverted applications and Settings<br />
-FuguTweaks<br />
-Juwe11 optimizations (modded for Atrix) [COLOR="Red"](not sure if this works on the X2)[/COLOR]<br />
-Superuser Beta<br />
-Proximity sensor hack on build.prop<br />
-GPU hack on build.prop<br />
-WiFi battery saving hack on build.prop<br />
-Google Android 2.3.5 application framework<br />
-Videos for root app
For a full features list and more information please head over to http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1186537 where the ATRIX ROM is at. (Please note that there are a few changes and bugs listed below.)

  • added 2nd-init to make it work (duh)
  • added camera/camcorder support
  • Swype updated from stock GB to work on ROM
  • ERI Banner updated for Verizon's Network
  • Initial BLUR Setup Skip (BUT allows selection of Accounts at startup)
  • Updated system model numbers, etc. for X2
KNOWN ISSUES (in order of priority):
  • Some Apps (Especially Google Apps) do not show up in market and are "incompatible"
  • Camera/Camcorder app randomly crashes (not all the time) upon switching between 6MP Widescreen and 8MP and won't startup again. You must delete /data/data/com.motorola.Camera and it should be fixed. But might happen again.
  • Mobile networks setting crashes (i might just remove the option later)
  • THEME has a framework-res problem that doesn't change the background of some menu lists to black and it's text to white while working on others (SEE THE LAST IMAGE)
  • On non themed version, 3G shows up as HPSA
  • crashes on boot (maybe only on 1st boot)
Please post more if you find any!

  • include recovery by default
  • remove webtop apps/settings
  • remove more BLUR **
  • add more AOSP **
** NOTE: This is whether or not I find it a big deal. Most apps that can be removed/replaced on the X2 will be fine on this ROM.​

SCREENSHOTS: (please note the last is a bug that will be hopefully worked out soon.)

Please note that this is a BIG ROM, but that the THEME overwrites the apks in the actual ROM (thus not truly increasing the size on the phone once flashed)
Alien Build #4 X2-BETA v0.2:
Alien THEME v0.2 (aka, the full leftover ROM):

Standard disclaimer applies: I'm not responsible for anything you do to your phone and/or any issues caused by flashing this to your device.

UPDATE: Listed know market issue.
Link To Original XDA POST http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1270781
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dragonzkiller said:
patch v0.2.2
  • wifi now works!
  • init.d fixes/improvements including new minfree values
  • removed uncesseary dirs/files
  • few build.prop changes
you can be on either the themed or non themed version.
***still no g-apps :(
What do you think of the rom so far?

Sent from a Liberated Droid X2
Smooth battery nice... i like :D has some bugs but as all beta's go... i like it :D
Yea I need wifi so im going to wait on flashing it.

Sent from a Liberated Droid X2
Any word on g-apps working? That's all that's keeping me from using this.
Im running it which ones are you worried about I will test them.

Tap'n on my ALIEN X2
Mainly gmail and the market are the only two I'm worried about. Don't use talk or google+, so they don't worry me.
Nice rom! Nicely put together, and looks great with the theme. Also, boots quick as hell.

Went back to eclipse for performance reasons, but really respect the time and work put into this beautiful rom!
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