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I have been working on porting over ICS to my TF101 (Asus Transformer).
I need some help here being that I am new to Android Porting in general.

What works:

Volume + / - Buttons
Power Button
ADB Connectivity

What does not work:
Not sure what else because there is no Touchscreen Interface

Link to download:

Download Here

If anyone feels like jumping in on this project, please let me know.. I need help!

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you have the og Transformer? hmmmm i would like to help id like to see ics on mine, asus_uk on twitter answered someones tweet about when ICS would come to the og transformer since asus has said ICS will hit Prime on jan 12, asus_uk said to look for ics on the og TF shortly afterwards so hopefully well have something to work with soon be it for the prime or an OTA for the og TF

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No progress yet tyler. Ota u0date for ics rolled out today though so i can assure a rooted deodexed version is on its way:-D

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