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[ROM-AOSP][08-12-11] Evervolv | GRJ90/Android 2.3.5 | v1.1.0b3 | Download NIGHTLY

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Ladies and gentlemen I am glad to bring you the first ever gingerbread beta of Evervolv for the Evo 4G! First thing I would like to say is that this rom would not be possible without the CyanogenMod team. I am merely here to bring you how I like my phone setup and give you more options over a base build of the gingerbread genre. My qualifications are inferior to what is required on some of the fixes that were made. Thus I rely on the CyanogenMod Team for their expertise in these fields.

With this being said I'd like to introduce the Evervolv team (the guys who make this rom happen).

  • Preludedrew (developer, Evo, Droid Incredible, Hero CDMA, Evo Shift 4g, N1)
  • mwielgosz (HTC Aria, HTC Evo 4G, HTC Evo 3D maintainer; Java development)
  • Cocide (linux, overall scripting, Evo support)
  • Milesje (java/android & overall, Evo support)
  • Adhvanit (Overall graphics & theme design, Droid Incredible support)
  • Deck (Evo & MT4G)
  • TypoKnig (file mirror)
  • RyteSyde (wallpapers & graphics)
  • Exxodium (wiki/wallpapers, Evo Shift 4g support)

This is where i would like to thank all of the donaters to the Evervolv project. Any and all donations are not used for personal use. I have and will only use them for further development. (i.e. Droid incredible, Evo Shift 4G, java and android books). I will be compiling this list and updating it constantly. If you do decide to donate for the furthering of the evervolv project, please leave me your xda ID in the message so I can give you recognition on here.

Download from (2.3.4)
Latest Nightly (2.3.5)
Download Google Apps from the above link
Make sure to do a full wipe, even if you're coming from an older build, just to make sure.

Evervolv Github

Follow us on twitter for the latest updates!!

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sporty377 said:
My friend just rooted his evo..he would like to test this out is there any other stuff to download. He is new to this. I have a thunderbolt and i know how to flash on th TB but i think the evo is different. do i flash different radio,kernel,wimax,pri and nv?? Or just the rom. And what do i wipe.... wipe data,cache,delvik and under mount & storage format/system? Thanks in advance
For aosp roms you flash the rom and gapps. Both are in the OP links. Flashing radio, wimax, price, and NV are optional. The rom comes packaged with a kernel although you are free to flash one of your choice.

You will need to wipe system, data, cache, and dalvik before flashing a rom.

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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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