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[ROM][AOSP](8/9/14) Shiny ROM: OTA-Like, Stock Android [4.4.4] [KTU84P]

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Shiny ROM: Android 4.4.4, KTU84P for VZW Galaxy Nexus (Toro)

Skip right to the downloads (if you dare ;))
Hello there RootzWiki community! I'll admit this is a pretty spontaneous post; I've been building ROMs from the Android Open Source (Project) for awhile now, but I've never "published" any of them. I myself own a Verizon Galaxy Nexus, so I've always built from AOSP to make sure I'm as up to date as possible. Well, that's a little background so let's get going with the overview of the ROM itself:

This ROM is Android KitKat 4.4.4, build KTU84P. The ROM is built directly from source, that is, the Android source code published by Google available for download to all of us developers. The reason I say the ROM is "OTA-like" is because I make VERY few modifications to it, aside from the things that it takes to get the ROM working. I'll go into detail about those things below, but basically I just want the ROM to make your phone feel stable and shiny and new as if it has just received a new OTA update. That being said, it's clear that the landscape of Nexus devices is changing as new ones are released. Therefore, the other primary goal of this ROM is to keep our Galaxy Nexus as close to the modern Nexus design as possible. This means that I will also add in features that will still be stock, but will also make our phones as close to a current Nexus as possible.

As for how I handle the forum side of things, I'm always open to comments, questions, suggestions, requests, etc. I know that most of those things will often be in the form of criticism, but it's okay, I think I can handle it :) That being said, I do also have a life and am a college student, so I may not get to come on here ALL the time. I will check back as frequently as possible, and I'm hoping that you guys will help each other out as much as possible! Keep it friendly! :) So now for the details...


  • Stock Android 4.4.4, build KTU84P
  • Source (AOSP) built kernel (boot.img)
  • Easily rootable (see information below)
  • G-Apps (GMail, Play Store, etc.) included in build along with Nexus apps
  • Stock browser replaced with Google Chrome
  • Shiny restart options - access them by holding down the power button and then long pressing on "Power Off"
  • All the crazy Google proprietary app stuff has been taken care off
  • Updated frequently
  • Everything works!

So what do I mean when I say "Everything works!"?
I'm sure by now you all know that when someone says that, it usually ends up not being true. This ROM is not an exception to that rule, but I can say that I've tested most of the things that would be expected to work in stock Android, such as...

  • WiFi Tethering (no subscription check)
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Google account sign-in and auto-restore of apps and settings
  • Google Wallet
  • Location Services (pretty fast GPS lock in my area also)
  • Photosphere
  • Android beam
  • Photo editing with the new filters
  • Email
  • Exchange support
  • Like I said, the normal stuff (data, voice, hardware acceleration, etc.)
  • More things that aren't important enough to mention here - check out the changelog for a more comprehensive list

Possible Bugs
It's impossible for me to test for and notice EVERY single possible bug in the operating system, so as of right now I can't say that there are any, although I'm sure you will find some. If you do, report them here!

Other IMPORTANT Information
But wait, nothing in this post said anything about root!!!11!!1!1!!! That's right, my ROM does NOT have root built in! (I don't use any root apps, and it's important to the whole "OTA-like" theme). That being said, the ROM is easily rootable; I made sure of this because I know that many, many of you will use root for many useful purposes. If you want to root the ROM, it's as easy as installing Chainfire's new superuser control app/su with this ZIP file. More detailed information can be found in the "Installation Instructions" section. **NOTE** If you are rooted and upgrading to a new build, you should not have to reflash the rooting flashable ZIP because the ROM will keep root for you.

Now that the ROM has gotten to this stage, the update policy needs a bit of editing
Based on the stats I have access to from the website host and data that I collect myself, it seems like Shiny ROM is currently (as of May 27, 2014) stable for at least 80% of the users who have downloaded it. Based on this, and because the ROM is stock, Nexus-like, it doesn't really make sense to update the ROM as frequently as before. The ROM will still be updated as soon as possible after new versions of Android are released. In between Android versions, I will work on making things 100% stable, although that goal isn't always attainable with older devices and aging hardware support. If we decide to explore other paths for the ROM, you will see many more updates
If/when the time comes for me to stop updating Shiny ROM, I will let everyone know in a clear way.

This ROM will (most likely) work with any toro radios; however, I of course recommend using the most recent, Verizon-approved radios which are the FK01 and FK02 radios. My ZIP installation package for these radios can be downloaded here.

Once again, I'm assuming that this ROM will work with all tuna/toro bootloaders; BUT for optimal experience and performance, use the newest Google-approved bootloader, PRIMEMD04. My ZIP installation package for that bootloader can be downloaded here.

