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Welcome to Eclipse! Eclipse is 100% open sourced and based off of the latest 4.3 AOSP code.

All firmware and kernel source can be found at:



Build does not have softkeys enabled

Eclipse features overview
It is pretty vanilla AOSP android at this time but there are a few additions I have made so far

General UI
-Theme engine
-Reboot options
-Screenshot option
-Customize lockscreen hotseats
-Eclipse mode - Choose between light and dark themes

Input Controls[/b]
-Volume rocker controls (wake, skip tracks)
-Long press back to kill
-Hardware key remapping
-Home button wake - on/off
-Volume panel and ability to unlink/link notifications & ringtons
-Clear all recents

Statusbar options
-Clock (Hide, center, right), Day of the week
-Signal text
-Combined notification count
-Battery Bar options
-Battery text
-Battery style options
-Power widgets/toggles
-Quick settings/tiles

Misc apps/settings
-Quick reply Mms with emoji
-DSP manager
-Modded AOSP camera
*Choose storage location
*Power shutter
*Enhanced shutter speed
-Quiet Hours
-CM File manager
-Terminal emulator
-Embedded Superuser
-USB audio
-Trebuchet Launcher
-Advanced settings for kernel tweaks (color temp, vibration, backlight, sound)
-Notification and battery LED control

Build 5
-Updated Google Apps to fix face unlock
-Added Profiles
-Notification led settings
-Battery led settings
-Expandable volume panel
-Ability to link/unlink ringtone/notification sounds
-Quiet Hours
-Hardware key remapping
-Volume rocker controls (wake, skip tracks)
-Clear all "recents"
-Added a shortcut to clock/weather widget
-Trebuchet launcher and added shortcut in Settings
-Updated light theme for cleaner images
-Updated dark theme images to high resolution images
-Enabled autocomplete/t9 by default
-Updated S4 Luna kernel to Linux 3.4.60 and added native exFat support
-Fixed an issue where the camcorder was only using one mic

Build 4
-Eclipse mode toggle (Choose between dark/light themes)
-Cleaned up light theme
-New modded AOSP camera with timer, power shutter
-Revamped MMS app with several new features from build 3
*MMS breath
*Direct call - picking up the phone calls the current contact
*Adjustable text sizes
*Easy selector list for picking multiple contacts
*Hide avatar
-Enable T9 by going into dialer settings and uncheck and recheck Dial pad autocomplete
-Fixed green lines in foward facing camera (S4)
-Enhanced camera hardware support
-Added Focal camera for those who would like to play with it

Build 3
-Fixed many Bluetooth streaming issues
-Added IRDA remote control ability
-Updated build to 4.3_r2.2 (JSS15Q)
-Updated kernel for exfat and Linux 3.4.59
-Microphone disabling on S4 should be resolved
-Added power widgets
-Added quick settings tiles
-Added torch (as well as a flashlight toggle)
-Several audio enhancements
-Several performance enhancements
-Customize lockscreen hotseats

Build 2
-Fixed SunBeam live wallpaper
-Theme engine
-Reboot options
-Screenshot option
-Added Eclipse bootanimation

-Statusbar options
*Clock (Hide, center, right), Day of the week
*Signal text
*Combined notification count
*Battery Bar options with color picker
*Battery text
*Battery style options

-Modded AOSP camera
*Power shutter
*Set storage location
*Much more!

Build 1
-Initial build
Known Issues


Build 5:

Download Google Apps *updated 9/3/13 (use one or the other)
Gapps (inverted/dark):
Gapps (light/white):

Donations are not expected but always greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting Elemental X!
Follow me on Twitter: nitroglycerin33

How to Install:
1. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
2. Flash Rom
3. Flash Google Apps
4. Enjoy

Already Running an Eclipse build?
1. Flash Rom
2. Flash Google Apps
3. Enjoy your updated build

Having issues with Titanium Backup not working on 4.3 roms?
Here is a guide to fix backups/restores with AOSP 4.3:
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