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Even though this is a BETA release of Evervolv for the Eris, it is stable and has no significant bugs.
I would appreciate it if you posted any issues, questions, or other feedback in this thread...don't be afraid to speak up.

To install: boot to recovery, nand backup, full wipe(data + dalvik-cache + cache), delete .android_secure from the sdcard, flash evervolv, flash gapps, reboot, and enjoy!
A full wipe is NECESSARY if you are coming from a different ROM!

[head]* ROM * GAPPS * CHANGELOG *[/head]
Download @

[head]* SCREENSHOTS *[/head]
Check them out HERE!

[head]* EXTRAS *[/head]
Find them HERE in the 2nd post.

[head]* SOURCES *[/head]
Evervolv: HERE
Kernel: HERE

[head]* Q&A *[/head]
Is this CM7?
No, this is a build that started from AOSP. However, some of the fixes and few features have been derived from the CyanogenMod Team.

What do desirec and Eligo mean?
DesireC was the device codename given by HTC before getting it's official name - Eris. Starting backwards, the C stands for CDMA and then continue on...E-R-I-S(ed).
Each supported device also has a short latin word as an Evervolv-specific codename. Eligo is the codename chosen for the Eris. It means to pick out or choose in Latin.

How social is the evervolv team?
You can join us on IRC, #evervolv (webchat).
Also, you can follow @preludedrew & @MongooseHelix on twitter for updates and the status of Evervolv.

[head]* EVERVOLV TEAM *[/head]
preludedrew - Evo 3D, Droid Incredible, Evo 4G, Evo Shift 4G & Nexus one maintainer; overall support & development
mwielgosz - Liberty, Evo 4G, Evo 3D maintainer; Java development
cocide - Evo 4G; Web; Linux and overall support & development; Viewsonic GTab maintainer/support
milesje - Evo 3D, Evo 4G; java and overall support & development
Adhvanit - Graphics and Droid Incredible support
smoothtaste - heroc maintainer/support
TpyoKnig - Web support and hosting
MongooseHelix - Eris maintainer/support, overall development & support

Exxodium - Wallpaper graphics
Deck - What does deck do?
RyteSyde - web and graphics development

[head]* CREDITS & THANKS *[/head]
bftb0 - undead call fix
CM Team - features, fixes, etc
Conap - kernel
Macrodroid - original port of Evervolv from HeroC (thread here)
preludedrew - Evervolv's creator, mentor
Wireless Tether Team - wifi tether app (source)
workshed - device tree base
zach.xtr - cache2cache script

37 Posts

[head]* APPS * (non-market)[/head]
DSP Manager - download here, place on sdcard, and flash from recovery

Google Music Beta - download here, place on sdcard, and flash from recovery(thanks brainmaster)
* if you don't want to replace the stock music app, follow the link to brainmaster's post, download the apk and install it manually
* Known Issue: the app will force close if you try to use the album tab in landscape orientation

MIUI Camera - download here and follow the appropriate installation instructions

[head]* APPS * (market)[/head]
GPS Status - market link - reset GPS or download assistance data

InvisiBright - market link - easily adjust screen brightness at any time(Pro version available for free in the xda thread HERE)

Light Flow - market link - control led and trackball notifications(thanks klobkelosh)

CPUBoost(market link) OR No-Frills CPU Control(market link) OR SetCPU(market link / thread)
* adjust cpu frequencies and governor

Verizon Messages - market link - often resolves text and mms problems

[head]* ERIS SPECIFIC *[/head]
Radios(latest) - Verizon jtopping) OR Sprint HeroC theimpaler747 & Nfinite)
* flash zip from recovery, reboot, a screen of Andy and a big box will be shown, it will go back to recovery to automatically format cache, wait a few seconds then reboot
* to check what radio you currently have, go to settings -> about phone -> baseband version

Trackball-Optional Recovery - thread link - useful for a malfunctioning trackball, or if you prefer using buttons

TUN Module for VPN - download here, place on sdcard, and flash from recovery
* please let me know whether this works for you or not

[head]* GENERAL INFO *[/head]
Battery Calibration - use THIS market app OR do it manually by following the guide HERE
* if doing it manually, recovery has an option to wipe battery stats or you can delete /data/system/batterystats.bin

Fix Permissions - useful for some app FCs...the CM wiki has a good write-up about it HERE

Rotation Sensor Calibration - follow the guide HERE if your G-sensor/auto-rotation isn't working properly

[head]* SCRIPTS *[/head]
No Ring Lag - thread link - attempts to keep the phone app in memory to prevent lag on incoming calls
* I have not personally tried this out yet. Could possibly introduce lag for the launcher/other apps

SuperCharger - thread link - provides lots of options for memory management to try and optimize performance
* I haven't personally tried this on Evervolv or other ROMs but have seen people say it has worked well them

Wifi Only - thread link - disables the radio for phones that don't have talk/data plans and only need wifi connectivity

[head]* THEMING *[/head]
Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen - how-to guide here

Theme Chooser - roundup thread of themes HERE

Icons - roundup thread of icon sets HERE

* android stock | evervolv default | evervolv 30% larger(thanks d_1000) - download and flash from recovery
* roundup thread of flashable font packs HERE
* Font Changer app - market link - ttf font files can be found at places like

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The Eris is now included on and the OP has been updated to a new beta version. The biggest reason to update would be if you have been dealing with wifi connectivity issues on android 2.3.5 ROMs and want it fixed. Otherwise, you probably won't notice much, if any, difference between betas 1 and 2. As always, let me know about any problems or questions you have.

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I've added some addons, extras, & info to the 2nd post that will hopefully be useful to some. Feel free to post, send a PM, or talk to me on IRC if there's other stuff that you think would be good to add as it is a WIP. One thing I'd like to also do is try and keep a tentative changelog that is kept updated to reflect what I'm planning/working on for the next release. I see it as a pretty easy way for me to keep you all updated on what to expect and make adjustments based on your feedback.

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1.2.0b3 Released - OP Updated
Get the changelog and download the zip HERE

I'd recommend a full wipe before updating but you can try with just wiping cache+dalvik. Just know that I haven't tested flashing over b2 and you could run into issues.

For anybody that would prefer an ODEX build of v1.2.0b3 - Download Here
I'm thinking about how to best have a link to the ODEX version included on the website so until that happens, I'll just post it here.

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Ralphyralph said:
Downloading now, Thanks
Rogan said:
Got this on my little Bro's Eris. Nice job man.
Glad to see a couple people here still have an Eris...or have at least passed it on to a brother :android-smile:

Let me know if there's anything that you'd like to see changed/added/fixed.
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