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  • ok this is a very early build, my first to release within forums.. Since this is ICS all the fallbacks apply
  • This build does not have a working 3G / 4G but will work with wifi on either XOOM
  • Your should wipe data otherwise you will most likely have issues
  • AOSP build based on 4.0.3 complied by me
  • Team Rouge Kernel
  • Performance Settings
  • GUI manageable init.d scripts / tweaks
  • Battery % always available in the lockscreen
  • Faster rotation initiation
  • New Launcher based on Trebuchet but tweaked and modified by me
  • OI FileManager (compiled with the ICS SDK)
  • FaceBook contact sync - Credit Roman
  • Busybox
  • Su and Superuser apk
  • Android Term
  • Livewallpapers compiled and included
Whats not working:
  • Camera
  • HDMI
  • 3/4G
  • Init.d (the startup tweaks in performance settings will not work)
  • UV (the UV settings in performance settings will not work)

Credit / Thanks:
  • TeamEOS whose really lead the way with AOSP on the Xoom this work would not be available if it was not for them…
  • ChainsDD for su and superuser
  • Download the ROM
  • Download Gapps
  • adb reboot recovery
  • wipe data in CWM
  • install ROM
  • install gapps
  • reboot
FilesAdd-ons:Updates / Fixes:
  • None ATM
  • If you like what I do please consider getting me at least a beer for my time by donating

Bucktooth Commander
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Loving it so far. No major issues but I do see one of my secondary screens from my home screen instead of it just fading away like it used to. Only happens on the right side of the home screen and it goes away if I select the app drawer and go back to the home screen.

Guess it happens if I've maxed out the size of some apps on the home screens. But the images always went away in honeycomb and on the EOS ics releases?

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guys I feel really silly but I linked the wrong DL

Looks like I gave you the link to beta2 rather that 0.0.1 which should be an improvement.. no need wipe data

AOKP on my Toro & i605
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I look forward to trying this out in fact I'm dying to give it a go since I've been a fan of your wonderful work since Gummyjar. When do you think you can have support for the Verizon radios? Does the rom combine the internal memory together please say yes and an update for us 4g xoom owners is in the works.

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Android Lover
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I be live the hold up on the radios is in the binaries Motorola has yet to release,I'm sure he plans to have it functional with radios and cameras working once that happens

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