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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Base:: AOSP

Mod Status:: Beta

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: Verizon

Optional:: Deodexed

Requires Root:: Yes

Optional:: Requires GApps

Android Version:: 4.1.1 (JB)


Fruits & Veggies (FNV)
A JellyBean Community ROM for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (toro)


We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your phone as a result of flashing this custom ROM.

We take no responsibility if you drop your phone due to the overly buttery aura of your device, if you suddenly lose interest in your home improvement projects, if your animals feel neglected, if your wife/husband threatens to leave you if you don't "put that damn thing down", or if you find yourself missing work to spend "quality time" with your phone.

We also take no responsibility if your phone starts leaking butter, you lose 30 pounds, your wife/husband suddenly finds you more attractive, you get a promotion at your job, your "stamina" increases, or you suddenly have an undeniable urge to run a 10k for charity. However if any of the afformentioned things do happen to occur please feel free to share your experiences in the thread.
remicks said:
I came up with this idea a while back and JellyBean is a perfect platform to implement it on, with the drop of a whole new operating system and the lovely new features that come with it I figured it was time to give this a try. This will be a community based ROM, there will be no "team" and there is no official "leader", I will be the voice/face of the project but the ROM will belong to the community. I will be setting up a gerrit and picking a few choice admins to monitor what code gets merged but we will accept contributions from anyone, no matter how large or small, and every contributor will be credited for their work. If you are interested in this project please post here and let me know your thoughts/ideas on it.

Please post any bugs you may find in this thread or report them in the IRC channel if possible.

Current Changelog:
FNV Gerrit - Merged Commits


As always thank you for all of your kind words and support everyone, we appreciate it very much!

Happy Crackflashing,

Graphic designers, now's your time to shine!
At some point in the future, we're going to have custom clock widgets.
We need backgrounds for those widgets.
That's where you come in.
Go here, download the template, make a smexy clock, and submit it.
Once we get the widget ready, you might see your clock in FNV.
And while you're at it, you can make some wallpapers too!
Status Update: I am disassembling my computer today to ship out the hard drives to my new place in California and my flight there leaves Wednesday night. As of right now, I will not be able to do much work at all (except what I can hammer out on my TF101) on FNV for at least 2 weeks or so. Hopefully everyone else involved will be able to pick up my slack and keep the ROM going at a steady pace. As always we encourage users/devs to stop by and chat in the IRC channel (I will still be on there as much as I can to help oversee the project) if they have bugs/suggestions/or just plain want to hang out. Sorry for the delay guys, but I promise to be right back at it as soon as I have a chance



The Lost Junglist
596 Posts
Stable Downloads

Build 008 Changelog: Customizable Navbar (Ported from CM9 & modded by sonicxml - Found in Settings>Display), Customizable pattern lock grid size (Smasher816 - found in Security), Beets by Knok & PCB Carrot by scar45 theme chooser themes included (Beets set as default, Black Exodus and Freehand White removed for now), Newest toro props, Navbar themeable through theme chooser (Nick Miltner), Some more goodies and extra buttery goodness!



Project FNV Build 008 Official: Mirror 1 / Mirror 2 / Mirror 3 / Mirror 4
MD5: 6933c2b080429579eaba5e28cf98d493

Android 4.1.1 (JellyBean) GApps by Formula84 / RootzWiki Thread


Inverted GAPPS by travp624 (just flash like regular gapps, no need to flash stock gapps first anymore!) / Mirror



Keep in mind these are ALPHA builds and potentially unstable/unusable and should only be flashed with extreme caution. Most of the time I will try to indicate what is being tested in the build in the filename, but you can always check our gerrit to see what open commits are in testing at the moment.

Build 009 Test 8: Fixed derp from test 7, a whole host of changes, check gerrit (lol). New stuff: MMS with QuickMessage and some improvements to frameworks, latest AOSP upstream merges

Build 009 Test 8


Until we get toggles working I suggest you use Power Toggles by Painless Death from the play store

The Lost Junglist
596 Posts
Big huge massive thanks to:

RootzWiki (for being the best Android site around and showing so much love to the community)
Goo.IM (for everything they have done for the community and for hosting the FNV gerrit instance)
Team Kang/AOKP (for guidance, ideas, help, unicorns and even a bit of non-gay-man-love here and there)
Team Liquid (for being a highly underrated team of devs who have proven to me that they do indeed rock)
CyanogenMod (for being the biggest influence in this idea in terms of community collaboration)
PeterAlfonso (for the working, clean vendor trees and other stuff we forked from the master himself)

And now on to the solo thanks:

cr5315 (without this guy I wouldn't be messing with android, so blame him)
J2Cool (same as above, this guy was there when I started and will be there when I finish)
Trident (for inspiring me to start messing with more stuff on my phone)
sixstringsg (for answering so many noob questions that I've asked and never once getting an attitude about it, this guy rocks hard)
hillbillyhacker (for ALWAYS having a helping hand out for me when I needed it)
romann (for being a genuinely nice guy and helping me out when I needed and also for believing in the potential of this project and most likely for a crapload of code we will end up kanging)
nocoast (for helping with the initial idea behind this project and also helping me bainstorm the name, mad props to u bro - let the haters hate)​
Purian23 (for showing support and believing in the idea and donating to the cause in times of need, you rock broseph!)​
ScumFuc_ (for being supportive of the project and offering to help in any way possible, plus I've known the guy forever haha)​
knokfirst (for providing graphics and support and being one cool mofo)​
scar45 (for being my partner in crime for AOKPCB and continuing on with this project)​
winner00 (for support and believing in the project and being there to help with everything, also for agreeing to monitor the N7 branch of FNV when it is live)
jdkoreclipse (for jumping right in and helping out with the project)
solarnz (for helping out, doing the reboot menu and answering any dumb questions I may have)
garyd9 (for contributing to the project and inspiring the jolly green giant wallpaper)
EasilyAmused (for a much appreciated donation in times of need, thank you so much!)
Atlee (for keeping us laughing in the IRC channel and reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously)
papa pearce (for contributing code and great ideas)
crispybacon (for greasing up the gerrit when we need it)
sonicxml (for code contributions and general help)
RexRemus (for buildbox hosting, the new bootanimation and being a general badass)
Just_Reboot (for some fresh veggie wallpaper action)
xoomdev (for Theme Chooser support, #blamexoomdev)
InF1uxx (for contributing to the project and flashing god knows how many test builds for us, lol)
pier (for contributing to the project and helping out whenever he can)
BillySeth (for backlight settings commits and more to come for sure)​

And everyone else who hangs out in #FNV on Freenode and tosses ideas around with us, you guys help keep this project moving forward and we appreciate you more than you know, kudos to you.

And also a huge thanks to everyone who donates to the project, your donations go towards the bill for the server/buildbox and it is GREATLY appreciated!​

I'm sure I will add a bunch more names to this list

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I am quite interested in this ROM. My first suggestion comes from noticing an oversight in other ROMs: please ensure that the widget picker has a good contrast between the background and the text. Some seem to have ended up with a gray background and black text which is hard to read.

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Any chance to see a list of anything that may be broke for these early builds? I need something daily driver-ish, but willing to sacrifice some things.

I've been waiting for this ROM and am excited to see its development.

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Any chance to see a list of anything that may be broke for these early builds? I need something daily driver-ish, but willing to sacrifice some things.

I've been waiting for this ROM and am excited to see its development.

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The ROM is good to go now. Remicks had said that he wasn't going to start a ROM thread until it was ready for daily use.

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