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Codename Android is a fully open source rom that focuses on speed, usability, and getting every feature that we can get CRAMMED in there
Our mission is to spread the Open Source Android love to as many people as possible, and get as many people involved as possible. Along with the rom there will be tutorials to get more people involved and learning how to build android step by step. (Will post soon)


* Galaxy Nexus (GSM/CDMA) - Released
* Nexus S (GSM/CDMA) - Scheduled for release
* Xoom (3G/4G/WiFi) - Scheduled for release


### 1.1.4
* Common: Added Six and Eight Target Lockscreens (codenamedroid/link)
* Common: method to switch back and forth between lockscreens (Whitehawkx)
* Common: layout for the unhidden eight lockscreen targets (arrtoodeetoo)
* Common: added the chevron back on the lockscreen (the unlock ripple)
* Common: Added the option to disable the bootanimation (cm)
* Common: Added the miui batter bar (miui, cm, and romanbb for the custom colors)
* Common: Added new stack transition effect to the launcher (nebkat)
* Common: Added ability to hide the dock spacing line in the launcher (nebkat)
* Common: added the set button back and made a few changes to the hex color picker layout(codenamedroid)
* Common: changed powerwidget background color to black
* Common: sped up nav button animations (CrushD)
* Common: fixed verizon wireless force close
* Common: LOTS of code clean up and probably a few other things I forgot T_T
* Galaxy Nexus (CDMA): Fix that all soo elusive space in build.prop

### 1.1.1
* Galaxy Nexus: revert turning off bluetooth hotswaping (Pete - Buggless Beast)

Orignal Commit and reason for reverting for the Galaxy Nexus

### 1.1.0
* Common: long press volume when screen locked to skip tracks (cm)
* Common: custom app for sms on lockscreen (romanbb)
* Common: update to add hex color input the color picker (romanbb - modded by CND)
* Common: Add Screenshot Option on Power Menu (CM - but modified for 4.0.3)
* Common: Switched to prebuilt Superuser (there are still a few issues in the from source branch)
* Common: Switched to xoomdev's battery percentage (now battery mod friendly)
* Common: Fixed Galaxy Live strings (Bugless Beast)
* Common: disabled hot bluetooth switching to stop massive battery drain O_O
* Common: Added the ability to customize the grid size in the launcher (Danesh M)
* Common: updated Google Apps (CND originally built off of Kejars gapps)
* Common: all devices now support the camera effects
* Common: Updated all dicts for ICS (blunden)
* Common: added support for init.d
* Common: fixed overlap battery % and charging symbol when plugged in
* Common: fixed YouTube force close
* Common: removed performance settings since some had some issue
* Galaxy Nexus (GSM): Now distinguishes between 3G and hspa
* Galaxy Nexus (CDMA): Compatability with verizon wireless apps fixed (MyVerizon, NFL Mobile)
* Nexus S (3G/4G): Fist build
* Nexus S (3G/4G): First build
* Xoom (3G/4G/WiFi): First build

### 1.0.1
* Common: Fix for camera and facelook
* Common: Build.prop update for better market compatibility

### 1.0.0
* Common: Built off of clean Android 4.0.3 source (Google)
* Common: Resurrected Android Screen Candy/Android Screen Savers (when charging - display settings) - codenamedroid
* Common: Reboot menu w/Hotboot (restart) - CM/Liquid0624
* Common: Pulldown toggles w/LTE toggle - cvpcs/pedlar/gsarrica/CM
* Common: Updateed the pulldown toggles background w/ICS styling (looks cleaner) - codenamedroid
* Common: Camera smooth zoom - jdkoreclipse
* Common: NavBar customization - Danesh
* Common: Custom NavBar controls color - romanbb
* Common: Customize your carrier label - romanbb
* Common: Center/Hide/AM-PM Styles/Color Clock Options - romanbb
* Common: Centered lockscreen widgets - codenamedroid
* Common: Phone and Messaging on Lockscreen - xoomdev (images by WJD Designs)
* Common: Quad Targets w/Hidden Unlock button on the bottom - codenamedroid
* Common: Switch Sound Toggle for Camera on the lockscreen - codenamedroid
* Common: Decreased wait time for rotation - KeJar/XoomDev
* Common: Launcher based on Trebuchet (nebkat) but with extra tweaks and changes - codenamedroid
* Common: Enable/Disable Alarm Icon in the statusbar - romanbb
* Common: Automatic Backlight settings - CM
* Common: Option to disable/enable menu to unlock - romanbb
* Common: Overclocking settings - CM7
* Common: Voltage control settings - KeJar/JRummy
* Common: Battery percentage settings - romanbb
* Common: Option for persistat menu button in navigation bar - romanbb modified by codenamedroid
* Common: Real rotation lock using the ICS API - jonasl
* Common: Toggle for CRT off animation - romanbb
* Common: LCD-optimized text rendering - cyanogen
* Common: Allow system user to modify cpufreq control files - NameLessJedi
* Common: Accept all flie types for inbound bluetooth file transfers - vianney
* Common: Download any file type - eddieringle
* Common: OI FileManager (compiled with the ICS SDK) - GummyNex
* Common: Dialpad: perform search when retrieving last dialled number - ntfreak
* Common: Add support for Caller Name Display - kenshin
* Common: Facebook sync - romanbb
* Common: T9 Dialer - CM
* Common: CNDSettings - codenamedroid
(layout originally based off of Pedlar/Danesh/alankila's work - all other features
except notification widgets, backlight, and onscreen controls added in and reworked by codenamedroid)

* Galaxy Nexus: LED pulse options (color/duration/frequency) - romanbb
* Galaxy Nexus: Hardware Rendering by default - KalimochoAz
* Nexus S (3G/4G): Long Press Home to Kill - nebkat/CM
* Nexus S (4G): Fix file downloads via browser over WiMax - burnsra
* Xoom (WiFi): Lots of device configuration changes- Takazumi Matsumoto/Neil Perry

Exta Tools (Provided by CM):

Superuser app - ChainsDD



CodenameDroid-(MOD) (Must Wipe)

Google Apps: (Updated - 01/12/12)

Credit / Thanks:
  • All other open sourcers that made a contribution to the project:
  • Specifically: Team Gummy, romanbb (Android Open Kang Project) Birdman (RootzBoat), imoseyon, CM
Flashing instructions

1. Make a backup
2. wipe data/factory reset in recovery
3. flash the rom
4. flash the google apps
5. reboot
6. sign in
7. wait for the phone to restore all your apps
8. reboot

Full Build instructions and Source
(Source Fully Compatible w/Lion and Ubuntu 11.10)

Build Instructions

Full Source

Full Working Changelog (Watch here for new changes and features as they are posted)

Donate: (Be kind)


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Love all the Mods and options.
  • Camera not working (just get FCs) - Have flashed on GSM with full wipe. Have reflashed a couple of different times trying both stock kernel and imoseyon_leanKernel_v1.5.1exp2gnexus
  • APNs - normally other ROMs pick up the two APNs my carrier has on the GN - this only gets one of them. So not sure if its the ROM or my carrier ...
Otherwise, fantastic work!
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