ClockworkMod Recovery
I personally recommend using ClockworkMod Recovery as it has always worked well for me with no quirks. Android 4.2 messed up a few aspects of recoveries because of its multi-user system. ClockworkMod Recovery has been updated to correct some of these issues, and I recommend updating to the most recent version, You can flash either the touch recovery or non-touch recovery image through fastboot OR you can download my flashable recovery update ZIP (touch/non-touch) and flash it in recovery. Check out the installation instructions for more details on this.

Some Other Not-so-important Information
Naming Conventions
All of my ROM ZIP files are automatically generated by my build computer. The file name for all builds up to and including the 11/10/13 build always begins with baldwinguy77_toro_aosp so you know that it's my build for toro. All builds after 11/10/13 begin with the prefix ShinyROM_toro_aosp. That prefix is always followed by the date in mmddyy format (e.g. 112212), a hyphen ("-"), and the time in 24-hour, hhmmss format (e.g. 153945). Finally, all builds end with the "signed" suffix - it just helps me know which packages have finished building and which have not. Hopefully this helps everyone to know which update is newest; I stay away from version numbers because I let Google do all of the version control.

In keeping with the spirit of open-source, all relevant Shiny ROM code can be viewed on Github. I'm not extremely experienced with Github, so bear with me as I learn! Thank you!

File Hosting
I've switched over from using Dev-host to a privately hosted site, graciously and generously given to me by RootzWiki user Goofball. Dev-host is still an amazing service, but it's much more convenient for me to use a privately hosted site, plus I get my own suburl and FTP access! HUGE thanks to Goofball, please check out his RootzWiki profile here! The private hosting will definitely help me deliver a better experience to you guys as far as downloading goes. You can view all of my uploaded, public files here:

Also, if anyone ever wants to mirror for me, please feel free so long as you keep the file name and the file itself intact. As for everyone who downloads from a posted mirror: BE CAREFUL! Always use a virus scanner and be careful with what you are putting on your device!

Installation Instructions (VERY IMPORTANT - Note: You can flash all of these ZIPs in CWM or TWRP*)
*Android 4.4 KitKat builds must be installed using the latest version of your preferred recovery!
1. Download the latest version of the ROM from the download post. (Also download any other files you will need to install, such as Chainfire's SuperSU Root ZIP, the radios installation ZIP, the bootloader installation ZIP, etc.)
2. Put the file(s) you downloaded in step 1 on your phone's internal storage (sdcard).
3. Turn off your phone.
4. Boot into the bootloader of the phone by holding down both volume buttons and the power button simultaneously until you feel a vibration and see a large arrow that says "Start".
5. Use the volume keys to change the arrow until it says "Recovery," then press the power button to boot into recovery.
6. Because of differences in recovery types, I will make the following steps rather generic.
7. Wipe cache.
8. Wipe dalvik cache.
9. If you want to be 100% sure there are no problems, wipe data. If you are coming from another ROM or Android version, wipe data. If you do not wipe data and something goes wrong, repeat this process but wipe data - this step is not necessary if you are simply upgrading.
10. If you are updating your radios, flash
11. If you are updating your bootloader, flash
12. Flash the ROM (
13. If you are rooting, flash Chainfire's SuperSU ZIP file - this step is not necessary if you were rooted on the previous build and are simply upgrading.
14. Reboot your phone, and enjoy!

**Note: If you are simply upgrading to a new version of the ROM and want to keep root, follow the exact instructions above, and do not format /system. It really is not necessary to format /system at any time (unless specifically noted), as the ROM installer has this function built in.

1. Download the latest version of the mod(s) you wish to install from the download post.
2. Put the file(s) you downloaded in step 1 on your phone's internal storage (sdcard).
3. Turn off your phone.
4. Boot into the bootloader of the phone by holding down both volume buttons and the power button simultaneously until you feel a vibration and see a large arrow that says "Start".
5. Use the volume keys to change the arrow until it says "Recovery," then press the power button to boot into recovery.
6. Because of differences in recovery types, I will make the following steps rather generic.
7. Wipe cache.
8. Wipe dalvik cache.
9. Install the mod(s) you downloaded in step 1.
10. Fix permissions (not really necessary)
11. Reboot and enjoy!
**Note: You can remove all mods you've installed by dirty flashing the latest version of the ROM.

ClockworkMod Recovery (Fastboot method - must have an unlocked bootloader and fastboot in your path)
1. Download either the CWM touch recovery image or non-touch recovery image to your computer and rename it to "recovery.img".
2. Power off your phone.
3. Boot into the bootloader of the phone by holding down both volume buttons and the power button simultaneously until you feel a vibration and see a large arrow that says "Start".
4. Plug your phone into your computer using the standard USB cable.
5. Open the command prompt/terminal and navigate to the folder where your "recovery.img" is saved.
6. Type "fastboot devices" to make sure your phone is recognized; a serial number should show up on the screen.
7. Type "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" and wait for the process to complete (should be quick).
8. You're done! Use the volume keys to select "Recovery" and boot into your new recovery!

ClockworkMod Recovery (Flashable ZIP method - easier)
If you are updating your recovery before flashing a ROM, these steps should ALL be completed PRIOR to flashing the ROM.
1. Download either the touch recovery flashable ZIP or the non-touch recovery flashable ZIP.
2. Place the ZIP file downloaded in step 1 on your internal storage/sdcard.
3. Turn off your phone.
4. Boot into the bootloader of the phone by holding down both volume buttons and the power button simultaneously until you feel a vibration and see a large arrow that says "Start".
5. Use the volume keys to change the arrow until it says "Recovery," then press the power button to boot into recovery.
6. Choose "Install update from sdcard"
7. Select "Choose file from sdcard"
8. Find the flashable recovery ZIP file you downloaded and install it
9. Back up to the root menu of recovery
10. Select "advanced"
11. Select "reboot recovery"
12. The phone should boot up into your new recovery!

As with most ROMs, I only did a small part to get everything together. Also, a note that should be made here is that when I am using someone else's file, I ALWAYS host files on the shinyrom server to ensure that I don't put any unnecessary stress on their servers. Any file, however, still belongs to and is accredited to its original creator as listed below:
Willyjay - For providing us with lots of amazing and innovative mods for the ROM! Check out his RootzWiki profile here!
Inmanster - Another great modder who we are fortunate to have here in the thread. He works in collaboration with Willyjay and his mods for many things, but also does some of his own unique mods! Check them out in the download post and check out his RootzWiki profile!
Chainfire - For their SuperSU app and su binary, as well as the convenient ZIP update package, which was previously used and recommended. Check out their website,
Groupers - My new buddy on RootzWiki who helped me out with a GPS issue that popped up in 4.2. Check out his RootzWiki profile!
Google - Without their amazing staff and willingness to share the source code of their operating system, I wouldn't have been able to build this ROM! Of course, all of the Google apps are theirs, along with the Play Store and system apps. They really are the true owners of all of this.
Samsung - We all may have some mixed feelings about them, but in the end they gave us the amazing, hackable phone that is the Galaxy Nexus.
RootzWiki - Their extremely innovative and supportive community helps myself as well as hundreds of other developers and thousands of users to thrive, and exemplifies the heart and soul of Android.
Dev-Host - The file-sharing service with virtually no limits on sharing - kudos to them and their hard work.
Koush and the ClockworkMod/ROM Manager Team - They make the best recovery that's been around for longest, and their constant updates allow us to keep making ROMs! Also, Koush's recently released open source Superuser control app is the best available and the one linked to in the thread. Thanks Koush!
Kevdliu - Huge thanks to this dev and their amazing quick settings mod! Please check out their thread here!
The CyanogenMod Team - For a working implementation of DSPManager on Android which can be ported to any AOSP-based ROM! Without them and Bigwavedave25, the DSP manager mod would not be available! Be sure to thank them and to check out the CyanogenMod website! Also, for their feature-filled version of the stock Messaging app which is available as a mod for my ROM!
bouchigo - a Rootzwiki user who has helped to make the CM10 Messaging app available as a mod for my ROM in conjunction with Willyjay for bringing it to my attention. Check out his Rootz profile and be sure to thank him!
Schoat333 - A Rootzwiki user who helped out Willyjay with the bubble styled MMS mods. The credit for the screenshots to go along with the mods goes to him! Check out his thread and his RW profile, and be sure to thank him!
Yarly - The most experienced RootzWiki admin I've ever had the pleasure of talking with, who taught me some new debugging tricks and answered some of my questions.
Razorloves - Another RootzWiki admin who helped me out with a few problems and answered a lot of my questions!
Tiny4579 - A kernel dev here on RootzWiki who also took the time to talk with me and answer a few of my questions. Be sure to check out his RootzWiki profile and his kernel thread for the GNex!

Thanks to everyone for their hard work and sharing that work with others!

Come on guys, it's a Galaxy Nexus, to what extent could it really get messed up? Nonetheless, in case someone flashes this then puts their phone in the microwave or something and tries to blame it on me, I am not directly responsible for anything that occurs, either negative or positive, from flashing this ROM to your phone. Despite that, I am posting in the spirit of the Android community, a community that I have embraced and belonged to for several years, and I would never try to hurt any of your innocent, beautiful phones. Also, none of the original source for Android belongs to me, nor do any of Google's apps. All preinstalled applications are property of Google, Inc. and I make no claim of ownership to them.

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This is exactly what I have been looking for. My company uses MobileIron which detects root and won't let you connect to exchange. I have always had to download custom ROMs and do my best to remove root which would break some stuff. It is hard to find custom ROMs that come unrooted.

Anyway, my question is do you plan to support the ROM for a while? I would love to give it a shot and potentially use it for good so I can just update and not ever need to worry about root. Do you generally update it whenever there is an update on AOSP? I'll be stuck with the Verizon nexus for a long while and would love this to be available for the long haul but I understand people move on from phones quick.

Thank you, looking forward to trying it.

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Awesome, I'll be flashing as soon as my phone is charged. All I wanted was a Nexus that was kept up to date with stock ROMs but Verizon killed that dream. This should be right up my alley, and keep me in compliance at work.

Also, does this have any volume tweaks built in to make the sound louder?
Of course Google had to ruin it with their 4.2 bugs lol. This ROM is perfect other than what Google needs to fix like the vibration bug in the stock email app. Where if you set the notification to never vibrate it vibrates anyway. Since I get hundreds of emails a day that kind of sucks.

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Lol no problem guys! Just wanted to make sure I covered everything in the OP :)

Oh yes I noticed that bug also because I'm pretty sure it happens with all notifications. For example, in the GMail app even if you have vibration turned off the phone vibrates when I get an email. I think it has something to due with the global ringer settings you happen to have "Vibrate when ringing" checked in the sound settings? I think it might have to do with that. I'm going to look into it for sure. And as for your previous question, I didn't modify any of the volume settings but I could add in the one extra volume step; I just never thought to because my phone is on vibrate most of the time.
Yeah looks like it just isn't behaving as it should.

I wish I knew more than I do, I'm not sure what people have been changing to make it function as it used to.

I know I have it sent to never vibrate and silent for the ringtone, unless silent doesn't count as no ringtone lol.

I do have vibrate when ringing checked, i like the phone to vibrate and ring at the same time.

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Can't wait to get this downloaded. Thank you for the update! If I can get the download to finish I will mirror it.

Edit: unfortunately I can't get a complete download, keeps "finishing" at different sizes.
This has been running amazing for me so far.

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My signal bars are much lower than they were on 4.1 but that has been the case for every 4.2 ROM I've tried so it isn't specific to this.

This is as smooth and stable as Bugless Beast was for me and without root by default it's perfect for me. I'll be sticking around as long as the ROM does.

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Going forward wiping cache and dalvik is good enough for updating to the latest build right?

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My 2 step verification is working fine and I had no issues getting everything configured.

Still loving this ROM. I think this is the first custom ROM I've ever seen that comes unrooted and I've been looking for a long time. Don't give in and start adding stuff that requires root though lol.

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The file says it's for clockworkmod I have TWRP recovery would it matter? Sorry noobish question :'(

Shouldn't matter, either will work.
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You gotta get a name for this build. It's too good to not have a distinguished name :)

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Not a single issue yet for me either.

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Well I only use Chrome. So I would say it is not a must to add

And, 'stock browser' is subjectional. I have a Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 and they both booted up with Chrome.

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I second that. Chrome is the stock browser going forward.

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Alright guys I'm in a sad spot. My employer is changing the phone policy at work. To make a long story short I either need to lock the boot loader and encrypt the nexus or carry a company iPhone. Im going to go with option one witch means what ever I flash on Sunday im gonna be stuck with for a while as reloading/encrypting 18gb of app data /media is not a fast process. I'm currently on the 11/30 build and am very happy trying to decide if I should flash the 12/7 build or stick with the current build have to make a choice as the new policy starts on Monday

All thoughts are appreciated.

Thanks guys :)

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You shouldn't need to lock the bootloader unless they are going to physically look for the unlock icon at boot on your phone. My company runs MDM software and it only detects root, it can't detect your bootloader. So I can keep flashing the latest build and keep a custom recovery as long as I stay unrooted.

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Anyone know if the NFL Mobile and VZW Usage apps are working with this?
NFL mobile is. Just make sure you don't try to sign in on WiFi. Need to use the mobile network at first.

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Battery yesterday. About 4 hours was on LTE.

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So far, GPS is flake as heck on 4.2 period as this was no where near my first boot. Been running shiny for well over a week. No mods, shiny's kernel, and unrooted.
I'm running everything unmodded and no root and my GPS has been flawless. Maybe something else going on? Been on since the first build.

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The cell broadcast thing is Verizon specific. I'd rather this ROM stay the way it was intended... Our version of a Google nexus instead of a Verizon nexus.

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